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The Smiths

  • Art
Cauleen Smith 'Leave me for the Crows' (2016) © the artist. Image courtesy of Marlborough

Time Out says

What do Emily Mae Smith, Greg Parma Smith, Lucien Smith, Kambel Smith, Sir Paul Smith, David Smith, Joshua Smith, Patti Smith, Harry Smith, Cary Smith, Zak Smith, Adam Parker Smith, Michael Bell Smith, Sable Elyse Smith, Matt Sheridan Smith, Meryl Smith, Clive Smith, Michael Smith, Barbara T. Smith, Michael E. Smith, Shinique Smith, Molly Smith, Cauleen Smith, Kiki Smith, Tony Smith, Bridget Smith, Bob and Roberta Smith, Anj Smith, Richard Smith, John Smith and Matthew Smith have in common? Clue: they don't all own the same breed of cat.

This exhibition at Marlborough groups together lots and lots of artist all called Smith. There are famous Smiths (Patti, Paul, David, Bob & Roberta) and not-so-famous Smiths (Emily Mae, Kambel, Lucien) and while they share a surname they certainly don't share an artistic style, approach or subject. Find out what happens when they all appear in the same room at the same time. Maybe a giant Smith-shaped hole will rip through the fabric of the universe.


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