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Lisbon for Visitors: A magazine for aliens

101 doors to step in Lisbon, sights, restaurants, art, shop, nighlife, wine and more from our favorite city in the universe

Lisbon for Visitors
Lisbon for Visitors
By Ágata Xavier |

In 2010, Time Out had a cover with a title that read “Do you have tourists at home?”. On the same year as the earthquake in Haiti, the longest solar eclipse of the third millennium, the Spanish football team won the South Africa World Cup, and the Wikileaks phenomenon, tourists in Lisbon were, as in Sofia Coppola’s movie, lost in translation. In that issue there’s an illustration of a spaceship flying over a house, awarding the tourist with na intergalactic passport.

Time Out Lisboa, 2010


Over the last eight years, Lisbon has leaped over tendencies and became a mandatory destination for those who want to know the city of the old world, filled with other new worlds inside of it. To stroll around this entire land, the alfacinhas land (“little lettuce”, as they say in English), and not just in Baixa or Alfama, has turned into na encounter of different cultures and languages: a Babel Tower, like the one at the Antient Art Nacional Museum, painted by Joos Momper II.

It’s with this legal aliens in mind, as Sting would say, that Time Out has again created a magazine with the best of Lisbon for those who visit it. It’s written in English, but it’s meant for all of those who want to discover this city of ours. You can start by entering one of the 101 Lisbon doors and unveil what they are hiding inside, have lunch at a tasca, stroll through the shops at Avenida da Liberdade, taste one of the 21 dishes we picked out from the Time Out Market, have a drink at the end of the day and see where the night leads you. The next day, just open the magazine again and follow new leads. You might end up in Sintra, trying a travesseiro, or toasting with some regional wine in Alenquer. Lisbon is always worth discovering, even if it’s Lissabon, Lisbonne or Lisbona. For us, team Time Out, it will always be planet Lisboa.

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Things to do in Lisbon

Casa Independente
© Ana Luzia
Bars and pubs

The best Lisbon bars

Embarking on an intrepid mission to discover Lisbon's many offerings is thirsty work and, besides the city's wide-range of history and cultural sights, there is a long list of modern, and more traditional, bars where you can replenish any lost fluid. From Portuguese beers to contemporary cocktails, you're in for a smorgasboard of alcoholic refreshments...  

Fotografia: Manuel Manso
Things to do

The best neighbourhoods in Lisbon

If you picked Lisbon for your holidays – hey, great choice! – and still don't know what to visit, you've just arrived at the right place. On the list below we show you the best neighbourhoods in Lisbon and the things to do in each one. Enjoy your stay!  

Alma Lusa Hotel
© Time Out Lisboa

The coolest hotels in Lisbon

What makes a hotel cool? In coming up with this list of the coolest hotels in Lisbon, we considered a heady mix of factors – from definables like design, location, service, amenities, architecture, and value for money, to less tangible elements like ambience or history. Then we factored in what we think Time Out readers would want from a trendy hotel and ended up with this list of the coolest hotels in Lisbon with something for every relaxed aesthetic sense. Recommended: Best cheap hotels in Lisbon 

miradouro graça
© Arlindo Camacho

The best viewpoints in Lisbon

Lisbon has 16 official viewpoints: all of them with amazing views over the city’s rooftops, the most important monuments, the Tejo river, its other margin, and the 25 de Abril bridge. But there are more than the ones City Hall (Câmara Municipal de Lisboa) lists as official: the others are rooftops, terraces, bars and hotels. To have Lisbon at your feet while having a drink is a nice programme, don’t you think so? So all you need to do is choose one out of the ten best viewpoints in Lisbon.

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