Eva Caridi: Nude

An exhibition in the vast subterranean space of Ambika P3 featuring two metal labyrinths by the Corfu-born artist Eva Caridi. One is built in a Cretan fashion and contains a video installation about the three stages of life. Populating the second is a series life-size plaster sculptures of the female form.


Event phone: 020 7911 5876
Event website: http://www.p3exhibitions.com

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A great video ,I had the opportunity to meet the artist at Ambika P3 and I loved the concept,they also had a philosophical walk through the labyrinth and a talk with the curator.would have loved to see it again but unfortunately it was not on for long....they had another exhibition there ,with tv sets...weird...

I enjoyed this fantastic exhibition,in the very upcoming Ambika P3 . They always show very good artists.

didnt impress me, i was trully expecting to see &experience so much more...i wish her work is more powerful next time

didnt like the statues at all - labyrinth appeared exciting but led to a disappointing finale

It's an exhibition that is worth to see but I really don't understand some of the comments here. It was a good show.

this is the type of show that i always feel obliged to visit & write about. although it did initially look it had the potential of a great show i was quite disappointed by the exhibited apparatus & the overall outcome 1star and this is me being very generous.

Данная выставка лишена содержания и какой-либо художественной ценности. Не смотря на то, что она проходит в исключительном помещении, художница не смогла представить желаемого результата в организации экспозиции, а так же и на всех других уровнях, на мой взгляд

Music 8/10, Photo 8/10, Sculpture 10/10, Installation 10/10.

Even if I don’t understand what professor Robinson is saying, I loved the exhibition

i came here prompted by the artist's post on facebook to place a comment on this page. i initially thought that maybe its just me who didnt really think much of the show but i now find out i am not the only one. i dont fall in any of the categories that some people describe below..im a happily working analyst responsible for the private art collection of a bank

I was having a conversation with a friend who brought this to my attention. Being involved with the arts myself and, coincidentally, having paid a visit to this exhibition a couple of days ago I decided to spend some time reading what people have been saying here. I will try not to be too judgmental but there is an obvious concern on the specifics of this show. Admittedly, it is not the best I have seen and I can understand some people's comments. Of course, philosophy and psychoanalytic methods are not everyone's strong point although there is a fine line on how an artist works with these elements and how might be capable of incorporating them with his/her art. I am afraid "Nude" is not one of the successful examples one can recall. There is a lot of work involved but the outcome is somewhat missing the point. The space has not been exploited wisely and the material quality is poor but manipulated to look expensive. The audiovisual part does not stand out either. I understand that the artist and her fellows might have felt quite strong about people's response to her work but London is an open market, a metropolis of art and most people have seen innumerable exhibitions therefore comparisons are easy to be made. If I was in the artist's shoes I would be delighted to have received such feedback and treasure it for future reference. I don't believe people and their intentions are malicious; you should be grateful for this criticism and take it as given.

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