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Mr Brainwash (aka Thierry Guetta of 'Exit Through the Gift shop' fame) takes over the five floors of London's gigantic Old Sorting Office (formerly part of the Royal Mail) to present large-scale installations, murals and stencils that largely appropriate iconic pop culture imagery.


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Even though the exhibition was four months ago and I didn't go, I wanted to say that I have in some small way been a part of the MBW phenomenon so this was the best way that I could think how. I'm really hoping that everyone who sees this review will know what I mean. His work has seeped into my consciousness, but all simply through the medium of my MacBook screen (and all kudos to MBW and Steve Jobs for that). All I can say is, thank you MBW, you've touched me. xXx

Fun? Yes, thought provoking? Hardley. Original? About as far as you can get from it. Probably the shortest time I have ever spent in an exhibition. About three (non original) ideas spread out over a couple of acres. Shame the space couldn't have been giving to street artists who produce original higher quality work. Quite funny to watch the sheep fighting for the freebies though :)

Nothing really original, but a fun way to pass 30 minutes. I felt like a sell-out taking the free stuff, so ditched it afterwards.

Like many I suspect, I went to this show with a less than open mind having seen Exit Through The Gift Shop, in which Mr Brainwash comes across as producing extremely derrivative cliched pastiches of other artist's work. But I came away Brainwashed perhaps, having decided that that was a simplistic & lazy preconception. It is fairer to say he is a kind of a DJ of art, overtly sampling & remixing other artists' work. He is nothing if not prolific, and could really use an editor to weed out the dross because there is some good stuff here that passes the "better than you could do" and "makes you think" tests. It is also fun and accessible to the point of being family-friendly - little kids pointed with delight at the giant gorilla with the pink paintbrush while adults enthused over the formality of a Mondrian being shattered by a splash of paint. Well worth a visit, especially if you have seen Exit Through The Giftshop or are interested in gallery-street-art. I'd give it 3.5 stars if that was possible, which it isnt, so I round it up to 4 rather than down to 3.

Great exhibition! Some very interesting and thought provoking pieces

We may not like it, but there is always a queue to see anything worth visiting or eating in London. There was a short queue to see this show and yes it's worth it. The 'art work' and installations are amusing and everyone was taking photos, made more fun if you are given a paint spray on entry!

Very disappointing. This exhibition has no soul. Although some are fun, like the black cab and the hi-f, the pieces lacks any statement and does not make you think. I was in and out in 20min. Bored of looking at similar images of Kate Moss and Madonna..

One of the best exhibitions I have seen in a long time! An awesome space for an exhibition, beautifully put together, uplifting and inspiring, pure genius! Mr. Brainwash bucks the trend that street art is dark, political and controversial and proves it can be light hearted, uplifting and beautiful!

I hope Mr Brainwash gets sued for blatant copyright violation. He has recreated a Damien Hirst spot painting (made by one of his graphic design monkeys) and had the audacity to call it 'Damien Hirst, Spot Painting'... has imitated Banksy... Rothko... Andy Warhol... Jeff Koons... I could go on and on and on and on. Though I might end up being as dull and repetitive as this exhibition. Not quite.

Plusses: - It's free - They give out free posters and post cards - Some of the individual exhibits are fun (gorilla made of tires, giant hi fi) - my date seemed to like it Negatives - The art work is largely derivative, uninspiring and statement free - There just isn't enough art to justify an exhibit of this size. You're in and out at rapid speed and the same motifs and pieces are repeated again and again just to fill the space - Rather subjectively the whole experience left me feeling a bit tacky. I did not take any of the freebies

funky, fantastic, fun.....shows just how over rated warhol this guy for real! Went on Sunday, opening times are 1pm-7pm. NOT 11-7...time out nob'eads! Come back City Limits!

1pm till 7, no toilets, 2 free posters and 2 free postcards, can take photos. worth seeing, especially if you have seen the documentary. :)

Absolutely fantastic exhibition! Opens at 1, free entry, friendly and helpful security, AMAZING art, free posters and postcards! Mr Brainwash.... One words.... Amazeballs!

The most fun art show I've ever been to. Doesn't need to be taken seriously but the work by Guetta is incredibly, outrageously, smile-makingly brilliant.