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The best romantic restaurants in Lisbon

As 'latinos' we're more than used to some heat when it comes to relationships, so enjoy the best romantic restaurants in Lisbon with some (moderate) public display of affection

Midori - Espaço
©Matthew Shaw
By Time Out Lisbon editors |

As the saying goes: the way to your special someone's heart is through his or her stomach. So, whether you're looking to impress on your very first date or celebrating an anniversary, find the perfect place for love to blossom with our list of romantic restaurants in Lisbon. Our picks below are our favourite, tried and tested venues for romantic evenings à deux. Unfortunately, a cheap date is rarely a romantic date so do be prepared to splash some cash. But sometimes the ends justify the means.

The best romantic restaurants in Lisbon

Clube de Jornalistas - Sala
Fotografia: Ana Luzia

Clube de Jornalistas

icon-location-pin Estrela/Lapa/Santos

The Journalists' club has more tourists than journalists, but it is still worth visiting. Either to get to know its beautiful Lapa building or to take a peak at the outer terrace, one of the city's nicest for a summer evening supper. Brazilian chef Ivan Fernandes inherited the place from a local talent, André Magalhães, and switched the cuisine to an international mix, with original dishes such as the eggplant with miso caramel and pistachio, the shrimp “moqueca” risotto or the breaded scamorza with turnip and pear.

Time Out tips:

– If you are looking for a romantic spot, stop looking. This is it.

– Consider a Uber, a Cabify or a plain taxi cab; parking in Lapa is tricky.

– The best choice from the dessert menu is the ice cream with scented herbs.

Time Out says
© Ana Luzia
Restaurants, Japanese


icon-location-pin Campo de Ourique

Agnaldo Ferreira was associated with the name Olivier for a few years as the sushiman at Yakuza, but now he leads his own solo project. Hikidashi is a small Campo de Ourique restaurant, with a single wooden board that is both table and counter for 22 people. Here Ferreira shows there's more to Japanese cuisine than rice rolls and raw fish – though he still makes an outstanding salmon tartar – in dishes such as grilled toro with spinach and sesame sauce or his teriyaki ribs.

Time Out tips:

– There are several fish and meat dishes grilled in scented charcoal (a.k.a. robata).

– It's not a sushi restaurant, but if that's what you want, you will find it too.

– Lunch menus are more affordable.

Time Out says
L'Artusi - Sala
Fotografia: Arlindo Camacho
Restaurants, Italian


icon-location-pin Chiado/Cais do Sodré

Another year, another Italian restaurant. But this one, opened in 2016, is absolutely unique in the city: every menu item is based on a book by Pellegrino Artusi, The Science of Cooking and the Art of Fine Dining, published in 1891. This veritable bible includes dishes such as veal tongue with spicy sauce, pasta with teal or hazelnut pudding. It's a small and friendly place – let's call it romantic – and, besides eating, you can also peruse the tome itself (in Italian). It is worth it.

Time Out tips:

– Everything is prepared according to the book: from the appetizers to the cookies that come with the coffee.

– Part of the produce are biological, and part come from Italy.

– Stepping into this restaurant is like travelling backwards in time, and not just because of the book.

Time Out says
Largo - Sala
Fotografia: Ana Luzia
Restaurants, Global


icon-location-pin Chiado

No tables in Lisbon are as romantic as the ones near the jellyfish aquarium at Largo – it's a great setting for a marriage proposal. Indeed, there is beauty in the entire restaurant, whose interior was designed by Miguel Câncio Martins. The kitchen, once led by Miguel Castro e Silva, also had Louis Anjos at the reigns and is now under Paulo Silva. Its specialities are steak tartar, sautéed squid with beurre blanc shrimp and duck magret with green asparagus and truffle risotto. Finish the meal with the zero degrees chocolate mousse and hazelnut praline.

Time Out tips:

– On weekends during winter months, “cozido” is served buffet-style (€18).

– Don't be afraid to go for the appetizers: corn, rye and seed bread are all great.

– Valet parking is available at dinnertime.

Time Out says
Restaurante Midori, Penha Longa
Restaurants, Japanese


icon-location-pin Sintra

Before the Portuguese became familiar with sushi, Midori was already riding high on Japanese cuisine. It was here that many of the city's sushimen learned their trade (Paulo Morais and his wife, Anna Lins, are both alumni); it is currently led by chef Pedro Almeida, a constantly innovative talent that wows patrons with dishes such as lobster gyosa or wagyu steak. He perfectly brings together the most traditional sushi and the creative potential of Japanese cuisine. Oh, and leave some room for dessert, one of their strengths. 

Time Out tips:

– Tuesdays to Fridays, there is a €79 tasting menu.

– Their famous buffet is on Saturdays and it leaves us dazzled by the variety of choices.

– Ramen: they do it here too and it's very good.

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