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Up at The O2

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4 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
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Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

Ever wondered what London looks like from 53 metres above North Greenwich? No? Bet you’re wondering now! You can find out with a ticket for Up at The O2, which is the ultimate AAA pass and gains you access to the roof. From there you’ll be able see across the capital, spotting famous sites like the Olympic Park, Thames Barrier, The Shard and Canary Wharf.

You’re probably raring to get up there now, but hold your horses because, well, safety first. There will be a couple of videos you need to sit down and take in beforehand, but don’t sigh just yet because they’re genuinely entertaining. After that you’ll strap on the relevant gear: boots, suit and harness, all of which is supplied. Then – and only then – you can begin your ascent. One of The O2’s guides will lead you along the springy walkway all the way to the top, where you can breathe in the fresh air, take a selfie or two and discover some facts about London’s landmarks before heading back down. It’s worth noting that the descent is much steeper than the climb up, so if you’ve got bad knees this isn’t the attraction for you.

Up at The O2 is suitable for ages 10+ and at least 1.2 metres tall; and accessible tours for those with disabilities, including wheelchair-users, are also available. Oh, and one piece of advice? Don’t forget socks!

VIDEO: Here's what it's like to tackle the climb


Address: The O2
Peninsula Square
SE10 0DX
Transport: Tube: North Greenwich
Price: From £26
Opening hours: Daily from 10am
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4 out of 5 stars

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For our 9th wedding anniversary my wife and I decided to tackle the walk up and over the O2 and add a celebratory glass of champagne at the top.
You have a set time to make the walk and you get a short video presentation on what to expect. Next you get fitted for special walking shoes, a light jacket, a harness and safety device. More on that in a bit.
The shoes are comfortable and the jackets and harnesses get fit to your body well. Once you are set with your gear you walk out to the starting area and up to the top of a platform where you begin your accent. There are two lanes for you to traverse. On one side all the participants walk and on the other the guide walks. They alternate sides with each group so they have equal wear. Now as for the safety device: On one end is a locking "D" ring that hooks up to two safety points of the harness and the other end slides along the cable that runs between the two lanes. In order for you to move you must actively push the cable end forward. If you don't you won't move. Also, if you let go for any reason it will lock in place on the guide cable and prevent you from sliding back or off the walkway. I will admit I am not a super fan of heights but I felt completely secure in this set up.
As for the walk itself, it's a pretty steep incline to start and so you need to pace yourself. The walkway is suspended above the roof of the O2 so it will wobble a slight bit due to everyone's foot falls on it, but it's completely manageable. After you go up about half way to the top it starts to become less steep. Eventually you reach the top and it's a platform to see some amazing views of London and the surrounding area.
Once you start your way down it's more of the same but you'll want to be even more careful because there will be slightly more pressure on your knees and the balls of your feet since you are going down hill. On this side you go all the way down to the pavement so the incline is greater for longer. I wish they could extend the walkway past the building when you go down to lessen the incline, or just put in a slide.
Regardless, it was a really great experience and a great way to celebrate our anniversary. Thank you to our guide Liam for such a wonderful excursion and keeping us all safe at all times.


If you are looking for a unique way to get some exercise and walk then asscending up to the top of the O2 is certainly a great option. 

Walking up a long walkway suspended 52m above ground it started to make my legs tremble and my heart start to beat but once I stepped on the purple walkway I then felt like a kid on a trampoline as it was so bouncy, the resistance not to bounce on it was so hard but we was not allowed.  The walkway is made out of the same material as the dome so the dome is like a big trampoline but one that is not allowed to be jumped on.

At first the incline up to the top of the O2 does not look too bad but as soon as you start to walk you then realise that actually this is steeper than you initially thought and quite hard work. However I am unfit and have never hiked in my life. The steepest point going up is a 28 degree angle.  The other challenging aspect for me was getting pass each new section as after every metre or so there is a safety line which you have to shift your harness along.  Nathan had to help me on a few occasions.

Once up at the top 52m above ground level I got to see 360 degrees panoramic view of the capital. I could see so many famous landmarks from the Gherkin to the Shard. 

Whilst up there you could learn more about London by reading/looking at the metal etchings all around the edge of the platform which showed what buildings you could see or gave an historical fact.  

Descending was slightly scarier as the steepest decline of the walkway was a 30 degree angle.  With each step I also felt like I was going to topple forward (but I didn’t).  However it was not as strenuous on the legs going down thankfully. 

It was the most exhilarating and most physical experience I have ever done and achieved.  I highly recommend to anyone as the views were amazing and with me hiking up to the O2 to take in the wonderful view rather than say a lift I felt like I achieved something.  

So forget the lift at the Shard or being stuck in a pod at the London Eye get on hiking Up at the O2 instead as you will feel a sense of achievement.   


I first heard about Up at the O2 when I went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers there a few years ago. I thought: I have to do this. I arrived at "base camp" where I was given shoes, a jacket and a harness.Going up isn't hard. you're walking on what feels like a circus tent- it's bouncy and soft. once at the top. I could see as far as crystal palace. on the walk down, our guide pointed out some seals on the river bank - I had no idea they were in the Thames! Afterwards, there was a great feeling of accomplishment, knowing I had finally done it. 


I've been fortunate to have witnessed several high profile events underneath the roof of the O2, now was the opportunity to get to know this landmark from a different angle. 

The instructional videos are probably a bit too overly cautious as the activity is completely safe. The 52m view may not sound very high, but it enables you to see London form a different perspective. Although the activity is only 

moderately strenuous, there's a small sense of elation when you reach the summit. There's more than enough time for photo opportunities and the guides are entertaining and informative.

Be warned it's very tempting to bounce on the route!

It's perhaps a bit expensive. 

However, owing to a family emergency, I was unable to make my original booking. The centre were very flexible in accommodating me for another time so I can't commend them enough for this service. 


So what do you get your father that turns 76 and has everything? 

I took the gamble of buying this for my dad and surprised him on the day with what we were doing. He didnt really think it was possible! 

We were really impressed with the safety briefing and equipment given. As it was relatively warm we only had the gilets and the shoes but I think in the winter you get onesies to wear. They tell you how to put your harness on but do thorough checks. One guy want happy with my fathers so after 4 attempts has straightened it out and off we went. 

It can be quite a steep incline at points but you are always on a safety line and there are two guides that go up and down with you. The views aren't amazing as youre only 52 m up but its still beautiful to see and you feel a little sense of achievement. 

Do you think my father is old to do this? Oldest person to do the trip is 96 and did it the week before... My father says he will come back in 20 years.... 


After coming back from a trip to the Alps, hiking up the Tete de Bostan with amazing views, I was a little sceptical about climbing over the O2 – a structure only 52m above ground level! I was so wrong! Yes, the mountaineering gag is extremely cheesy at the start and having to put on trainers that have been worn by many people before is something not to think about, but the whole experience was a lot of fun! You have time unclipped on the viewing platform to grab some photos, I did the sunset expedition and we managed to see a lovely colourful sky. The climb inclines aren’t very steep, but I did enjoy the bouncy platform especially on the walk down. I would recommend it as an experience and would advise you to try and either be at the front or back of your group!


My mother in law bought this as a gift for my husband and his brother so I didn't actually do the experience but I was waiting for them at the bottom.

They loved it because it's not just and adventurous activity but it also give you the possibility to enjoy a magical sunset from an amazing point of view. 

I recommended to do it with friends or do buy it as a gift 🎁 for Christmas. 


I like the O2 as a venue and the varied use of space, I come fairly regularly - for music in the arena, club nights in Indigo, or simply food or drink in the many establishments it’s home to – but this was something truly exceptional, a really fun and unique experience, something I will remember whenever I see the O2. 

On the exhibition you wear specialist attire provided for us including climb suit, shoes and harness so don’t worry too much about what to wear – though I do recommend a hair band has the winds do pick up as you climb and you are exposed. The activity itself is fairly strenuous, as you’d expect hiking at incline of 28° on the way up ascending the dome’s roof over 50 metres above ground level, so you would require a reasonable amount of energy but nothing your average person shouldn’t be able to handle.

The views from the top make for a decent picture but are not outstanding compared to some others on offer in the capital, however the feeling when you get to the top is worth it. A mixture of relief, pride and awe of what I’d just done came over me – and I actually started to feel a bit emotional, when I remembered what stood below me I felt on top of the world a feeling no other London view can compete with. To me Up at the O2 is one of the most original and underrated London attraction there is.


An amazing experience even on a breezy day. We turned up to purchase tickets on the door as online there was availability however top tip PUT IN THE QUANTITY OF TICKETS NEEDED! Silly us eh? 

Anyway we lucked out as there was a drop out so got to go up on the last session of the evening as the sun was going down. It was partly cloudy and quite windy but the colours across London were beautiful and the views were pretty good (apart from the Intercontinental blocking half of the wharf!). It was a fun, exhilarating experience and something perfect to share with family and friends. 


We treated a friend to this for her birthday and the entire experience was great fun. We were slightly slow getting up to the top because people gears kept getting stuck along the guidelines but the view at the top was wonderful and you actually got enough time for all of your photo ops! Even the typically boring health and safety videos weren't drawn out! Would love to give this a go at sunrise or sunset!


I picked the 8.15pm time slot, hoping that when we got to the top there would be a perfect sunset, we were't disappointed.

We had to be safety briefed and kitted up before we got to climb. As we were getting ready I could see that it was raining outside and feared that his would ruin the climb. However, I think the stars were in our favour, because it stopped just as we started the ascent. 

Despite the rain, the walkway was very grippy, it also helped that we had been given special climbing shoes. It took about half an hour to reach the summit and it was all cameras at the ready to snap the beautiful pink sunset over Canary Wharf. As we were descending it was starting to get dark, the lights of all the businesses around us started to come on; which made for a very cool skyline. 

Our guide Neil was great at making us all feel safe and explaining the safety procedures properly; he also pointed out some points of interest during the climb. Walking back down again was a little daunting, especially the final bit of walkway which was very steep.

This was a great experience, if not a little pricey. If you aren't afraid of heights it's a thrilling activity and just a bit more work than taking the lift up a tall building to get a view of London.


I recently went 'Up The O2', and I would highly recommend it! 

The day we chose was drizzly and cold, just after storm Doris, apparently they had closed it over storm Doris, as they close it when ever wind speeds get up to 32mph. For us the wind speeds were 28mph. 

Our group was quite big, I would highly recommend you get to the front of the group at both parts you start climbing and are attached via harness - before you go up and down. The reason for this is that we had to stop and wait a couple times for everyone to catch up and I cannot imagine anything worse than being stuck behind the slower people! If you are at the front when they stop you you get to just admire the view and chat to one of the guides.

There are two guides, one at the front and one at the back, they were great! Really friendly and kind, very well experienced too. 

Despite the rain we did ours at night and the views were great!  

Would defiantly recommend as a different activity to do if you have nothing else to do! But make sure you book in advance.


As a birthday treat, a friend and I did the Climb Up at the O2 back in September. Admittedly, it’s a little cheesy when you come in – catering to families and kids, in a way – they make you watch this “explorer” video and act like you’re climbing the arctic. But, eh, it’s all in the fun!

It was really fun climbing up and I loved the activity of it. Felt a little scary, but in that good way. Sadly, the spectacular view we were promised was kind of lacklustre. It was fairly smoggy the day we went, so you couldn’t see very far into the distance. The real shame is that a hotel is now blocking the view towards the East – of the Shard, Walkie Talkie, Gherkin, etc. 

So, activity wise – GREAT. View wise, not so great.

Was glad to do it once, but wouldn’t do it again. If a friend was looking for a fun activity to do, I would say go for it. But if you’re looking for a spectacular view, it’s really not worth it I’m afraid. 

Went to climb the O2 on Saturday evening and the weather was absolutely horrible (don't worry that they give you close and boots to prepare you for the climb) but this helped to make the adventure even more exciting.

Completely loved every minute of it and the views from the top are amazing!


Up at the o2. One of the UKs most iconic music venue. Recently they have opened the doors to the public, where you can walk over the top Of this done shaped building. It was a lot of fun and the views over London are great. You get given shoes, jump suit and a safety cable to help you get up and down.the groups are small and you have your own guide to help you up and down the guide. It's a bit pricey, tickets are £35 at weekends and £30 during weekdays. It was worth it, as the views are breathtaking.


This is an equal measure of fun and physical activity. The outfits and safety video are a bit over the top and make you feel as though you're about to climb Everest. In reality, it's a mildly challenging, enjoyable climb up the side of the O2, followed by prime photo taking opportunities, and then a gradual descent (which is a bit scary if you're at the front as it looks like you're about to jump straight into the Thames but otherwise uneventful). It was a little disappointing that you have to pay for your official photo but not all that surprising, and at £12 for two pictures it's not too bad - they make a nice keepsake! I would definitely recommend this - don't be put off by the talk of difficulty, it's easy!


Booked this for my Aunt's 50th Birthday present. Was a lot of fun and different to anything else you can do in London. It's a lot steeper than it looks... A good work out for the legs and feels a bit like being on a bouncy castle! Hard not to get carried away and jump up and down the walkway like an excited child (even though you aren't supposed to bounce!) Not scary really, even if you are afraid of heights as you never feel like you are too close to the edge.

The view isn't particularly amazing as there isn't an awful lot to see from the area but it's more about the experience than the view. Biggest complaint we had was that the smell of steak grilling underneath us forced us to stop off in TGI Fridays on the way home!


A surprise from my boyfriend. He had the intention of climbing up at sunset to see the view, which would have been amazing had it not been the worst evening weather-wise of the London summer. Rain was pouring, rivers and waterfalls were gushing off the dome and with high winds and quite a biting chill, I can't say I enjoyed the whole thing hugely. The view from the top is okay but even if the weather had been better, I'm not sure there's really that much more to see - the surrounding area is fairly barren for sights of interest. I'm not usually one where the weather stops my enjoyment but I had a sense of humour failure. I am looking forward to doing it in better conditions and perhaps then it might get an extra star...!


It actually is really really good. I was a bit dubious at first, not least because it was POURING on the day we were due to go and they don't let you change your dates once you're booked in. That said, magically the rain died off as we got to the top and though it was still a bit cloudy, we could enjoy the views without sheltering from the weather.

All jumpsuits, shoes and harnesses are provided. You are attached to the structure at all times, except for at the top when you can take pictures on the platform. It took just under an hour to get up and over and was steeper than I thought it would be but not too hard going.

Very enjoyable and a must do for visitors to and residents in London. 

Fantastic.  I don't like climbing, I don't like heights but I loved this.  My son dared me to do this with him for his birthday.  The instructions and safety talk at the beginning are well done but slightly frightening.  You feel like you are climbing up a trampoline and the bouncy surface helps you along. The sights at the top are great and a perfect opportunity for a Selfie. It really isn't hard to do you need basic stamina and fitness levels.  Do it - Challenge yourself you will have fun and be proud of yourself at the end!

moderatorStaff Writer

Definitely a unique view of London once you hit the top of the big white tent - it's a little steeper than you might imagine initially but then flattens out to a great viewing platform at the peak. Whilst you're not particularly high the views back over the city are fabulous, and it's well worth going when the sun is heading down if you can, as that adds just a little extra magic to the adventure. Very well organised and safe; even those afraid of heights will enjoy this one and feel they've conquered a personal Everest no doubt at the same time, by climbing this famous London landmark.

Staff Writer

Compared to other high climbs around the world, this isn't the most exciting or picturesque ... but compared to other London activities, it's well priced, and a fun way to see the city from a different angle.  DON'T do a singles event there unless they guarantee you're going up 'boy/girl/boy/girl' on the chain (as there's no switching position!) But DO go up there for a third or fourth date - great shared experience on a date.

Don't worry about the cold - in winter they give you different outer gear to summer, but if you're a girl, make sure you're wearing trousers!

Charly Lester - Time Out Head of Dating

OK, fact fans here's one for you - I don't do heights. Never have and never will. I was offered the opportunity to do a similar climb over the Sydney Harbour Bridge when I was Down Under and the very thought of it made me nearly pass out. The big difference is that someone like me looks at the Bridge and thinks 'Meccano' but the O2 is different. For those who can remember back to the turn of the century the O2 was the Dome and that's the key word, as for those of us of a vertiginous persuasion, it offers all of the climbing with none of the long way down. On arrival you check in and go into the briefing room where you sign away your life on a series of disclaimers and then are treated to a quite frankly cringe worthy briefing video that even the staff were apologetic about. Then to business - the suits are optional but help with making you feel part of an extreme activity and it was early enough in the morning even in Summer that they didn't make us hot. With straps and harnesses all in place our leader took us to the point of embarkation. At this point he mentions casually that the walk way has been designed to replicate the surface of the dome itself and is slightly bouncy. BOUNCY! No one said anything about bouncy until I'm stood there trussed up like a Christmas turkey with an excited missus and a dozen other people primed to go. So with an audible gulp I clipped my harness to the rail and off we went. And do you know what? I flipping loved it! The bounce was minimal the slope gentle enough for someone of reasonable fitness and the wind in your hair makes it a far more energising than the rather tame Shard we did later that day. You genuinely get a sense of height without the drop - perfect for wimps like me. There is just about adequate time on the viewing platform although we did have to move on as the next group was approaching. The climb leader took loads of photos of me and the good lady and there were some good views to be had. It's a bit of a shame that the buildings of Canary Wharf block the view of some of the city's more iconic landmarks. Perhaps the highlight was noticing that in the guide that runs around the platform, which is incidentally cast in stone, the Gherkin has been spelt as the Gerkin. Must have been an interesting team meeting in Quality Assurance that day! And so the descent begins and, like a kid on a ride outside a supermarket, as soon as I came to a halt I wanted to start again. Sadly there was neither time nor disposable income for that. on a day that I was generally quite high up (this, the Emirates Cable Car and the Shard) this was the undisputed highlight. You should do it!

I can just recommend this! If done it last weekend and it is an amazing experience! The wind up there and the view was really exciting! But it is quite expensive though...

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