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Bars and pubs, Gastropubs Clerkenwell
3 out of 5 stars
(21user reviews)

Time Out says

The Granddaddy of Gastropubs and still going strong over a quarter of a century later.

Widely credited with launching the food-in-pubs revolution when it opened in its current form in 1991, the Eagle has long since passed into both legend and middle age. Still, if some of the kids it inadvertently spawned put half as much effort into their food as the Eagle, ‘gastropub’ might not have become such a dirty word – this high-ceilinged corner room remains a cut above the competition. Globetrotting mains are chalked twice daily above the bar/open kitchen, the service is peerless (especially during lunch, when the place is humming) and the tables remain slightly too close together.

You can just drink but few do, aware they’re missing the big-flavoured likes of moreish tomato and bread soup; daisy-fresh scallops, pan-fried and served on toast with chorizo; and succulent leg of lamb with Jansson's temptation (a potato gratin-style Swedish dish). Draught beers include the Eagle's own IPA and a couple of options from Hackney Brewery.




Address: 159 Farringdon Rd
Transport: Tube: Farringdon
Opening hours: pen noon-11pm Mon-Sat; noon-5pm Sun. Food served noon-3pm, 6.30-10.30pm Mon-Fri; 12.30-3.30pm, 6.30-10.30pm Sat; 12.30-4pm Sun
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Users say (21)

3 out of 5 stars

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2.4 / 5

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This gastro-pub is a well established institution in Clerkenwell. Beyond a good collection of craft beers and well made cocktails, the outstanding food will make your night! Made freshly every day, the dishes depend on what the cooks find at the market and the menu is decided and written on the blackboard day by day. Even during the night you can see it change a couple of times! From mackerels to the lentil soup, food's great and the venue will make you feel immediately comfortable and at ease.

The below reviews regarding the customer service don't surprise me at all - but you have to take The Eagle with a pinch of salt. 

The man that runs the show is easily offended and really rather strange - but if you don't take him too seriously it adds to the charm of it. The chairs are horrendously uncomfortable and it's pretty expensive, but its got a certain charm that means I keep going back. The menu is always changing and always displays interesting food rather than your stand pub menu. My advice would be go, don't take it too seriously, and god forbid don't try to reserve a table!

Utterly horrendous experience when attempting to book a birthday lunch. Emailed requesting a table 10 days in advance and was promptly chastised for using email rather than calling - despite the address being on the website. I was then rather abruptly told that 'they do not spend all day in front of computers.' 

He did eventually agree to the reservation provided I came at 12.30pm. Any other time simply was out of the question. And after coming off the call I decided to cancel the reservation after feeling like I had been an inconvenience. 

Here is the email exchange:


I just spoke to you on the phone regarding a reservation request for 10 people on 27th November. I’d like to cancel the reservation. I distinctly felt like I was inconveniencing you and wouldn’t want to put you out.

Many thanks


And the response:

You've got that completely wrong Alex. We're simply trying to make a scarce resource available to as many people as possible. 

Good luck with the marketing career...



(Ex Y&R)

So not only was he rude, he actually made it personal with his sarcastic comment after looking at my email signature.

So in summary, I wouldn't bother visiting The Eagle, Michel is an odious individual who plainly doesn't care about customer service. I'd actually go as far as saying he hates customers. And based on the majority of reviews, it seems the feeling is very much mutual. 

What the hell was I thinking!?

Very poor service and disappointing food.  The steak sandwich was overcooked, over-spiced and at £11, over-priced.  The manager was curt and charmless - almost to the point of rudeness - making for a somewhat uncomfortable atmosphere.  

I was absolutely disgusted by the service myself and friends received at this pub on Sunday.

A friend had rung to book a table for 1pm on Sunday. On Sunday morning she received a call from the pub demanding that we arrive at 12.30 as they did not take bookings for 1pm, she explained she had booked the table for 1pm but they would not listen and said we would lose the table if we were not there by 12.30. As it was late on Sunday morning and we thought we may have difficulty booking a table for 9 so late on in the day, we rearranged plans to make sure we were there for 12.30. We were seated and went to order our food. When our food came over the bar manager, Diana, came over and demanded to know who had made the booking. She then proceeded to shout at the girl in question, telling her we were sat at the wrong table and another party were squashed around a table as we had been seated at their designated table. We had been instructed where to sit and at no point had we been asked to move which we would have happily done had we been asked.  She continued her tirade telling us we couldn't make bookings for 1pm and that next time we came we wouldn't be able to book for that time. WOW. I have never experienced such rudeness and arrogance from a person supposedly trained in customer service. I would never recommend this pub and I would never come back here to either drink or eat which is a shame as the food was in fact delicious. Avoid at all costs.

If you have half a taste bud and prefer a sanitary environment, this is not the place for you. There are many other places where you can get a decent meal for a fraction of the price, for example, McDonalds (sarcasm for those who miss it). Bitterly disappointed with the food which was seriously overpriced at £10. A cold, overly spiced steak sandwich, with lettuce and caramelised onion is not my idea of an evening meal, but it was the only better option than raw steak. I should have also practiced tightening up my pelvic floor muscles as the loos were dire. Whoever rates this place as decent needs to eat further into the city to realise how wrong they are. I read in another review that the pub was 3 mins away - it's more like 20mins walk - 3 mins is probably by car. I will never go back again.

I just came out the Eagle with angry!!! I have called them few times to book a Christmas event. Every time when I called, someone answered and sounded like he was in charge, but was different person every time. and they never called back or email back as they promissed. When I went to see the manager yesterday, the manager told me they CAN have group max 25. with very some strict conditions! 1. has to arrive before 6:30pm, 2, All has to order meal, 3.everyone must accept they will be servered in different time, 4. minimum 20pounds spending 5. pay deposit in advance, 6. they can only reserve 3 small tables, which means every 8 people to share one table, which is about 1 meter in diameter. We have acceptted all these 6 terms and agreed to pay the deposit the next day. Today when I went there with the deposit. First, a staff was very arrogant saying his boss is not in and no one knows where he is, I should try one hour later. When I tried to leave a message, a different manager Mike turned up, but he was also very arrogant and rude. He told me he does not want to accommodate a large group. He turnned me down without any appology. Maybe this place only offer service and better manner to white cusomers. Sorry this review nothing about their food and drinks. Having read the reviews below, I was not the only one. I really doubt a business can survive long with this type of attitude. Good Luck to Mike and his men!

Truly awful service. They made a mistake when taking our order and delivered the wrong meal. We were then told that what this member of our party had ordered was now sold out. That was bad but then they became argumentative and took the position that she didn't know what she had ordered and it was all the customer's fault. Really not worth it, go somewhere else that knows how it treat their customers with respect. We will certainly never return. They did eventually refund his member of our party but by then the atmosphere and meal was totally soured.

We have been to this pub several times, and on this occasion one of our party was given a pint which was bad. No problem, this can happen anywhere. However, when we took the pint back to the bar, the manager, refused to change it. He tasted it, and said it was meant to taste like that. So, a pub manager who can't tell a good from a bad pint. At least two members of our party had tasted it, and agreed it was off. The manager was generally rude, saying that we weren't used to drinking ale (wrong actually). So a very poor rating for a venue which has pretensions of grandeur, but can't even get the basics right.

This pub is great, it is simple and effortless. The food is good and great value for money. Nice to know that there are still a few walk in pubs like this one

Went here yesterday for an Easter Sunday lunch with 4 friends, the food was excellent and fairly priced, the staff attentive, friendly and accommodating in an ambiance that was both relaxed and easygoing. Highly recommended.

Had a similar experience as CC below. Called to make reservation for lunch but was told they don't take bookings. I was then asked how many people was if for only for him to then tell me they are fully booked! Service is not great in the pub either but food is pretty good.

I would like to be really honest in my review of this pub. I have never been, but the way that the manager spoke to me on the phone was absolutley appalling. What happened was, I made a provisional booking for a lunch and received a call to confirm the booking. As an assistant, I make bookings on behalf of directors at our bank and said i would call him back. He was rude to me on the phone, demanding to know then if the booking was confirmed and wanted me to pay a deposit, which I explained that I had made the booking for someone else and i would call back. His response was in a rude and agressive manner 'call back immediately' then slammed the phone down. To be honest, I felt really intimidated to call back and looked online for an email but couldnt find one as they do not have a website. I reluctantly called back.. (after receiving another call back only 40mins later which i missed..) and the same man answered the phone. He knew straight away who i was and didnt even give me a chance to speak and he started ranting about how its a busy time of year and that I myself have taken the pee. I explained again that I book on behalf of other people, and that I hadnt yet spoken to the person who I had made the booking for and then told him that I feel really threatened by his language, in which he responded 'well then im cancelling the booking' i said thats fine and makes sense as I couldnt confirm right then but that i didnt understand his attitude towards me.. he said well you made a booking on one of our busiest day of the year and you havent even got the decency to bother confirming the booking and paying the deposit and anyway, we dont want people of your sorts here. I asked to speak to the manager or owner, which he claimed to be. I asked his name just to check online incase he was just a worker there so i could let the owner know and he refused to tell me. He said I only give my name to people I want to give my name too. He then told me to f**k off. I said thats horrible why are you being like this to me and he said just f**k off and then put the phone down on me. I have never yet been spoken to in my life by someone like that. im a young 16 year old girl just started my first job and this has scared me to be honest, i dont want to make corporate bookings anymore. please never go there, the food may be good, but seriously do you want your hard earned money going into the pocket of someone like this? and to be honest, if you do go there and he is there how do you know that you will not be spoken to like this? its really upsetting.

The shabby look is great, takes a lot of effort to get that level of wear artificially but this is natural wear... The blackboard menu is extensive and the food cooked behind the bar so you can see it all happening. This makes it all about the food. Shame then the food is seriously mediocre, about a seaside caff level of care. Yes, the chef ( fry cook?) tosses the food about with flair and attitude, and the staff have great confidence but dodgy fish stews with confused ingredients, fatty and tough lamb chops, over sweet mushy vegetarian choices depressed me. Better off going to a City pub for a meal. The staff need to seriously taste and work on the quality of the food, however the atmosphere is great, just have a drink there and move on.

sorry to read Karl's comments below.. I go to the eagle quite often. there is a huge number of regulars that use this place for lunch and it is obvious why.. accommodating them/us and new clientele is no easy task. but the food is always superb, reasonably priced and wine choice excellent. best to avoid friday lunch time though is it is packed to the rafters.. and no doubt the service may slip a little.. the price of success no doubt

Bad, bad service and this was by the manager who pretty much threw a temper tantrum as we had decided not to sit in front of the door with the draft blowing in.

Once a great little place for food, shabby but that wasn't a problem when you went there for the food. They appear to have a new bar/kitchen manager now who seems to have no idea what he's doing. I took back a seafood stew I had there as the squid had been grilled to death and had given the whole dish a bitter burnt flavour. I was told by both the chef and the manager that this was how it was supposed to be served, the chef then picked up the squid with her hands looked at it and put it back on the plate, when I said I didn't really want to eat it now she snorted at me then the bar manager refused any refund despite the fact I had had one mouthful of the dish and couldn't eat the rest as it was burnt. This place now trades on reputation alone, there are far better choices in the area.

Nice pub, good food and ok service. Really good steak and potatoes, though I was slightly taken aback that I wasn't allowed mustard with it! Apparently it's too expensive to keep in the kitchen just in case. I thought the chef was going to punch me for having the cheek to even ask.

Great when it opened. Food is still tasty. Main problem is noise. The acoustic is very live due to the stripped back decor, which is fine but does not work once the music is turned up. At one time the music was usually an eclectic mix of reggae, south american and african chilled beats, at sensible volumes, but last night we were blasted throughout dinner time with some awful rock noise which encouraged punters to shout over the din, making any conversation near impossible. Great atmosphere for raucous drinking but not always so good for dining if you want to talk with friends.

Read some reviews about the staff which left me baffled as all the staff were fantastic. The food was AMAZING and very relaxed and fun vibe. We went on a Thursday and it was packed can't imagine on a weekend or Friday would be overcrowded. Can't wait to go again!!

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