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3 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
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Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

A luxe-looking member’s bar in Kingly Court.

The enigmatic cocktail list at this Soho ‘speakeasy’ comes with a separate coded sheet in case you actually want to know what’s in your beverage. Otherwise, you can take a gamble and pick a tipple from the lyrical, lusty tale that’s used to sort-of describe each drink. I say crack the code – ie, match the letters – every time.

Disrepute is technically a member’s bar. Non-member walk-ins are accepted, although expect a degree of faffing and detail-taking on the door. I’d recommend booking, as you’ll probably find yourself in a luxurious booth or in a corner decorated with gold and turquoise couches. Our reservation-less experience was to be shunted down a less opulent passageway at the other end of the room where the atmosphere was lacking and the service was slow. The scandalous John Profumo and his hot date Christine Keeler might once have met on this very site – but you could hardly kick off a passionate tryst down this lacklustre end of the room. After commenting, staff said they’d be more than happy to move us, so kudos for that.

But I didn’t fancy carrying on with my cocktail much. A Babycham reduction made it particularly sweet, but it also had an unexpected lemony scent and acidic balance. My companion’s drink tasted and looked remarkably similar. And at around £12 a pop, they weren’t cheap. Disrepute is alright for a one night stand, but not for an affair to remember.


Address: 4 Kingly Court
Transport: Tube: Piccadilly Circus
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Users say (16)

5 out of 5 stars

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4.8 / 5

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Someone told me about this (rather) new place, so when I was waiting for a friend in the bustling Kingly Court in Covent Garden and my eyes fell upon the nondescript sign, it rang a bell. I am so glad it did. This being Saturday in Soho and us having no plan or reservations anywhere, Disrepute proved a saviour. Now they call themselves a members bar but anyone can book and they will take walk-ins if there’s room. What they do is run a one out - one in operation. The girl at the entrance was constantly communicating with downstairs via a walkie-talkie similar to what you would see at night clubs. Yeah, I can see how waiting can be annoying to some, and we probably wouldn’t have waited long either, but we were lucky to get in and seated after 5 min and the headcount policy does ensure there’s breathing room for all the customers and you get served promptly.

The atmosphere is very elegant, chic but tasteful, with sexy interiors, golden low lighting, beautiful Art Deco inspired logo repeated throughout the design scheme.

Most surprisingly for the kind of operation they run is how warm and welcoming the staff are. We were felt welcome and looked out throughout, offered complimentary bar snacks and a drink (passion fruit - campari) before ordering our cocktails, which was positively appreciated! Our cocktails were well executed and our water topped up constantly. These touches do matter!

As to cocktails they were delicious and imaginatively served, although maybe the fusion approach was taken a step too far: my cocktail was served with a slice of pickle and my friend’s - with a mini mozzarella ball. I’d say both were unnecessary. There is also no way to tell the size of the drinks (although the bartenders are happy to explain) and they are on the expensive side, but worth it. I’ll be back when I’m in the mood for something sleek.


An absolute gem in Kingly Court! My friend brought me here a few weeks ago and I immediately fell in love! The shell-like sofas, the velvet textures, and the service were all great! 

After being seated, we were immediately served a glass of water and a welcome drink each. I really appreciated this because we didn't have to ask for water, which is a necessity for me when going for drinks. I liked how the menu was set up because each cocktail came with its own story. It was fun to read them and to pick a drink based on the story that stood out the most to me. I went for something that wasn't overly sweet and had a good fizz to it, which was very enjoyable. The cocktail was also strong, which I really liked.

The atmosphere and vibe were definitely what stood out the most to me. It was buzzing but simultaneously calm, such that we could have a proper conversation without having to raise our voices at each other. We were seated by the sofas at the back, which were ultra soft and fluffy! In terms of the service, our waiter was efficient and served us as soon as we were seated. It didn't take long for our cocktails to be made and to arrive at our table. After about half an hour, we were also presented with a bowl of nuts to snack on, which was a good accompaniment.

Overall, such a pleasant way to end my night! 


What I love about this bar is how the menu is set out. Disrepute use mini short stories to describe the cocktails so you can choose your drink based on the story that speaks to you most - but don’t worry, you can also refer to the back which will give you a list of the ingredients for those who want to know what's in their tipple. Deep emerald green velvet upholstery, art deco detailing and moody lighting - the interior is luxurious without being over the top. The staff are friendly; although they can suffer from a little bit of miscommunication when they’re busy, but that’s quickly remedied with a cocktail or two. The drinks here are tasty and it’s interesting to compare how you interpreted the drink to be, given just the story, and how its actually interpreted by the bar. Now that’s my kinda night time reading.

Tip: Try and get a space at the bar if there’s just two of you to get the bartender experience.

Good For: intimate drinks, date night, pre-theatre drinks, small groups, celebrations

Ok so I’ve never been to a private member cocktail club in Soho before & I never really thought I would (until it was on Timeout offers). This place is SW-AN-KY, and the staffdidn’t make me feel too much of a peasant when I arrived, which was nice. The place is right opposite the famous Cahoots, and everyone knows where that is.

The cocktails are a little pricey (between £11 - £16), but a lot less than I was expecting from the gorgeous decor & great service. The idea is that you have to read a little description / story which should determine your drink choice. It’s an interesting (hipster) concept, but as I have the world’s shortest attention span, I couldn’t help myself to flick to the back of the menu to see the actual drinks (I’m a spoil sport, I know). I had the tequila based drink (numerous times) which was amazing.

Overall, a really fun place to take you non-London friends to trick them into thinking that this is just an average night out and that you are fancy.


Everything about D.R.P. is beautifully designed and realised. The aesthetic of the bar is stunning and, by virtue of being a narrow, underground space, it has a intimate feel to it.

The drinks menu is similarly well-conceived: the cocktails list can either be read as ingredients, or, more excitingly, as stories describing the feel of the drinks. This is a quirky touch that adds an additional layer of magic to your night out.

If cocktails aren't your thing, there's also a decent wine list with some surprisingly affordable options.

The staff are excellent too.

I unreservedly recommend Disrepute: it's beautiful and unique without any pretentiousness.


Disrepute bar, a timezone transportation hidden underneath Kingly Court in Soho. Greeted and seated by a host immediately, you are given a key (if you use the cloakroom) to bring you back to the 1950's bar glamour. My friend and I were seated at the bar and given a small cocktail concoction straight away whilst you chose your drink (tasting great!). Each cocktail had a background story to them, giving an incite to what your drink may be. 

If you fancy a pre or post dinner drink hidden away from the crowd this is the place to go!


Recently visited Disrepute for a post dinner drink - as soon as you step in you are transported into another time and place - think Gatsby crossed with an old Bond movie! The menu is really well done, centring around various stories that are tied to the cocktail - making it an intriguing way to decide on a cocktail. 

Staff are very friendly and knowledgeable guiding you through the extensive list of cocktails.I have actually got a membership to D.R.P so will be visiting again in the future! 


Completely wowed over by this place. Definitely my top cocktail bar to go after dinner from now on. We booked a table in advance to gain entry. The place was nicely decorated in chic 1960d style and it does feel like we have been transported back in time. Staff were all nice and friendly and helpful making the

Experience a wonderful one. Most interesting part is the menu where stories were associated with each cocktail. This is the first time I have seen such an innovative way of presentation and it makes you even more intrigued about what you are having.

Drinks were exceptional as expected, I would definitely be returning for more.

Just be careful you may end up signing up for membership as this place is just so nice and it makes you want to return for sure!


There is a new cocktail bar in town, and you should go right now!

Hidden in Kingly Court, not so far from the famous but secret Cahoots, Disrepute arrived a weeks ago to try to get its spot among the cool cocktail bar of London.

Decoration is cosy and chic and the place is not too packed so you can enjoy your evening without hearing the conversation of the table next to you.

What really makes this new cocktail bar unique is its menu. Not only the cocktails are really good - and I recommend trying the English Rose - but you won���t find the cocktail description on the first page; in disrepute, we want you to feel the cocktail, and fall in love with the story it inspired. This is why instead of finding the ingredient under the cocktail names; you will find the story associated to them.

Obviously if you want to make sure you are going for something you will like you can find the description at the end of the menu. If still you hesitate, the waiters can advise you depending of your tastes.

If you want to go, and I hope you will, don’t forget to book, I am pretty sure the venue will have success.


I am usually rather wary of cocktail bars, as they can be too much and overpriced, but I had a great evening at the D.R.P. - we were seated at the bar and the staff was great.

The place is lovely and it's one of those moment when you feel like travelling in time.

I loved the menu, as there are stories linked to the cocktails, which is a nicer way to present it and makes it easier to find a cocktail matching your mood ( I find it usually tricky to decide and this made it more fun). If you still don't know - just ask the staff, as they will definitely come up with a great choice.

D.R.P. is the first place, where I actually consider a membership as it is a great place to escape every day life. 

This is one of the best bars in the area and I have been to a few of them. They serve quality cocktails, using the best ingredient and a descent strengh with great flavour and not too expensive. The decor was very stylish, music was good (although would have been amazing if there was a live swing band as well), staff are really friendly and at attentative and is a great venue for a date or catch up with friends although I was advised to book in advance to avoid disappointment and I will definitely be back. The only thing I thought could be improved was that where we were sitting by the arch, the seating felt very squashed together and could have been a little further apart.

Managing, somehow, to get myself a membership at D.R.P has honestly been one of the most exciting things to happen to me this year so far. Sad? Perhaps! But it really is a special little spot so knowing that I get to pop in as I please is extremely exciting. Firstly It's one of the most beautiful bars I have ever been to - exquisitely decked out so that you feel as if you are almost stepping back in time and you settle yourself on a crush velvet banquette. Secondly the service is everything you want from a members bar - quick, attentive and not a hint of pretentiousness. Thirdly in a busy city where you often have to jostle for the bar and are treated to brusque service as a result it is rather nice to be greeted like an old friend, ushered in from the cold and served a welcome drink whilst you peruse the menu. A menu that contains the most incredible cocktail concoctions and the palest crispest rose at reasonable (for central london) prices - just in case you were wondering!


Had a great evening at Disrepute! This 60's styled cocktails bar was a real discovery. As soon as you pass the doors, you feel like in an old James Bond movie. The atmosphere is intimate with green velvet sofas and wooden panelled interiors. The cocktails menu is quite unusual. Each cocktail is described as stories about theirs personalities and impressions they leave. So no clue about what's in it!! If you want to know you can consult their special menu or gently ask one of the staff who is very knowledgeable and can help you pick something you like. Definitely recommend this quirky venue for special occasions or a catch up with friends.


D.R.P pulls off what could of been a little bit of a tacky/cheesy cocktail bar, into what is actually a really fun and interesting place to be, and not at all tacky/cheesy!

The staff are great and really bring the right attitude to the place. All of the cocktails are described as stories that relate the the history of the area its situated in, with a separate 'cheat' guide to what is inside the drinks. All of the drinks we had were delicious, and when you arrive they give you a 'palate cleanser' of a mini fruit punch which was also really tasty.

The decor was great, and for a Tuesday night it was a nice level of busy without being crowded or loud. 

We spent £50 for 4 cocktails including tip, which could be seen as quite expensive. But you are really paying for a great place to spend time together, it is great for a special occasion. We ended up staying later than we planned as it was just such a nice place to spend your time.


I'm so excited that I managed to get myself membership to this gorgeous new bar! The decor is perfect - every detail has been thought out, from the cute keys you get when you put your coat in the cloakroom, to the elegant furnishings, flattering lighting, beautifully presented menus and the care and smiles given to you as you walk in by the staff.

My pal Milly and I went in to collect my membership card and stayed for a quick drink afterwards before heading over to an event in Soho. The drinks menu is made up of beautiful descriptions of scenarios rather than ingredients. I LOVE this - it means you can read them all and order based on the story that appeals to you the most, but if you're really worried about what's in it (and the price) you can still consult the simpler menu, but I think that takes away the fun. This helps you order with your instincts instead.

We were given a welcome aperitif though I couldn't confirm exactly what was in it... it was beautiful though, very refreshing and a wonderful touch. It makes you feel like they want you to be there and experience a wonderful evening with them.

With limited time and a limited budget (for an off the cuff visit) Milly and I plonked for a glass each of their house pale rose rather than a cocktail on this occasion, which is outstandingly good value at £5.50 a glass (and about £22 a bottle!) Incredibly affordable and nice that it doesn't price out those on a budget - so often you can pay £9 for a glass of wine and you'd be better off having a cocktail (they start at £10 here). And the rose was delicious, really crisp and light. We'll definitely have a cocktail next time though.

The staff here are all very enthusiastic about this bar - I eavesdropped as one waiter told the neighbouring larger table the story of the venue, the inspiration behind the 1950's/60's decor and the vision they had for the place.

Membership is £150 a year and gets you priority booking for both small tables and the private event spaces, it also allows you entry for yourself and 3 guests so it's great for corporate entertaining or if you like to go out a lot and enjoy going somewhere you are guaranteed to receive outstanding service and quality drinks. It's also open until 3am which is a wonderful bonus - especially as I can't imagine it become raucous so if you just want a late night of drinking and talking this will remain a great spot even in the early hours.

One thing that would be nice (as a very small thing to round off a wonderful bar) would be a few snacks for the tables with drinks... olives, nuts... something... perhaps I only felt that way because I was hungry at our time of visit... but it would be a lovely touch, even though the complimentary welcome drink is generous enough! I can't wait to make this my go-to after dinner drink spot!


Great new bar beneath the streets of Soho

Echoes of scandals past ( Christine Keeler / Profumo Affair ) , and a certain electricity in the air that suggests there are more to come.

No daylight here - and you are given keys and a notepad on arrival.

Fancy talking to another guest , just ask the staff to pass the note.

Some pretty wished cocktails too ( ask the staff for guidance - the backstories are good )

I loved the place - so much better than the Kingly Club, which it has replaced.

It was the start of a BIG night out.

I sense if we had stayed at Disrepute it could have been an equally big night in.

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