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Unconventional businesses in KL

Have a haircut in a mobile salon, use a bike messenger service or buy breakfast while stuck in traffic

Written by
Nadia Rosli

These businesses in town are operating a little differently from their mainstream counterparts. Check them out and let us know in the comments if you’ve come across more offbeat businesses in the city. 

Anyone taking Jalan Semarak in the morning would tell you what a drag it is making that U-turn – it’s possible to spend five minutes alone (if we’re being optimistic) on the small stretch of road. Taking advantage of the traffic situation are the guys of Kopi-K. Between 7am to 9am (or whenever traffic subsides), you can buy hot coffee, iced chocolate, curry puffs and sandwiches at the turning for a light breakfast. The main man behind Kopi-K, Nizam started the business after he got laid off his desk job. Now, Nizam has a part-time job in the afternoon and uses his mornings to help the rush hour crowd stay awake while bracing the dead-end jam.

kopik Photo: Hizwan Hamid

Find Kopi-K along Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra
The city’s only bike messenger service does it ‘Premium Rush’ style. Although there are certain size and weight restrictions, the team will do their best to get your package delivered within the city centre. Besides the usual deliveries, you can also get them to do other errands such as post office pickups, courthouse filings and copy jobs. What’s more, Vélo Express has collaborated with other homegrown businesses such as Straits Food Company, Simply Green Salad and Hard Graft Records – now you can buy food and records at a reduced carbon footprint.
Arigato U Professional
Photo: Hizwan Hamid

Arigato U Professional

If you’re within the Wangsa Maju area and need a quick haircut, look for a white truck somewhere behind the LRT station. The setup may be a little unusual but if you stop thinking about the wheels, Arigato U is just like any other hair salon. There’s enough space in the back of the truck for a hairdressing station and maybe two waiting customers. You know how superheroes only put on their cape at night? For salon owner Ken Chaw, it’s the other way around. The salon only operates at night from 8pm onwards as during the day he attends to charity work – giving out haircuts at old folks’ homes and orphanages.

arigatou Photo: Hizwan Hamid

Jalan 15/27B, Seksyen 2, Wangsa Maju. Contact Arigato U at 011 1629 9993.
I'm So Sleepy
  • Things to do
  • Damansara
If you’ve dozed off at the wheel before, you need to know about this. Located in Damansara Uptown is KL’s first napping station – I’m So Sleepy – the answer to all sleep-deprived folks working in the Damansara Uptown area. Inspired by the Japanese, the napping pods at I’m So Sleepy are designed for the fatigued office crowd who need a quick nap before heading home. It costs RM8 for a 30-minute nap, which includes free (fast) Wi-Fi, use of washroom, and even a women’s area for extra privacy. 
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