Special events and new attractions at TOKYO Disney RESORT for spring 2017

What to expect at Tokyo Disney Resort this spring 2017
Tokyo Disneyland
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Planning a family vacation to Tokyo? Make sure you head to Tokyo Disney Resort for a wholesome family fun time. Besides meeting all your favourite Disney characters, there will be a host of new events and attractions for you and your kids to enjoy.

Tokyo Disneyland


Disney Easter special event, Apr 4-Jun 14 2017
At Tokyo Disneyland, you will enjoy a whimsical Easter-themed event with the Disney Friends and the Easter Bunnies. The Easter egg characters with bunny ears, known as ‘Usatama’, will be scattered all over the park for everyone to discover. The Disney Friends and the ‘Usatama’ will also appear in a brand new parade.


New attraction 'Camp Woodchuck' opened Nov. 22 2016
The new area Camp Woodchuck opened in Westernland! Camp Woodchuck will feature a Disney character greeting spot and a restaurant. This is the second Disney character greeting facility to open at Tokyo Disneyland Park; the Woodchuck Greeting Trail will feature Donald Duck and Daisy Duck greeting you in costumes unique to Camp Woodchuck.


Come see Cherry Blossoms at Tokyo Disneyland
Why not enjoy the cherry blossom season at Tokyo Disneyland in spring 2017? Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms will welcome you in full bloom at the end of the World Bazaar! Take a slow stroll and enjoy this unique scenery. Note: This feature at Tokyo Disneyland is dependent on the season.


Grab these unique Tokyo Disneyland souvenirs before you leave
Here are some cool souvenirs to make your Disney experience even more memorable. There’s the Tokyo Disneyland T-shirts (¥?1,900; available in S, M, L and LL), headband (¥?1,400; available in blue, yellow, black, white, red, pink and purple), and the Chocolate Crunch snack (¥800).

Tokyo DisneySea


Disney’s Easter special event, Apr 4-Jun 14 2017
Tokyo DisneySea will offer a stylish Easter celebration with colourful springtime decorations. The popular fashion accessory for this year’s special event is an Easter bonnet decorated with bunny ears, in addition to the Easter eggs. As for the main entertainment, presented at the Mediterranean Harbour, Mickey Mouse and the Disney Friends will show off the best of their Easter fashion.


New attraction 'Nemo & Friends SeaRider' opens May 12 2017
This new attraction opening in Port Discovery recreates the world of Disney/Pixar’s ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Finding Dory’. Boarding a submersible that ‘shrinks’ to the size of a fish, you can explore the wondrous world of marine life from the same point of view as Nemo and Dory.

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