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Four Thieves

Bars and pubs, Breweries Clapham Junction
4 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
(44user reviews)

Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

The downside to this trendy Battersea boozer? It’s impossible to describe to your mates without it sounding like some kind of wanky hipster hangout. They’ve got their own micro-brewery. They distill their own gin. They keep an escape game in the basement. There’s even a retro gaming room upstairs that lets you project ‘Street Fighter 2’ across an entire wall. ‘Jesus Christ!’ your pals will probably exclaim: ‘What’s it called? “The Artisanal Sourdough?”’

It is, however, a brilliantly down-to-earth place to spend a night. It’s a beautifully refurbed Victorian palace that’s full of wall-mounted taxidermy, scuffed wooden floors and pretty vintage tiling. Aside from their own-distilled gin, the 45 gins they offer – alongside a range of more exotic tonics than a Chinese medicine shop – means there’s plenty for spirit hounds to explore.

And the games room? We defy you to find a more fun night out in Balham. It’s packed with ping-pong, table football, old arcade games and a totally nutso racing game. Booze and racing? Jeremy Clarkson would approve. Don’t let that put you off, though.


Address: 51 Lavender Gardens
SW11 1DJ
Transport: Tube: Clapham Junction
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Users say (44)

4 out of 5 stars

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I went to this place with my fiance and another couple. We had a great night, the upstairs was very fun, the arcade was great. We played mini golf, sat in the scalextric and the presenter was brilliant, very entertaining commentating through out. 

HOWEVER it all went terribly wrong when we went downstairs into the pub part, we paid for drinks and sat on a table. We decided to go somewhere else to have dinner and before we planned to leave, me and my female friend went to the toilet and left our partners behind on the table. As soon as we got back to our table our partners were out of their seats. They then quickly told us what had just happened. The female manager had rudely came over, (picked a sign up which had fallen on the floor) and very dramatically slammed the sign in front of them and shouted in their face "YOU CAN'T SIT HERE, IT'S RESERVED!" gave them a dirty horrible look and then walked away.... next to this same table was another side of which 4 females were sitting on. The manager never told them to move (it was the same table!).

My partner was very shocked and thought this was bang out of order, we are paying customers, out with friends how dare she shout and be so rude in the mens face. He went over to her and I followed behind. He calmly said "I want to make a complaint, I don't understand why you came over, slammed the sign down and shouted at us, where there's a group of 4 females sitting there and you never told them to move, why only us?". She then shouted "SECURITY" and my partner had two security blokes come over. 

I witnessed all of this, my partner is very calm and would never swear or intimidate a women. This female manager has serious serious issues with men, she is clearly a sexist horrible person!! I've put this on my Twitter, Facebook and spread the word as much as possible about this manager. She needs to be spoken to by senior management and urgently needs to go on a customer service course as it is no way acceptable to talk to paying customers like that!!!

I usually write positive reviews but from what had happened at the end of our evening, the level of service and utter disrespect she had shown is unacceptable. The bouncers were fine, they did not touch my partner, my partner told them "Did you know your manager has a serious problem with men, she's sexist" and the guy replied "yeah...", 

To me it sounded like this was not a one off and the bouncer knew he had seen this incompetent managers power trip before.

Similar to what lots of people have said here - great place in lots of ways but incredibly rude and aggressive bouncers/staff. Was having a drink outside when someone came up behind me, grabbed the drink out of my hand and poured in down the street drain without saying a word. I confronted him, saying I didn't know drinks weren't allowed outside and I would've happily gone in if he had asked. I asked for a refund and was refused, and when I persisted he told me and 10 friends to leave. 

Worst kind of entitled & aggressive bar staff - avoid. 


The four thieves are unlike any other pub I've ever been to and in a good way.

When you walk in, there doesn't appear to be anything different about it from any other pub. But when night descends it becomes one hell of a night out. 

Firstly it's big inside. There are 2 floors, the second floor,  believe it or not, is a massive space transformed into an arcade paradise. If retro Gaming like Street Fighter is your jam and mini-golf is where you rule then the four thieves the second floor is where you need. It's super nostalgic and as far as I know, the only place where you can play Street Fighter 2 on an enormous cinema screen.

Downstairs is divided into three sections. The music is booming so conversation won't be flowing but you can get your dancing shoes on and dance the night away. The selection of beer is decent and the Four Thieves is only a few minutes walk away from Clapham Junction station. 

The quirkiest pub I've ever been to four thieves is definitely a unique pub. It cater's for everyone in the group from the nerd to the Dancers, it's a pub for all.


A curious drinking and gaming venue just up the hill from Clapham Junction which brews its own beer, has a wide selection of gins to choose from and a big outdoor drinking and smoking area. Upstairs is the real difference though, with a radio controlled racing track where ten people can sit in gaming chairs and play £3 to race real cars round a track, a skee ball corner and a small neon crazy golf area to boot. It's fun if not a little cheap looking and gets super packed upstairs in the evenings. Bring ID or they won't let you in due to their door policy, and bring cash and even your own change, as the change machine wasn't working meaning no-one could actually play on  the majority of things up there when it was rammed.

LOVE this place! I'm a kid at heart so discovering the arcade with the racetrack, Street Fighter and, my personal favourite, Dance Dance Revolution, took me straight back to high school. Great range of drinks, some delish food and the perfect place for some friendly drink-fuelled competition among a group of friends. I'll be back!


Definitely not a cheap night out but certainly something a little different! Make sure you try the frozen rosé if you're a fan of wine AND slush puppies then head upstairs and button bash out some moves on Street Fighter 2.  I didn't try the VR because frankly I'm prone enough to dizziness and falling over as it is but the Moonshine Racetrack is a must. It's not going to become a regular haunt of mine as I'm sure the novelty wears off but 100% recommend if you've got friends coming into town for a weekend who want to see the 'quirky stuff' in London.

Went to celebrate a friends engagement but ruined by jumped up security who kicked out 40 people due to one person looking tired do not go to this place!!!! Would give zero stars if I could!!!


This place literally has everything and it is not just your average pub. Head over for a casual drink, an arcade experience, the tanqueray gin garden, escape room, mini golf the list goes on! It is perfect if you have a large group, and you can book a table downstairs or in the arcade (but get in early with the latter!). Not only are they a micro brewery, they are also their own gin distillery with its own gin menu, serious business people! The arcade offers your classics such as air hockey, dance mat and roller ball, but also to add to this there is a VR cage and 10 person car racing track, which of course requires a driving license ;). The dance floor is open all night and usually runs through until the 2am close. So channel your inner child and dance the night away! 


Why pay an extortionate entry fee when you can spend your money drinking fabulous gin and tonics out of bowl shaped glasses and playing with a giant scale electrics. My friend booked a table for her birthday and this place is ideal for big groups. The bar has a seriously impressive gin menu and they even have their own distillery, but be warned, when asked how you like your gin know that ‘spiced’ will come with a fair few chillies to garnish. They serve food too if you have a table and the games room certainly provides hours of entertainment – handy as this place is open until 2 am on a Saturday.


We took part in the Escape rooms at this pub which was such good fun and really well done but just visiting the pub itself is a great night out. From downstairs it looks like a pretty nice pub and then when you go upstairs it's as though you enter some alternate world as you step into carnival land. Truly so much to do and like no other pub I've ever been to, definitely worth a visit! 


This is just a perfect birthday brunch option, especially for large groups where the ice needs to be broken.Not only do you get unlimited mimosas or bloody marys but you have unlimited toast with many many toppings and a brunch menu item.On top of that you have bingo to play with games and prizes throughout.This is not for those who are shy as there is no escape to being pulled up on stage and taking part in some embarrassing activity.The only downside to this is the drinks, while many venues offer pure prosecco here it is mixed with a lot of orange juice and by the end of the 3 hours of boozing you are left feeling a little bit sick and your teeth may hurt from the acidity.Overall though, it is a lot of fun and I will be going back for my own birthday! 

Bouncers were horrible. Would not recommend this place. If you are in a group and want a night out do not go here.


You seriously won't be able to find a better place than The Four Thieves. From the outside it doesn't look like much however step inside and you won't know which way to go first - THERE IS SO MUCH GOING ON.

An onsite brewery, an outdoor garden, an escape game (X2!!), a games room, a dance mat, indoors mini golf and a photo booth. They also host pub quizzes, sunday brunches which sound off the wall annnnd distill their own gin.

Alongside this the pub is huge, spacious with simple decor and super friendly staff.


What a pub!! Went there for plonk min gold (smallest, but still fun) and stayed for the racing and vibe. The unique pub just before Clapham junction is full of different events and fun things to do from just 2 people to a group. There is a games room with old school games and fun interactive games too. The seating down stairs is spacious and has a great vibe. When I was there quiz night was just starting and it looked like a blast. I never had food but I've only heard good things. For a fun night out definitely try it.


Booze, games and music- a failsafe combination, one which the Four Thieves in Clapham Junction has encapsulated in this cavernous bar. This bar plays great tunes, serves delicious cocktails alongside a range of craft beers, but more importantly- has games galore!

Head on upstairs to enter a playground for adults. Ping pong tables, foosball tables, adventure golf, VR experiences, a remote control car racing track- this bar provides some serious entertainment. There is nothing better than getting a big group of friends, grabbing some drinks and unleashing your inner competitive beasts on these easy, fun fuelled games.

Great way to spend your Friday or Saturday evenings, where the bar is busy and buzzing. Or head there on a weekend afternoon for some more relaxed vibes and more chance to play the games. Either way, this bar is a stellar spot in Clapham. 

The pub itself is big and well designed and the garden at the back is a nice touch - so is the game room upstairs. What works really badly is their door staff policy. They are incredibly rude and militant and the system when we have booked a table or an area of providing guest names at the door, so the "hostess" can come and pick up the guests rather than simply letting the named guests in, does NOT work. We were at a birthday party this past weekend and several of the guests were treated very badly by the door staff and most had to wait outside for a while. And when we tried to go out to pick them up, the staff would shout us down for daring to open the door... You do not expect that when you are invited - as a named guest - to a party. I am usually very easy going and I have never written a bad review for a pub before, but we will not be back and cannot recommend going on the days they have security on the door. Actually, we were treated so badly despite spending A LOT of money that we don't ever want to put more money in their pockets again. Avoid

There is so much more to this pub than first meets the eye, it could so easily be dismissed from the outside as another old man boozer however give it a chance and I can assure you, you’ll not be disappointed! Firstly you can tell it’s been recently renovated and struck me as being much bigger than it appears from the outside, stretching far and wide over 2 levels. I came here with a friend for the Lady Chastity’s Reserve escape room with a twist – but whilst finding out where to go for this poked our heads round the place. We were most impressed and surprised to find the upper level was decked out like an adult arcade! After a self-escorted tour we found our way to the meeting point for our game and after successfully completing was rewarded with a bottle of red wine which we could have in the pub or take home. My friend and I obviously decided it would be best enjoyed in the pub! We stayed downstairs here sipping our winnings and enjoying the quirky yet trendy ambiance, I only wish it wasn’t a school night so we could have stayed later to get the most out of the venue – still it’s an excuse to come back!

Great beers - they brew them right there in the bar - plus loads of quirky entertainment (a games room upstairs and their quiz is like no other). Really interesting place, we never get bored.

Large drinks selection, outside area and a games floor upstairs. Also has a great vibe. Everything you'd want.


I didn’t know this ‘pubcade’ existed until a friend mentioned a full-on mini motor circuit at the top of a pub in Battersea. The Four Thieves opened a couple years ago and puts your traditional dart boards and pool tables to shame with mini golf, street fighter, table football and best of all, mini motor racing!

Pay £3, get yourself a license and queue up to race against 9 others, it really was the most chilled games arrangement. One tip I will offer though, do not use your real name…“and in last place, we have...Annabel!” Oh the shame, my mini motoring debut was not such a success, I was lapped several times and resorted to reversing my way around the track until an onlooker took pity and reset my car the right way round!

Luckily, as a split level pub, I escaped my embarrassment on the dim lit dancefloor downstairs after a couple shots of café Patrón! There’s plenty of bars around the place, so I never had to wait long to be served, but that could also be that it wasn’t a particularly heaving Saturday night (yet, we had to queue when we arrived after 11pm).

There seems to be so many things going on at The Four Thieves weekly. I’ll be heading back for bottomless brunch for £30pp, quiz night and their intriguing immersive game, Lady Chastity’s Reserve (oh and if you roll a 6 on lucky Wednesday, your dinner is free!)

This is a fantastic pub, worth the trek to Clapham if you live north of the river. It's more than a pub though. Arcade games, its own distillery and great great DJ on Fridays and Saturdays. Super quirky, good crowd and reasonable prices.

Beautiful garden, spacious venue and an awesome games room for those who need to do more than just sit and drink.

We had a BRILLIANT night here... Highly recommend for a big group outing!


Awesome pub in the Balham/Clapham area, there is something for everyone: arcade game lovers, beer garden dwellers, pub food savvys or car race players will all be pleased as all of the above are available in mass. I went there for a friend's birthday after going go karting, dressed up as Mario kart characters in Battersea park. The place is gigantic and yet seemed super busy, which goes to show how popular a Saturday night destination it is for all South londoners. I'm not going to lie, it's a bit of a trek and I probably not be up for it unless I was with a big group and had planned to spend a loooot of time there but I'd recommend for big gatherings or if you're in the area.


Four Thieves is an incredible pub! Don’t be fooled by the simple exterior, this place is much bigger and better than it appears from the outside. With a gorgeous beer garden and roomy downstairs ‘pub’ type area this is a great place for casual drinks. If you want to take your evening out to the next level make sure you head upstairs to the EPIC games room. There is a massive array of arcade style games to choose from, including foosball and an amazing race track. Don’t miss out on the super cool photobooth!

Top tip: this is a place to start your night rather than finish it, the place gets very packed on Friday and Saturday evenings from 9pm onwards, so make sure you get there early in order to have a go on all the games upstairs.


My friends and I came here for the Four Thieves' Laugh Train Home Edinburgh Fringe comedy night. You can definitely see why the Four Thieves is one of Battersea's favourite neighbourhood pubs. The bar service was fast and friendly and they run a Wednesday night roll the dice competition where if you roll a 6, you get your meal for free. Who doesn't love a free dinner? The headlining comedian was Shappi Khorsandi. Shappi's Edinburgh routine preview was very on point in the post-Brexit environment and she was featured in Time Out the following Tuesday. Although we visited for the comedy, it sounds like we will have to return for the great outside area and upstairs games room.


This place totally rocks. Yes just an ordinary pub on ground floor but you soon find your way up to the first floor where you instantaneously turn 7 again and find yourself squealing and cheering your car around the track. The upstairs is what every child dreams their house will be like when they grow up. Street fighter on the projector, air hockey and free table tennis! Its perfect for a first date, no time for awkward silences, you need to beat the future partner in crime at fuseball. 


For the most part, a pub is essentially just a pub... but not this one. This is true differentiation and a completely unique venue. The outside area gives you a real sense of summer in London and inside is spacious and set up in a very social way. The food is great, very reasonable and yummy. The best part just has to be the games room upstairs. Release your inner child and race mini cars or shoot the bad guys on a screen... all whilst enjoying your favourite tipple.. lovely!


Excellent atmosphere and some really fun and exciting things to do every day of the week. My favourites are Tuesday quiz night and the Boogaloo Saturday Brunch, a great deal on Bloody Mary's with added entertainment through music and silly bingo :)

Sundays are great too, with live jazz and one of the best roasts in London. 

The drinks variety is great, with craft beer and craft gin you can be adventurous even on dull days .

Great atmosphere, friendly staff, drinks are reasonably priced and there is a different theme each night - we're very lucky to call it our local.

Love having this as our local, gin garden in summer is great plus late night opening at the weekend for a bit of a boogie always a fun night!

Every day is different here. Every day is happy here. London's finest gin selection, superb food and more fun than you can shake a ping-pong bat at.

Great food, beers, inside outside garden area, cool decor, whacky events, regular surprise oddities (the Gin Butler?), large capacity, friendly staff and a huge retro gaming room! BEST PUB EVER! Random Dave

Lovely pub, amazing garden, awesome games room upstairs - and they make their own beer!

Cracking venue, more things to keep you entertained than christmas day for a 7 year old!!

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