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What Makes Us Care?

  • Art, Photography

Time Out says

Skins actress Kathryn Prescott has photogrpahed fellow cast members along with other stars from The Borgias, Glee and Waterloo Road to draw attention to the rise in London's homeless. In the past 2 years, the number of people sleeping rough has risen by 64% to a staggering number of 6,437.

Prescott has said, 'By using familiar faces looking damaged and destitute, I want to help break down stereotypes about those without homes. So they are seen as people rather than simply part of the scenery of modern life, or pests to be ignored. These people living on the streets could have been friends you once knew. They are people who have somehow fallen through the gaps and found themselves, often through unimaginable circumstances, on the cusp of existence. In another reality, this could easily be me or you.'

Make sure you show your support as the prints are for sale with all funds raised going to youth homelessness charity Centrepoint and The Big Issue Foundation.


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