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Pet boarding centres in KL

Leaving for the holidays? Choose from these boarding centres to check in your pets while you’re away

Kitten Cottage

The cageless boarding space gives your cat a two-tiered compartment with toys, a fleece pillow and a cat box. The private ‘condo’ is fully glass-paneled too, so your cat won't feel like it's being caged.

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Happy Furry House

Good for owners looking for a place that will make their pet feel more 'at home' with frequent human interaction, this home boarding service is more in the style of a pet sitting service. With the exception of small animals like hamsters, your pet is allowed to roam free in the house and will only be confined to a room at night. Call for more info.

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Scallywags Malaysia

This cats-only boarding centre has a more rustic feel with spacious cat shacks. Each unit is equipped with a mosquito net, litter box, bedding, scratch post and shelves equipped for cat sightseeing. If you have a group of three or four cats, the specially adapted kampung house is designed for big groups and even features a balcony.

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Petaling Jaya

Puppy Cottage

For your precious pooches, no ordinary kennels will do. At Puppy Cottage, pups will frolic in cageless cubicles that are fitted with CCTV so you can view your pets via the internet while abroad. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, here’s the best place to train them to be less clingy as pets are encouraged to socialise with other ‘guests’. Pampering treatments such as natural mud spa and aromatic salt bath are also available to give your pup that extra shine.

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If your precious pooch is a shy one and you're looking for a homey boarding space, Wagcations is your stop. This home boarding centre provides free basic training and encourages socialisation to help dogs come out of their shell. It's also CCTV-monitored so your pooches can roam freely with air conditioning for comfort. Wagcations also offers home visit services for dogs that don’t do well out of their usual environment as well as pet transportation within Klang Valley. Regular walks to nearby parks and cafés are provided.

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