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Sarah Lucas at the Perimeter
Robert Glowacki PhotographySarah Lucas at the Perimeter

Unmissable Galleries: The Perimeter

Everything you need to know about this incredible art space

Written by
Eddy Frankel

What makes it so special?

This beautiful mews house near King’s Cross has been converted into a miniature museum, designed to showcase the art collection of Alexander Petalas. He puts on two shows a year and lets us grubby members of the public swan about the gaff (shoes off though, so wear your nicest socks) and ogle his wares. Considering it’s a totally domestic setting, this is as far removed from your granny’s living room as you can get. We’re talking cast concrete floors and swooping staircases, here. Real nice stuff.

What’s on show?

It opened in 2018, and past shows have included ceramics by Ron Nagle, paintings by Carmen Herrera and a group show of paintings by young black artists. Right now, there’s a whole show dedicated to Sarah Lucas, one-time YBA and now one of the UK’s most important and influential living artists. There are glistening bronzes, cast resin toilets, blobby soft constructions and some melons for boobs. It’s some seriously classic Sarah Lucas, which is a surprisingly rare thing to find in London.

How do I get in? 

It’s free to visit, you just have to book via There are also guided tours – usually led by Petalas himself – every Thursday.

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