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Pygmy Hippo

Zone 1 is where the wild things are, at our world-leading zoo in the park

Since the Victorian times, the zoological gardens in Regent’s Park have amused and enlightened visitors of all ages, but in the past 15 years the Zoological Society London has changed the proposition here beyond recognition. Gradually the 36-acre park has been rebuilt to support conservation, ensure animal welfare and to make your animal encounter a more inspiring experience.

Forget constricted cages and hibernating animals hidden away, because a visit nowadays will take you special enclosures. The ring-tailed lemurs, for instance: watch them run along ropes in front of your eyes, or step into a spider enclosure with some of the creepiest crawlies on earth, and pass through the Land of the Lions to get closer than ever before to the world’s most feared predators.

In fact, the folk at London Zoo have made every effort to design the exhibits in a way that shows off the birds and the beasts at their best without disturbing their daily habits. From Penguin Beach and it’s mock South American coastline to an African-esque Gorilla Kingdom and London’s only living (indoor) rainforest where you’ll be met by sloths, monkeys, armadillos and more. Note that the animals aren’t shy, either, so you might get a much closer encounter than you bargained for.

The Tiger Territory, which opened only a few years ago to house two critically endangered Sumatran tigers, must have done a great job of making them feel at home because Jae Jae and Melati have had three cubs since they’ve been here.

This is as wild as wildlife gets without putting you at risk of being their next meal. Daily events include talks and feeding times, but there are also one-off events throughout the year, including ‘Sunset Safari’ openings on summer evenings.

Read our review of staying overnight in the Gir Lion Lodge

By: Laura Lee Davies


Venue name: London Zoo
Address: Outer Circle
Regent's Park
Opening hours: For 2017: Apr 1-Sep 3 10am-6pm; Sep 4-Oct 20 10am-5.30pm; Oct 21-29 10am-5pm; Oct 30-Feb 19 10am-4pm. Last entry one hour before closing.
Transport: Tube: Camden Town/Regent’s Park
Price: Online from £24.30, £21.90 concs, £18 children, under-threes free.
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Adam G
1 of 1 found helpful

A really good day out!

Tickets aren't cheap but there is more than enough in the zoo to keep you busy for a whole day. A great selection of animal enclosures including an aquarium and reptile house. My personal highlights were the Tiger feeding, the Penguin show and the Gorillas. Food and Drinks are expensive but thats to be expected at such a big London attraction. I would recommend the Sblended milkshake bar, selling animal themed milkshakes with flavours such as 'Lion Bars', 'Penguin Bars' and 'Malteasers (Malt-Ant-Eaters)'

If you leave early enough you should definitely consider leaving via the boat ride which leaves from the north side of the zoo, it can be very busy but well worth it!

Niomi Harris
1 of 1 found helpful

A lovely day out for the whole family. I went with my boyfriend for my birthday and we had an amazing time. At £27 each, it was a tad pricey, but it's not so bad considering there's so much to see and you'll be in there for hours- give yourself at least 5 if you want to see everything. Highlights include the 'Into Africa' section (where the giraffes seemed more than happy to pose for pictures!) the walk-through Lemur enclosure and the penguin beach. Disappointingly, there were no Lion's as a new exhibit is being built for 2016 and if you're unlucky enough to catch the Tigers after they've had their lunch, they'll probably be asleep! If the weather is good, this is the perfect place to while away a sunny day- but be sure to wear comfy shoes!

Laura B
1 of 1 found helpful

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about zoos - especially this one as I don't feel the large animals have enough space to move. Am not convinced the tigers could even get to full pace in their enclosure which saddens me (or certainly not for more than a couple of paces). Also, no lions there at present - their enclosure is being rebuilt to open in 2016. Saw some animals pacing but the place is well maintained and would take a full day if you take your time and have a leisurely lunch. Feels relatively small but takes more time than you think. 

ashley c
1 of 1 found helpful

Fantastic way to spend a day! I was originally a little taken aback at the ticket price, but it turns out it actually felt worth it. A full day can easily be spent here wandering around the animals. The number of interactive/walk through exhibits is great and the new baby sloth is super cute, though hard to spot!


London Zoo is a great day out for the entire family. Clearly a lot of money had been spent on the location so although it'll be a great day out, it's not going to be a cheap day out. Highlights for me are the giraffes, they are amazingly graceful animals and the penguin enclosure is very impressive. My absolute fav has to be warthogs though, I know that's weird but they hold a specall place in my heart, don't ask!

It's located in regents park so fully recommend you take full advantage of the park after after the zoo. Great walk into Camden

Chandni A

London zoo is located in Regents Park. You can easily spend a whole day here navigating through all the different animal enclosures. My favourites were the penguin enclosure where you get to see the penguins swim past you in the glass tanks. Unfortunately we missed the shows but would love to go back just to see these. The giraffes were also a highlight of mine as they were mesmerising to watch albeit their enclosure was slightly small compared to their size. There are various kiosks in the park selling snacks and drinks dotted around the park.

Tickets are expensive at £30pp so I would recommend trying to find a 2 for 1 voucher which would make it better value for money.

Joanne  M

The size of the zoo is good.  The zoo is very clean.  The animals always look happy and seem like they are looked after very well and the enclosures looked very well maintained.  I especially love the penguin enclosure in this zoo this is one of my favourite penguin enclosures out of all zoos.  If you want to see the penguin show make sure you get to the area to get a seat at least 20 minutes beforehand otherwise you might not get anywhere near the enclosure to see the talk / feed.  The other parts of the zoo I love is the new Lemur walk through enclosure and the tiger enclosure.  The enclosures I am not keen on is the giraffe, zebra and walkthrough monkey enclosure.  Reason I don't like the giraffe and zebra one is because I feel they need more space and more trees.  The reason I don't like the monkey enclosure is because I feel that when the zoo is particularly crowded it gets too crowded and the monkeys seem very distressed and the keepers cant seem to handle to number of people that are being naughty and trying to give the monkeys food they should not be having eg chocolate.  I think they need some sort of control of how many people go into the enclosure at one time.  London zoo also does animal experiences here but I would not do an experience there as you have to share with up to 5 other people wherefore if I done an experience in another zoo it would not involve me sharing with others so you will get a more unique one on one experience so what is the point in paying same price and having to share with other strangers. However saying all this I do love this zoo and is one of my best in England.

Ronan G

Poor Customer Service

We booked 2 x adult tickets, plus tickets for our young children, to attend Sunday 8th of January, however due to unforeseen circumstances, we cant go. Customer services at London Zoo were extremely unhelpful, constantly referring to their terms and conditions, and repeating that the tickets are non refundable. £60 down the pan!!!. And when we complained, it went from bad to worse. Legalistic and corporate!!! Terrible experience, and certainly not the ethical charity they make out. AVOID!!!!


A 36-acre zoo, in the north side of Regent Park that will keep you busy a whole day and you will really have fun either going with friends or having kids with you. Grab a free map in the entrance (ticket price quite fair for the size of the zoo) and explore the different organized areas; there is a gorilla kingdom, a tiger territory,a lions land, a penguins beach, a bugs building, an aquirium, the butterflies land, into the africa section, meerkats, monkeys and so many more. In many instances you can even walk and be in a breath distance from many of these animals. Really well organised zoo, with lots of animals and lots of daily events/activities to spend your day.

Bonnie M

It's such a fantastic experience, you can get so close to the animals. There's always something different to see every time we visit.

Alvin S

Good educational contents and the animals are adorable. Staff are always on hand to explain queries to customers.

Peter H

An iconic institution in Central London with the opportunity to get up close with various species of animals. Any visit to the zoo helps ZSL with their conservation work throughout the world

Jim B

If you've got young kids, chances are they're gonna have a great day at London Zoo. Easily the best London Zoo that doesn't require a trip to Dunstable. Which is no bad thing in itself. I especially like the Penguins and the small monkeys.

Venture to the back where the small monkey's live for a crazy clock with mechanical people doing all kinds of stuff!

Ann R

I haven't been to London Zoo since they kept the big cats in small cages so I was pleasantly surprised to find how much it had changed.  The Lions now have a wonderful enclosure called The Land of the Lions and it is themed as an indian village.  The three walkways give you a good chance of seeing the pride but are not intrusive to the animals. Another revamped enclosure is Tiger Territory and we were lucky enough to see the new baby tiger cubs on our visit. In fact most of the exhibits seem to have been updated with maybe the exception of the Aquarium and the Insect House (but then how fussy are fish and insects about their environment?).  The penguins now have a much nicer enclosure and its design allows visitors to see them both out and in the water. It is a little pricey to get into the Zoo but there is enough there to keep a family busy all day and there are many interactive things for children to do.  Well worth a visit!


I love London Zoo, I go nearly every year ! One of my favourite places. I love animals so this is a perfect place to go and relax :) 

Lizzie W

This review is for both the zoo and the sunset safari combined! I have been to nicer zoos with bigger better enclosures and also more animals however for a zoo in the middle of London - this place is pretty good!

Sunset safari offers visitors the time to wander round the zoo early evening which meant it was a lot quieter. They also had lots of food stalls and music playing which added to the atmosphere.
I have been to the zoo on a weekend before and sunset safari is a much nicer time to visit! Aided by sunny weather and a few ciders we had a fab time at the zoo. Highlights at the moment are the new lemur enclosure, the other monkey enclosure and the gorgeous tigers. Unfortunately the baby gorilla (5months old) has an early bed time so the gorilla kingdom was closed :( and the lions have been relocated for the summer!
Will be back next year for sure!

Kishma S

A cheap day out this aint, but it is a full day out and if you come prepared with food and drinks and navigate the exit through the gift shop that every parent loves then you don't have to take out a second mortgage to have a nice day out.

A lot has changed since I last visted a few years ago. The attraction I was most looking forward too was the Gir Lion exhibit. The exhibit didn't disappoint but it cost a lot of money to depict an Indian village as accurately as possible so it should be impressive. It is a very well done attraction that even has a a train platform and Indian snack stall. Shame the lions don't care and were asleep in the corner.

The bug house was a new experience too with an open rainforest section where you can get closer to some very scary cage-less spiders. There's even a mirror next to one so you can take a spider selfie and show how cool you are on Facebook/Instagram/snapchat/whatever.

The main issue with the zoo, aside from being at the mercy of the British weather, is that animals don't care if you've been looking forward to your visit or if it's your daughter's birthday, if they don't want to cooperate then they wont. No amount of staring into the enclosure trying to will the animals to appear will work (I tried). As long as your enthusiasm is tempered with the knowledge that you may actually see very few animals and may end up buying an overpriced piece of tat then you'll have a great day.*

*Wear sensible shoes. The zoo is huge and it's a healthy walk to the closest tube stations too.


It was my first time at London Zoo and whilst it's not cheap nor any better than some of the UK's other zoos, the entry cost contributes to some of the work that ZSL are doing across the planet. You could easily spend a whole day in the zoo, particularly if you have children I imagine! The zoo covers an impressive surface area, so be prepared for lots of walking. My personal highlights included the penguin beach, the monkeys and the farm area, however the new Land of the Lions was also really well designed. 


I'm both for and against this kinda thing. I mean, the conservation work that London Zoo does is applaudable, but seeing some of the enclosures the animals are kept in really tugs at the heart strings. I will say though that having visited a couple of weeks ago, it is a lot better than it was years ago when I went last, but I still think that some improvements can be made, especially with the ticket price being close to £30 per person. Obvs if you book online before hand you can save yourself some dollar.

I actually drove to London Zoo this time instead of using public transport and it took me pretty much the same amount of time from South East London that it would getting the train, tube and walking from Camden. There is a car park you can use, but this is almost £15 to use for the day, and if you leave your car there over night you have to pay £70!! I opted to go for one of the hundreds of pay and display bays outside the zoo entrance. Costing £2.20 per hour, you can stay for a maximum of four hours here, nearly cutting the price you'd pay if you were using the zoo's own car park. 

This is a pleasant day out whether you have children or not, but with quite a lot of walking to do, be prepared for the little ones to get somewhat restless! 

Lastly, having been again to mainly see the bran new Land of the Lions, I have to praise London Zoo on the work they have done here. It really feels like you've been transported over to Sasan Gir in India! You embark on an amazing adventure through the towns, seeing the different market stalls selling bits and bobs as well as the local train station. There are also little lodges I believe you can hire out overnight so you'll be able to wake up to the sound of lion roars! 

Sarah R

A day out in the Zoo is such a good alternative to your usual weekend activities. Embrace your inner child, be giddy with excitement and spend some time on fresh air. Well, as fresh as it can be in London.
Zoo is very spacious, so allow yourself at least few hours to enjoy it and walk around and it probably still won’t be long enough to see everything. There is so much to see! I was amazed when I realised how close you can get to animals, especially lemurs and little monkeys. Zoo organizes a range of daily activities, so you can observe feeding of the tigers or go to Penguin Beach, where you watch penguins swimming under water and listen to presenter explaining penguins’ lives. Land of Lions is an exciting new addition which is another reason to visit the Zoo.

As an animal lover I am fully aware that animals in Zoos are kept in a small space, in unnatural environment….However, I feel that eventhough that is the case, being an animal in London Zoo isn’t too bad! Observing the staff, they have so much dedication and love for animals, and animals really looked well-kept and taken care off.

I am tempted to get ZSL Membership. Definitely looking forward to sunnier and warmer days when I plan to stay here even longer

Tiago Almeida

It was my first time at London Zoo and I was pleasantly surprised by the size and quality.

It's fair to say that you can spend a quality day in the zoo with kids and even without kids.

There's plenty to see and explore.

Tom Bruce

London Animal Prison is, unequivocally, the best place to pay almost £30 see wild animals in their unnatural habitat. Trapped in tiny enclosures a fraction of the size of the territory that they would normally roam, the menagerie of vibrant, extraordinary creatures lounge around waiting for food to be thrown at them by minimum wage workers, because there is literally nothing else to do! Waited on hand and foot, these magnificent specimens - which run the gamut of evolutionary possibility, from dung beetles to gorillas to giraffes (and a few other sorts too) - can be photographed interacting with one another in a way which is totally unrepresentative of how they might behave in the environment that they have adapted, over millions of years, to survive in. In-fighting, health problems, and depression are common, though trained veterinarians are on hand to alleviate symptoms well enough to meet animal welfare standards and keep the money coming in. But these animals are given food daily so they don’t have to starve like in the jungle, although if it's given to a predator then it's usually already dead, which means there is no chance for it to practice its play and hunting skills. Furthermore, there are visitor information signs telling the public how endangered these animals are, and that the world is full of pollution now, so London Animal Prison's incarceration of wildlife is completely fine. Preferable, even! If the animals could speak, they'd have nothing but praise for the place and the wardens who run it. 

Although nobody has conducted an official survey, the vast majority of London Animal Prison's population would probably state their utmost gratitude for the millions of visitors they receive each year. Having so many admirers must be a wonderful thing. Usually, a total lack of keeper supervision means that your kids can rap on glass panels - a dominant feature of most animal inmate's cells - for hours on end while you document the event on a smart phone. But when the savage monkey/tiger/sloth strikes back against the bulletproof, three inch thick glass, you'll be glad it's there, and you'll be right to condemn the bestial behaviour of the savages that tried to lay a paw on your boy and made him cry. "They deserve to be locked up!", you would be correct in saying. 

Watching the tigers drag themselves from their sleeping dens to gnaw on chunks of mangled flesh is a stimulating experience, and really gets the bloodlust going. Their majesty and prowess in walking slowly over to a hunk of meat is awesome to behold, even in their lethargic state, which has been brought on by enduring years of captivity and the same boring routine day after day, for as long as they have lived; they are in a true ‘winter of the mind’, and expert zookeepers ensure that the only release will be a slow death drawn out agonisingly through the use of stringent medical procedures and medication plans that are not in the least bit in keeping with the 'realistic', 'natural' conditions that a tiger should be in, but which London Animal Prison insists it is. It is basically nature, only safer! 

No doubt you and your family will be hungry after witnessing the beasts at why not head on to one of London Animal Prison's visitor-only canteens, where dead animals are served for incredibly low prices. You will find to your delight that the value of life is much, much less when the living creature isn't endangered and there are billions of them all about the place. Tuna fish, pigs, chickens, and cows are all on the menu - none of those are in London Animal Prison though, possibly because they'd be boring to watch. But because they are out of sight they are out of mind! And remember, the animals you eat were not meant to be in a zoo or cared for by vets - they were bred to be eaten, so stop worrying about it! Besides, they spend their miserable little lives in much larger facilities with all of their friends and don't have to share with any other species like the reptiles and monkeys and birds at London Animal Prison do. It's fine. It's all fine. 


There are zoos in every major city, but this one is my favourite. So many events for children and late nights for adults. Perfect place for a date and you get to explore and learn. Must visit!


London Zoo is an iconic attraction in the capital. It's pretty cool when you think that at your desk in Soho, you're less than 3 miles from a Tiger. 

No one can deny, it's a great day out. I was even lucky enough to go to Zoo Lates when that ran – but can understand why that quickly went away, as having a party in the complex isn't really fair on the animals. They need their time out too! 

The place is pretty big, so expect a good 5 hour + walk to really get the most out of seeing the animals. They are well looked after and ZSL staff are very informative and trained, which gives you a bit of comfort. 

Having said that, having a Zoo in the capital is nostalgic and pretty cool. And I'm very grateful. As long as some of my money goes to the welfare of the animals, I'm happy to spend the ticket price.

If you are one of those people that deem it a tad pricey, there are certain parts of Regents Park you can head to and still get a glimpse of the animals – Giraffes, Zebras, Penguins, Llamas, Deer and WartHog to name a few! Just donate some money to an animal charity if you go for this free option...

Emily A

One of my favourite places in all of London, feels like a real escape from the day-to-day.

Rita W

Best day out in London right in the heart of Regents Park, outside the congestion charge area. sooo much to do.

Anna R

I love London Zoo, it's the best place to be in London! Lots of fun for all the animal lovers both old and young. I go there at least once a year and it never gets boring.


Ticket prices seem expensive but you definitely get your moneys worth.  Our day was full of interesting things to see and learn. We only left when the zoo was closing.  Food and drink prices very expensive though, so take your own sandwiches!

Daniele T
Staff Writer

Great place to spend a whole day with children. Particularly recommended the daily animal show near the entrance with vultures flying over your head...


Worth getting a season ticket so you can pop in without thinking about it.

Laura V

Lovely zoo, quite small but nice. My main gripe was the ridiculous wastage of photographs that they take of you on your way around the zoo. These are all printed and mounted... then displayed for sale at the Zoo exit. We even asked them not to print it as we didn't want it. This is such a huge waste and really unnecessary.

Joanne Hardy

I have been a visitor of London Zoo all my life. My first memories are of the gorgeous Guy the Gorilla. It is a wonderful day out for all ages. There are many opportunities to interact with the animals and wild life. The staff are very friendly and brilliant with the animals. There are several cafes and stalls to purchase food and drinks.


We spent a great day in London Zoo. It is really amazing with a lot of animals. Especially nice is part with pinguins. Price is a little bit high but it worth :)


I still love going here even though I am no longer a child!

steven evans

An excellent day out for the family ,very clean and staff helpful.Actually ran out of time to see everything so go early and try and work out the feeding times for the best action.

layla fletcher

From the moment you arrive you are spoilt for choice, I am obsessed with Penguins but I like to take my time and work my way around enjoying all what there is to see. I like going in the colder months when there are less people. The monkeys really interact with you when there is less of an audience. And the meet the Penguins experience is amazing, I love the fact that they waddle over to say hi when and if they feel like it. Great for all ages

Beki Lacy

I love London Zoo! I came here a little while back and I'm passionate about animals so love going to any kind of zoo. What I really love about London Zoo is seeing how good the staff there are, they all clearly love their jobs and really care for each and every animal in their zoo -to me, this is a very important part of a zoo and for animals in captivity. Slightly on the pricey side for a ticket but I don't mind paying when I know the money is going to a good cause, helping the animals.


I love the London Zoo. It is very well located right next to the Regents Park. Inside the zoo has a lot of green areas so you could go and have a picnic with your family and friends. They have a big range of animals from all over the world. My favorite part was the butterfly house. You can actually go inside and walk around a lot of butterflies flying all over the place. Amazing experience. Really nice and colorful birds, tigers, lions, gorilla, giraffe, camels, cute mearcats, and much more!!

Claire Cook

Yes this zoo is expensive but when you look into the big brown eyes of the male gorilla - well that is just priceless. The conservation work that this zoo contributes to animals all over the planet, makes this day well worthwhile and educational. My 5 year old daughter particularly enjoyed the butterfly's and the penguins. Great family day out.


Though rather expensive a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. Especially the aquarium, the reptile house and the new tiger territory are worth having a look at.


London Zoo is a fun, cheerful place to spend your afternoon, specially if you bring children along! I went there with my little sister and we both had a blast!