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Pesta Rabak

The inaugural KL festival by Ipoh-based creative collective Projek Rabak attracts musicians, independent clothing labels, literary and youth communities, artists and film junkies from around the country. Check out what's happening at the one-day festival:

Tempatan Fest 'South East Asia' (Publika Boulevard, 10am-10pm)
To coincide with their 2014 tagline 'The Art of Branding', the independent clothing collective features a host of streetwear by local labels.

Pasar Buku (Publika Boulevard, 10am-10pm)
Independent publisher Rabak-Lit organises this book sale by various local and alternative publishers.

Ekspresi Seni (White Box, 10am-10pm)
Curated by Malaccan independent youth community Haru Monia, the exhibition will showcase photography, drawings and everything art by local artists.

Plore (The Square, 3pm-7pm)
Catch street theatre, art installations, mime, poetry marathons and acoustic sessions at this event curated by Paradoks.

Sisisenishortfest (The Square, 8pm-10pm)
Watch free screenings of local and underground films by Sisiseni, a local theatre and short film production group.

Mindrubdown (Blackbox, 8pm-10pm)
For live music, head to Blackbox for a musica-palooza brought to you by The Little Birds Convention. On the line-up are local acts Dirgahayu, Pitahati, Enterprise and Soft.

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