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If the name didn’t give it away, allow us. Kidzania is every child’s dream: an indoor city entirely run by (you guessed it) kids. Aimed at ages 4-14, your little ’uns will have hours to explore the numerous real-life zones in this wonderland that lets children dress-up and experience life as a firefighter, for example, or a baker or a pilot or an animator or an estate agent or a news broadcaster…

Already a success in nearly two-dozen other countries around the world, Kidzania teaches young people important life skills through some seriously fun role-play. Each young visitor is given 50 ‘kidZos’ upon entering, which they can use to buy treats or work to earn more kidZos and save them in a bank account (which gains interest) in order to buy bigger and better treats.

Sounds fun, right? Well don’t get too eager because this is a children only arena. Parents and carers are allowed in, but only in certain areas: behind the one-way glass, as a member of the audience in the ‘theatre’ or in the adults’ crèche, where you’ll find various films and other entertainment with which to while away the time.

For families with very young kids, there’s an Early Years space for you to leave them. It’s filled with inflatable furniture, features storytelling sessions, puppet shows and much more. Plus, the little ones get to participate in the ‘science lab’ where they can play being technicians and mix together different substances (under supervision, of course) to create fizzing, bubbling concoctions.


Venue name: Kidzania
Address: Westfield London
Ariel Way
W12 7GA
Transport: Tube: Shepherd's Bush
Price: £28 (4-14), £16.50 (15+), £10 (1-3)
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I recently went to an "adult" night at Kidzania. I had been looking forward to it for a while and was excited to go. I really, really wanted to have an amazing time here. Sadly that wasn't the case.

I want to be very clear about one thing - had I been an actual kid, this would have been an amazing experience! being let loose in a city and getting to try loads of different jobs and earn a salary for them is a great concept and I have friends with kids who absolutely adore it.

My review is based solely on the "adult-only" evening I attended.

The space is very cool and has got lots and lots of different things the kids can do and learn so it's definitely worthwhile visiting if you want your children to play and learn. All the businesses are done at high quality with fun props and even some souvenirs to take home (pilot wings sticker after the flight simulator, the capital radio lanyard after the radio presenting activity, the nature valley bar you have prepared) and are well adjusted for the target ages of each activity. And that was precisely the "fail" in my eyes when it came to the "adult night". As much as I like to pretend to be a kid sometimes, there was clearly no customizing of the evening to make it for adults other than offer people a free drink and add alcohol to the concessions across the theme park.

Overall - if you are planning on taking your kids here I say go for it! they will love it and you can relax at the parents area knowing that they are taken care of, enjoying themselves and learning.

If you're an adult attending and all adult evening, my perspective is that you go in realizing that you will be treated and spoken to as a child.

Should you decide to go, don't miss out on the radio station presenting (my favorite), the firefighting (a clear favorite of almost everybody else) and being an actor in a play and performing for an audience was also quiet fun.


Possibly the most bizarre thing I have ever seen/done in London for quite some time.  When you arrive, you start in an airport scene and have to ‘check-in’ and it only gets stranger...  This place is essentially a mini city where you can basically try different ‘jobs’ to experience what they may involve and also to earn Kidzos.  With Kidzos you can then buy experiences such as chocolate making, a tour, smoothie making etc.  I can imagine this place is crazy when it’s open to kids and it’s only just a little less crazy when it’s adults only.  You end up doing silly things and behaving like a child -what’s not to love!  The staff are amazing and clearly have been inhaling something!  My only criticism is that some of the queues are far too long and take away from the experience.  


A great experience for the kids. They are the future and this experience let's them train and work across a number of professions. They earn Kidzania's currency to show for their hard work.


As a secondary school teacher of several years, I'm a bit of a veteran when it comes to school trips. However, it would not be hyperbolic to say that the trip I went on with a group of years sevens to Kidzania was the best trip I've been on. Although a bit of a slog to get there - we're based in East London so it took over an hour in peak traffic - it was well worth it. The range of activities for the children is astonishing, they get to experience training, work at a place of employment (all sorts business and industries are represented) and then they get to spend their earnings courtesy of Kidzania's own currency. The kids were so well supervised as adults are advised to leave the children to it - again the making for a perfect trip for a teacher - as we set up base in the coffee shop and watched them get on with their own individual adventures. All 150 students loved it and I would fully recommend! 


Kidzania in Westfield is the definition of an adult playground in the evening!

It's an amazing little city where during the day kids can think they're adults by learning and working for money; and after hours adults can feel like they're kids by being creative and earning fake money.

My friend and I became fire women; couriered parcels around; piloted a flight, then spent our earnings on tattoos!

We also made chocolate, painted masterpieces, rode around the city on a bus and did a dance class! In between activities and jobs you can even enjoy a few (adult) drinks.

It was so much fun and we genuinely had the enthusiasm of 4 year old kids who had been let loose in Disney Land with no adults!

Leave the kids at home and bring your adult friends here to run amok after hours!


KidZania is really aimed at kids to learn and experience about jobs that they could aim for in the future when they grow up however I went along on an adult night and it was really fun and made me think I wish I could change back the clock so I could of studied in how to become a fireman or even a radio presenter. I really felt like a kid again running around here and there saying to my partner I want to try this I want to do that. The most fun departments/jobs I tried out was being a firewoman, policewoman, flying a plane and being a surgeon with so many other fun jobs to do. If there is any other adult nights I will certainly go along again.  However I do certainly recommend for kids as is fun and they can learn about roles that are potentially out there for them to do when they get older.


I'd heard about this place and I was intrigued so when Time Out advertised an adults only evening at Kidzania I was straight in there. This therefore isn't exactly the standard review of kidzania as when I was there there weren't any kids there with me. Sounds amazing right?...and it was!

Kidzania is literally a mini city for kids where children can have a go at various careers...or at least that's the theory. I'm going to say that that's not quite accurate as when we had a go at making ice cream in the ice cream factory area that basically involved watching someone else do the work and at one point I poured in some liquid to a bowl. Not exactly like really working in an ice cream factory i'd imagine. And when working as a policeman patrolling the streets of kidzania this just involved running around hunting for a missing bag. Again I don't think that truly represents what a cop in London is doing each day. But obviously they couldn't let kids do the exact tasks involved in the job experiences. You can hardly let kids solve kiddie murders. So basically Kidzania is play acting at it's best as all the props are right there for the kids to really get stuck in to. I think there is a bit of educational value to it as well as certain jobs do involve actual training and for example if you want to go to the acting academy then you will put on a show at the kidzania theatre for other kids to watch so your children will get a real experience of what its like to be on stage. I'd say it's worth sending your kids to this site just for that really. The chance to try a few things out and see if that's something they'd possibly like to explore further as a career opportunity is surely worth doing. Its hard to know what you want to do in life after all and any opportunity to work that out has got to be worth a shot.

Also and most importantly Kidzania is loads of fun. The city looks so good that its hard to not get swept up in the childs play acting. I certainly did and obviously i'm not quite a kid anymore. Who wouldn't want to have a go at being a fireman, an actor, a drummer or a sports commentator. If this place existed when I was a kid i'd have been begging to go here everyday!

The only downside is the queues. This place is popular but most job experiences can only take 5 or so kids at a time which means long queues for kids wanting to have a go. When I was there everyone wanted to be a fireman and the queue to have a go was over an hour long. Not so bad for us adults but for kids that's a long wait. I guess get there early and head for the job you want to do most of all straight away. The longest queues when i was there seemed to be for the fireman, paramedics, chocolate making factory and for the pilot experience so if you want to do those you should expect to have to queue. Still worth it though. I think.


If you go to an "adults" evening, the key thing to remember is you're at an adult's evening in a kids' activity centre and even offering alcohol (which is at a high price - £7 for a modest glass of prosecco) ides not make this an adult event. If I was a kid, I'd be giving this 5 stars. Or if Kidzania was properly set up for Adults evenings, with experiences tailored slightly differently to suit the audience. As it happens, neither of those things are true, which meant a disappointing experience for me. I visited the hair salon and got to experiment with some hair styles - the instructions are for very basic styles like braids and ponytails - but the benefit is you can do whatever you want (with fairly average wig hair that has had a few hundred kids mauling it and pulling half of it out). The journalism was also interesting because you got to go and speak to other people. A few experiences that didn't quite translate for adults were the 'Hotel' - I went in and asked what to do, and they said 'it's a hotel, obviously, you can see the room'. Of course for kids this is probably an exciting thing to do because they don't check in to hotels, as an adult I was expecting to get to work behind the desk or something, which isn't available - and the 'tattoo parlour', which offers very basic spray-on tattoos. Again, I was expecting somehow to be able to try out the job, not the experience of getting a spray on tattoo! As an overall experience, Kidzania is very well set up with a high production value and it's clear a lot of effort has gone in to each individual experience - especially some of the clear favourites like the radio station, engineering and airline. I would 100% recommend this to anyone to take their kids. If you're an adult, it's worth checking out, as long as you don't expect an adult-tailored experience.


Went to this for an 'adult-only' themed and I must say I was surprised at how much fun I had. They had quite a few different stores open and I was a bell-ringer (highlight), a hair stylist, a tour guide, a pilot, and a stewardess. However I -could- see if I was a kid being very annoyed/upset at the queues. As an adult-- I get it, but it still would be nice to have a digital display saying "Next group of X kids will be allowed in in X minutes" so one can gauge how long they will have to wait (which is a British career we all signed up for). 

Also-- why is their no anti-bacterial gel dispensers? As this is a kids place-- it must be riddled with all sorts of interesting germs so having those out would be handy for kids and adults. 

Looking at ticket prices, £32 seems pretty high, but its 4 hours where adults can let their kids run around and go hang out in the adults only section and savour a glass a wine know they can be paged if little James get too rowdy or hurts himself. That is probably worth so so so much more. 

Would definitely go again if they have another evening event.

Thanks for the great event TimeOut! It was definitely fun being able to act like big kids again :) I think this is certainly a great place to host company events or parties, and I think - anyone - particularly kids should definitely visit it as it would not only be great fun, but also an amazingly educational experience.

Staff Writer

I had such a brilliant time at KidZania, from the moment of walking into this mini world of things fun, exciting, educational and much more right up until having to leave....which I didn't want to hehe.  I know it is for kids but the adult only concept is brilliant! I cannot wait to visit again with some friends for the adults only Time Out exclusive event in September. If you have a little one with a great imagination then this is a great place for them to explore.

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