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The best 5-star hotels in Lisbon

Nights of pure luxury and whimsy satisfaction are waiting for you at the best 5-star hotels in Lisbon

Fotografia: Matilde Cunha Vaz
Olissipo Lapa Palace

The offer for hotels and hostels in Lisbon keeps growing to keep up with tourists pouring in to meet the capital. We’ve already covered the best hotels in Lisbon, but now we are narrowing it to the cream of the crop. If you are looking to live it large check-in at one of these best 5-star hotels in Lisbon. 

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The best 5-star hotels in Lisbon

InterContinental Lisbon

If you need to describe the hotel where you stayed in Lisbon, saying it was the one with the great panoramic view might not be very helpful. That is because so many hotels in Portugal's capital city offer postcard-pretty views. But the Intercontinental can make an especially good case: few hotels have such a broad and unimpeded view from their terrace. One glance and you'll see the many faces of Lisbon: its big city skyline, the small-town charm of the historic centre neighbourhoods and the cosmopolitan bustle of a major park are all right in front of you. That is a rare privilege, and so is staying at a five-star hotel whose 331 rooms are not contaminated by the nervous energy typical of large crowded places. 

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São Sebastião

Memmo Príncipe Real - Design Hotels

Príncipe Real means “crown prince”; this Lisbon district takes its name from 19th century Portuguese king D. Pedro V. It's one of Lisbon's most prestigious locations, and the Memmo Group chose it for the brand's third hotel in Portugal. Is third time a charm for Memmo, then? It will at least be a while until they get real competition in the area. It will be next to impossible to compete with the view from their bar/restaurant's terrace.

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Avenida da Liberdade/Príncipe Real

Pousada de Lisboa - Small Luxury Hotels Of The World

Sorry if we sound pedantic, but there's something we need to explain before introducing you to the Pousada de Lisboa. 
The Portuguese word “pousada” usually means no-frills lodging for short stays. That is not what's on offer here. The newest addition to the Pestana Group family is the fulfilment an old promise to the city; some doubters thought Lisbon would never be a part of the Pousadas de Portugal roster. Last year it finally came to be, as this “Pousada” with a capital P moved into a Pombaline-style building in the Terreiro do Paço, which once housed Portugal's Interior Ministry. Inside you will find a cosmopolitan, luxurious hotel, one that proudly displays its commitment to Portuguese arts.

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Santa Maria Maior

Martinhal Lisbon Chiado Family Suites

Hidden in a narrow Chiado street, it is located smack in the middle of Lisbon's nightlife and the historic centre. It is but a very short (downwards) walk to TimeOut Mercado da Ribeira, where you can find the city's top chefs' restaurants. It is thus a great starting point for discovering Lisbon without making detailed plans, even if your family came along.

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Corinthia Hotel Lisbon

This five-star hotel once hosted Hillary Clinton during a visit to Lisbon by the former US secretary of State. That is not surprising, considering how low-key the hotel is from the outside – as much as such a thing can be said about a 24-storey giant. But that is just a smokescreen for what's inside: the marble lobby is breathtaking, and presents works Portuguese and foreign artists. 
The location, distant from the major tourist centres, explains its moneyed clientele, the kind of people who want to enjoy the city's cosmopolitan style while staying away from the crowd. 

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Pestana Palace Lisboa

Picture yourself in a hotel that was once the main residence of a 19th century nobleman, the Marquis of Valle Flôr, a well-travelled man of refined taste.
After his death, the building was left abandoned for more than 60 years, until being purchased by the Pestana group – who saw a diamond in the rough in this Petit Trianon of sorts. It became the crown jewel of this hotel corporation, and it is considered one of the world's best luxury hotels. Madonna, a former guest, can attest to that. 

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Altis Avenida Hotel

The architecture and the decoration are 1940s-inspired, an urban-chic concept where past and future meet in a unique environment. Altis Avenida might be the nexus where both strands meet. Where the Avenida da Liberdade ends and the Rossio begins, the building remains one of the most valuable modernist icons in Lisbon. The hotel is, inside and out, a worthy representative of late 1940s glamour.

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Santa Maria Maior

Olissippo Lapa Palace

In the middle of one of Lisbon's poshest neighbourhoods lies one of its most expensive luxury hotels.
The only bad part of Olissipo Lapa Palace is getting there – the Lapa is a maze of steep and narrow streets – but everything else is incredible. Hidden among the mansions of four-surname-plus-two-hyphen-named families, this 19th century manor house is as close as it gets to a modern day royal palace. Think Downton Abbey – or maybe not. Let's face it, the Lapa Palace has a big edge on the Crawley home simply based on location – it's in Lisbon! 

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Hotel Tivoli Lisboa

Portuguese star Beatriz Costa lived here for 30 years, in a time when the Tivoli was one of the few Lisbon hotels up to movie diva standards.
For more than eight decades in business (the hotel was built in 1933), the Tivoli's group grew and expanded within and outside the city. Its Avenida da Liberdade firstborn remains one the city's classics. Lisbon is not New York but if you had to draw a comparison, you'd say the Tivoli is Lisbon's version of the Big Apple's Plaza when it comes to fame, recognition and location. The Avenida da Liberdade, with its designer shops and international brands such as Cartier, Gucci and Louis Vuitton is not far behind  Manhattan's 5th. 

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Avenida da Liberdade

Hotel Avenida Palace

If you're an urban architecture geek, Hotel Avenida Palace is a great starting point in Lisbon. Avenida Palace precedes by many decades the big tourist boom. It survived the Portuguese republican revolution, the Spanish civil war and both world wars, while being a major venue for political intrigue and espionage – or so some say.

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Santa Maria Maior
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