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This new website lets you book virtual studio visits with acclaimed artists

StudioVisit’s first-of-its-kind platform gives you the chance to interact with your favourite artists online or in-person

Written by Time Out. Paid for by StudioVisit.

After what seems like a lifetime, London’s galleries are starting to reopen. This is, of course, fantastic news, but if you’re not ready to get back out there – or you’re after a more intimate experience – StudioVisit’s new online platform is just what you’re looking for. 

StudioVisit allows you to book, wait for it… studio visits (shocking, we know) with a whole host of contemporary artists from around the world, all from the comfort of your own home. Visiting an artists’ studio has long been considered one of the most exclusive experiences in the art world, available only to a lucky few. But now anyone, from casual admirers to life-long aficionados, is able to take a look behind the artist’s curtain. 

These unique visits are available both virtually and in-person, offering you the chance to not only meet your favourite artists, but also learn about their practices, take a look at past, current and upcoming projects and ask them questions about their work. Some artists even choose to go beyond a standard studio tour, adding activities such as walks, lunches, film screening and even canoe rides (wouldn’t floating down a canal with your chosen creative just be the coolest thing ever?). 

There are some great names on the platform already, with upcoming studios visits available from Athena Papadopoulos, Cooking Sections and Harold Offeh in the next few weeks. You might be thinking that such a sought-after experience is going to come with a Picasso-like price tag, but you can book a spot on a virtual group visit from just £15. So, what are you waiting for?

To book a studio visit or find out more about the available experiences, please click here.


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