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Unmissable Secret Food Tours around the world

Get a taste of the action on one of these delicious city walking tours

Written by Time Out. Paid for by Secret Food Tours.

We’ve all been there: a brand new city with thousands of restaurants and nowhere to eat. Sure, loads of places look great, but trying to figure out if their grub is worth stumping up valuable funds for is practically impossible. How do you uncover those absolute gems where all the locals go? If you want to know, without trawling through millions of online reviews, then allow us to introduce Secret Food Tours. These guys provide five to eight stop tours with knowledgable foodies across the globe. They know their local areas inside out when it comes to good eating, be that at a fancy pants restaurant with more forks than Newark Airport Interchange or a secret food market. 

No matter where you are in the world, it's highly likely you'll be able to find a Secret Food Tour, as they have guides in almost every continent (they haven't conquered Antarctica yet). To get you started, we've picked our five favourite food jaunts in London, New York, Tokyo, Marrakech and Naples. The tours last for around three to three-and-a-half hours each, so get ready to feed that spirit of adventure. Here are some of the tours you need to try, for food, booze and beautiful views.

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Secret Food Tours around the world


London is a city absolutely steeped in history, from the tips of its skyscrapers, right down to its basement breweries – and a food tour is a great way to get to know it even better. Did you know that it's not only the birthplace of that dark, beautiful liquid known as porter, but also IPA? The latter was initially brewed to mature quickly on ocean voyages and was favoured by the East India Company. You can discover more about the evolution of the capital's beer trade whilst sampling the goods for yourself on the Secret Beer Tour. As well as porter and IPA, there will be five other tipples to taste, so make sure you arrive thirsty, but suitably well-fed. Other tours not to miss, include: the London Bridge Food Tour (traditional British food), the Indian Food Tour and the Shoreditch Food Tour.

New York City

You could spend a lifetime in New York City and barely scrape the surface when it comes to sampling all of the city's best eateries. Indeed, most do. So instead of trying to take in all five boroughs, Secret Food Tours have dedicated their focus on one historic district: Greenwich Village. Unlike the rest of NYC, which is on the grid, the Village provides leafy, winding (well, as windy as American streets get) walks that pass by hotspots for bagels, Reuben subs and pizza by the slice – all to be sampled en route. You'll also get to visit a local bakery that serves cupcakes with vintage boardgames and find out what makes a doughnut gourmet. And let's not forget the 'secret dish', a little something that'll give you an insight into the rich back story of the Big Apple. Book the New York Food Tour here or try the New York Pizza Tour.


Camera at the ready; you'll want to get photo evidence when your mind is blown. After introducing you to sfogliatella – the soft, layered pastry commonly known as a 'lobster tail' – your Secret Food Tour guide will lead you through Rione Sanità. Situated in the Stella quarter of Naples, this area boasts nightlife as vibrant as the street art, artisan shops and extra 'Gram-worthy market stalls. Catch the street vendors with overflowing crates of brightly coloured fruit and veg or pots of cockles, muscles and other seafood fresh from the Tyrrhenian Sea, not to mention sweet treats and everything you could possibly desire to make up the perfect charcuterie platter. Taste your way through milky mozzarella, local limoncello and, of course, pizza. The tour also includes a stop at the oldest bakery in town to sample Neapolitan pot pie and an exploration of the historic Decumani district, which is a little run-down, but brimming with character. Book the Naples Food Tour here.


Cultural and culinary exploration overlaps in the Taitō Ward district of Ueno. This is where you'll find Tokyo's national art, history and science museums, as well as the area's focal point, Ueno Park, which houses the seventeenth-century Kan'ei-ji Buddhist temple. It's also where the tour begins, with freshly made sushi, followed by the popular snack korokke (essentially a croquette). Your guide will then lead you to a 300-year-old shop for preserved pickles, which is much tastier than it sounds, but if you're tempted to skip that bit, you'll have fried dumplings (gyoza) waiting for you. Yakitori skewers are also on the menu, plus some seasonal fruit, a 'secret treat' and, of course, no Japanese food tour would be complete without experiencing the famous green tea ceremony. Book here.


When you think of Marrakech, you undoubtedly think of the sprawling maze of a market in the medina (old city), which is where the majority of this Secret Food Tour is based. Before you enter the UNESCO World Heritage Site, however, you'll start the day right with a Berber breakfast. Learn a little about the history of the place, while also learning how to make Moroccan tea and find out what exactly makes the herbs in it especially good for breakfast. Discover also how the Marrakshi make bread in the traditional way, sample some sweet cookies and multicoloured spices, and find out what the 'secret dish' is that's so integral to Moroccan culture. Book here.

And there’s more...

Secret Food Tours don’t just operate in the cities above, but across the globe. That means that you can get to know the edible delights whichever city you’re in. Yep, operating across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia, you’ll never need to eat a dodgy meal again.

And we’ve got some insider information for you, too:

Not only will you get to try some of the tastiest dishes across each city on a Secret Food Tour, but there’ll be surprise dish for you to enjoy on the day, too. Plus, you’ll also get introduced to a secret location that only locals know about. But we’re trusting you to keep this quiet...

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*Valid on purchases through to September 30 (tour can occur anytime in 2019 or 2020).  
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