Traces of War: Landscapes of the Western Front

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Peter Cattrell (Barbed Wire, found Serre, Somme)
Barbed Wire, found Serre, Somme© Peter Cattrell
Peter Cattrell (Bullet, found Serre, Somme)
Bullet, found Serre, Somme© Peter Cattrell
Peter Cattrell (Fence Picket, Frezenburg, Belgium)
Fence Picket, Frezenburg, Belgium© Peter Cattrell
Peter Cattrell (Line of Trees, Theipval, Somme)
Line of Trees, Theipval, Somme© Peter Cattrell
Peter Cattrell (Maize Cutting  Serre  Somme)
Maize Cutting Serre Somme© Peter Cattrell
Peter Cattrell (Sambre Canal, Ors, Somme)
Sambre Canal, Ors, Somme© Peter Cattrell
George P Lewis
© National Galleries of Scotland
George P Lewis
© National Galleries of Scotland

A hundred years after the beginning of WWI, the Fleming Collection is exhibiting works by two Scottish photographers. Peter Cattrell’s landscape pieces of Somme were taken over the span of many years since 1996, and have a dual focus on the devastation of war and the serenity of nature’s renewal. On loan from the Scottish National Portrait Gallery is a series by George P Lewis about the role of women in transport and heavy industries during wartime in Scotland. 

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