Bruegel to Freud

Art, Prints and editions
Canaletto ('Portico with lantern', 1741-1744)
'Portico with lantern', 1741-1744Courtesy The Courtauld Gallery, London
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec ('The Jockey', 1899)
'The Jockey', 1899Courtesy The Courtauld Gallery, London
Henri Matisse ('Seated nude woman, with tulle blouse', 1925)
'Seated nude woman, with tulle blouse', 1925Courtesy The Courtauld Gallery, London  
Lucian Freud ('Blond Girl', 1985)
'Blond Girl', 1985Courtesy The Courtauld Gallery, London, Frank Auerbach Gift, 2012. © Lucian Freud Archive/Bridgeman Art Library
Pieter Bruegel the Elder ('Rabbit hunt', 1560)
'Rabbit hunt', 1560Courtesy The Courtauld Gallery, London

Approximately thirty exceptional prints that span over 500 years and demonstrate a range of printmaking techniques are exhibited in this summer showcase. Among these works include Andrea Mantegana’s engraving of The Flagellation of Christ (1465-1970), Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s Rabbit Hunt (1560), the only print executed by the artist himself, and even 20th century works by Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse.

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