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15 Londoners share their bizarre collections

We asked Londoners to share a snap of their most wacky collection. Here are our favourites...

By Elizabeth Darke

In celebration of the Barbican's 'Magnificent Obsessions' exhibition, a show featuring the personal collections of some of the best-known names in the art world, we asked Londoners to send us a photo of their most obsessive collection.

Of all the weird, wacky and oddly wonderful pictures we received, we picked our favourite and five runners up. Warning: this slideshow contains dangerous amounts of useless bric-à-brac.

Collections egg cups
© David Fordham

1. Egg cups

WINNER. By David Fordham
Collections satsuma wrappers
© Margaret Cooter

2. Orange wrappers

RUNNER UP. By Margaret Cooter
Collections, china cats
© Gemma Oliver

3. Cat figurines

RUNNER UP. By Gemma Oliver
Collection, plastic bananas
© Lauren Ingram

4. Plastic bananas

RUNNER UP. By Lauren Ingram
Collections, clocks
© Sarah Edgington

5. Retro clocks

RUNNER UP. By Sarah Edgington
Collections, novelty pens
© Bobby Bell

6. Novelty pens

RUNNER UP. By Bobby Bell
Collections, daleks
© Chia-Li MacDougall

7. Daleks

By Chia-Li MacDougall

Collections, bottles of sand
© Donatella Torsello

8. Bottles of sand

By Donatella Torsello

Collections, Father Christmas jugs
© Ann Bonnett

9. Father Christmas jugs

By Ann Bonnett

Collections, Fraggle Rock memorabilia
© Wesley Harland

10. Fraggle Rock memorabilia

By Wesley Harland

Collections, Novelty rubbers
© Alexandra Harding Simpson

11. Novelty rubbers

By Alexandra Harding Simpson

Collections, paper bags
© Shelley Smith

12. Paper bags

By Shelley Smith

Collections, badges
© Jane Smith

13. Badges

By Jane Smith

Collections, metal birds
© Florence Kennard

14. Mechanical birds

By Florence Kennard

Collections, Japanese Celluloid Kobe Charms
© Jim Ives

15. Japanese Celluloid Kobe charms

By Jim Ives


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