Bar Salsa

Covent Garden
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Venue name: Bar Salsa
Address: 96 Charing Cross Rd
Transport: Tube: Tottenham Ct Rd
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With no logical reason they kicked us out yesterday. A couple of friends were dancing and a waitress got mad at them, called the guards and they kicked us out. They should not be treating people the way they do and charging more at the door than what it is published online. It is so sad that this kind of places leave a terrible image of Latinamerica, a shame. I will never go back again. Please give the time to read the some of the other comments, most of the bad comments are made by Latinamerican people, they are clearly discriminating us.

The worst place ever! They charge £10 to go in but there is not space to dance. The staff is completely disrespectful and they do not care at all about the customer service.


Personally some of my best nights out in London have started and ended here. Unlike other clubs this place actively encourages dancing as an art form.

A fab place to scrub up on your salsa technique- as the venue is FILLED with people who really know what they're doing.

Entry stings a bit, but it's well worth it once you're down there- and believe me you will need the free water provided to keep going!

Delicious cocktails as well, so make sure you try those, but mainly make sure you come here and have a dance!!

We booked a table a group of 7. Food it was good. We all shared plates so it was not that expensive. Few beers and some tekila. After dinner we danced a bit. It was great night to be honest. We had fun

Was ignored next to the bar for so long.. Even everybody who came after us was served before. When I asked guy if we are invisible?! He answered yes! It was so unprofessional and rude. ( how you can not serve 6 people standing next to the bar?) bartender was more interested to talk with a colleagues at the bar than work itself. As everybody commenting seems that management don't care about their service and new customers at all. Sad and pity, because even wanted to celebrate my birthday this weekend there and bring some friends but don't have even a small wish to be ignored again, and especially on MY DAY.

Manager absolutely rude with customers not professional and incapable! Avoid this place, better choose salsa club in Camden town;)

Congratulations to the Spanish blond girl who works at the restaurant. She's really nice, certainly the most respectful of the place

Sexual harassment by staff at Bar Salsa unbelievable but it happened to me and it was awful , and when I tried to report it to the place they were even rude to me! avoid this place!

9 of us decided to go to Bar Salsa after a regular salsa class in Piccadilly Circus. 4 of us were already there and ordered the first round of cocktails. We saw an empty table for 4 on the lower floor and we took it. The waitress took menus to us and we proceed to order starters and another round of cocktails. She promptly told us that if we are not ordering main courses we will have to leave the table, and also that we cant order cocktails from the table but will have to go to the bar - this is despite them providing us with the cocktail menu at the table. I asked to speak to the manager and that was a mistake, this woman was very condescending and quite disgusting in her manners to be frank. We tried to argue that if we are ordering from the menu we should be served – as in any other restaurant, but the manager – having not the slightest modicum of hospitality - actually turned it into a shouting argument and called the bouncers to throw us out saying we are threatening her and pointing in her face - despite the fact that we were sitting and she was standing over us. And also that I swore at her because I said this was "bullshit" Even the bouncer conceded that "its not right but he has a job to do so we should let it go" (his words) So we left and took our money with us to another bar. So they missed out on 8 more rounds of £6.75 cocktails and starters, I guess you guys are happier with only one or two persons having a main course than orders that would more than cover that manager's £8/hour salary for that night. I call that stupid. Our salsa class average 20 persons several nights a week, and some of us usually walk up to bar salsa afterwards, but we will go and practice somewhere else from now on.

I found bar salsa to busy with too many people.The dance floor was so small there was no room to move.It was like.a sweatt shop.I wasn't impressed with costumer service especially security.Having danced salsa for years I don't recommend this venue to any dedicated salsa dancer.

Looking for a fun night after work with the girls and someone suggested Salsa! on Wednesday as somewhere to try. Wasn't sure but its close to Soho so thought we could start there and then move on if it was a flop. Got there early in time for happy hour and a free salsa class!! Class was good, though felt like Bambi on ice for most of it. But it was a giggle so we stayed for the paid class afterwards. There was still an hour before we could practice on the dance-floor what we'd learned so we decided to stay and have a meal in the restaurant. Meal was ok, cheap for Central London, and while we waited we could watch the dancers in the second class - some cute guys there ;-) After the classes the dancing began and soon found guys coming over and asking us to dance. Although they weren't all fit, they all seemed friendly and helpful, and once a song was over if you didn't like the guy, well another one was waiting to ask for a dance! In the end we never got to Soho and spent the entire evening there. :-) (Since going I've mentioned Salsa! to a few people and I gather each night attracts a different crowd and that Wednesdays are the best night to go, Thursdays onwards seems to attract sleazy guys)