Alexander Lindsay: Altitude

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 (Alexander Lindsay, 'Jungle Glacier'. Courtesy of the artist)
Alexander Lindsay, 'Jungle Glacier'. Courtesy of the artistAlexander Lindsay, 'Jungle Glacier'. Courtesy of the artist
Alexander Lindsay,' Guardian of Tara'. Courtesy of the artist
Alexander Lindsay, 'Castillo de Tara I', 2013. Courtesy the artist
Alexander Lindsay, 'Dead Forests of Tierra del Fuego', 2013. Courtesy the artist
Alexander Lindsay, 'Dragon Hill'. Courtesy of the artist

A photographic series shot on an eight month expedition across South America

For his latest series, ‘Altitude’ the London-based photographer travelled over 20,000 miles across South America, enduring perilous environments to capture the wild and wonderful vistas of uninhabitable landscapes. With a desire to reveal ‘reality at its most stark’, Lindsay’s panoramic prints capture the natural world at it’s most unimaginable and magnificent.

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