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Pet training centres in KL

Having trouble disciplining or potty training your pets? Then check out these places

Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation

As surprising as it sounds, a dog doesn’t just need to obey its master, it wants to.This basic training course will teach your dog to obey commands like heel, sit and stay to more advanced ones like broad jump, distance control and down-stay. If you want to walk your pet on a loose lead and encourage it to be friendly with strangers, this is also the place to go.

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Bandar Utama


If you want to train a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd to guard your house, Saharikenn9 specialises in protection training. Besides the basic nine commands in the beginner’s obedience course, owners can choose to upgrade their dogs to the guard or personal (bodyguard) protection courses. Given this city’s rising crime rate, why not have a familiar face protect your house instead of (or in addition to) a state-of-the-art alarm system?

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PJ Old Town

G-Pet Training Centre

If you want your dog to heel on command, G-Pet’s obedience training course ensures exactly that. Basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’and ‘down’ are drilled into your pets over the course of 20 days, during which owners are also required to attend specific sessions. Depending on the job function, certain breeds can also be trained to guard houses or security firms. If you’re wondering whether your pocket-sized Shih Tzu needs training just as Rottweilers do, G-Pet claims that training for all dogs is as important as ‘sending a child to school to be educated’. It’s what any responsible parent/owner would do.

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Shah Alam


Never mind obedience; train your dog to jump over hurdles, dance to music, walk sideways, moonwalk and even take a bow. This school offers traditional obedience training along with over a hundred tricks and gimmicks. If you want to impress guests or enrol your pet in competitions, Puppycom is for the Fred Astaire of dogs.

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Seri Kembangan

Happy Dogs

Get your own personal Cesar Millan at home. Houman, an experienced dog behaviourist, is on call daily to put your pup in place – and he’ll do it all in your own backyard. Whether it’s aggression, confidence issues, potty training or separation anxiety, Houman will attempt to fix the problem in a mere couple of hours. If need be, further training will be provided.

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