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Ice Bar London (CLOSED)

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Ice Bar London
Venue says We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with High Praise Records to launch a new Friday DJ in Residence programme at the Fire Bar!

Time Out says

Please note, Ice Bar has now closed. Time Out Editors, March 2020.

This long-standing Mayfair spot pretty much does what it says on the tin: it's an icy bar. It's kept at -5C, with visitors given thermal capes and gloves to keep the cold at bay. Each session lasts 40 minutes, and should be booked in advance.


Ice Bar London says
ICE BAR London is one of the most unique and iconic venues in London, where everything, even your glass is made out of ice.

The ICE BAR is located just off Regent Street in the chic Heddon Street Food Quarter, and in addition to the -5°C ICE BAR experience guests can enjoy snacks from Yuu Kitchen and unusual and delicious cocktails from Fire Bar.

ICE BAR London is the perfect spot for a romantic date, fun with friends or a family day out! Children are welcome during daytime sessions and will be served a non-alcoholic ice cocktail.

Enjoy a truly chilling experience like no other at London’s ICE BAR.



Address: 31-33 Heddon Street
Transport: Tube: Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus tube
Opening hours: Open Mon 1:30pm-10:15pm; Tues-Thurs 12:45pm-11pm; Fri 12:45pm-1am; Sat 10am-1am; Sun 11:30am-10:15pm
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4 out of 5 stars

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I had heard about the icebar years ago but it wasn't somewhere I particularly wanted to visit as I am not a fan of the cold, I do however quite like one off novelty experiences and so when I came across an offer for a trip to the icebar with a meal in the restaurant I decided to book it.

I was a bit worried I would freeze in the bar but the capes and gloves do a great job at keeping you warm and with a 40 minute timeslot that flies by you are quickly back into the warmth of the other bar.

The restaurant is completely opposite to the bar with screens showing roaring fireplaces that instantly give you a warm feeling and with lots of staff everything seems to run systematically. The food is a bit more upmarket than your average burger bar and very tasty, particularly the monkfish! There is a nice relaxed atmosphere and although it was for me a one off experience, I would possibly revisit in the future.

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Exciting. Lovely staff and refreshing drinks. Must Experience Place!

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A unique 45 min experience in central London. You will be provided with a thick coat and attached gloves upon arrival and then you can freely wonder in the ice room. Everything is from ice here; ice bar, ice sculptures whcih change from time to time and ice glass given for your drinks. Drinks are actually more size-wise of a shot thing, and drinks are more of a juice (rather than an actual alcoholic drink). It is not to substitute your usual drinking nights; more of a one time experience and that's it. Expensive but your entrance includes a free drink and you then have plenty of time for your usual instagram iced photos!

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A truly unique experience everyone needs to try. On arrival at the venue, we were give a large thick poncho-like coats with gloves attached. At the time these felt a little over the top, however on entry it was evident why! The ice cave room itself is quite small, with an ice bar in the corner creating cocktails served in actual ice glasses. There were several cocktails on the menu to choose from, the ones which we tried tasted lovely however were very strong, so bare this in mind if you want to order more. There are beautiful ice sculptures around the room and even a DJ creating a club like atmosphere. The total time in the room is approximately 30mins, which although seems rather short, was more than enough time. As much as we loved the experience and cocktails, we were happy to leave and warm up in their other bar.

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I can’t believe this bar has been here as long as I’ve been in London and I've never been! There’s a regular restaurant and bar upstairs serving decent food, but what lies beneath, is a beautiful ice cave adorned with ice sculptures (the theme is changes every year). You are getting special ponchos and gloves for the 45 minutes session and there’s one cocktail in the price of the entry. The cocktails are served in shots made form iced river water delivered every week from Scandinavia. The drinks are good, but quite small. You can get a refill for an extra charge and if you break your ‘glass’ you have to pay extra £4 for a new one. Generally it’s quite an experience, good idea for a pre-drinks before a night out.

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The ice bar is a great concept drinking in a very cold enclosed area out of glasses made out of pure ice amongst ice sculptures. This year the ice sculpture theme is based on animals. However there was not many animals to be seen out of ice only really on TV screen.Before entering the ice bar you are given a big cape with hood and gloves to wear so don’t worry about getting too cold. The cocktails are quite good maybe a slightly too sweet but still they were good. You use the same glass that is made out of pure ice throughout your experience. Even though fun I think I would of loved to of seen more ice sculptures. I properly would not go back as I feel once you have done it you have done it and as I said before the drinks were not fantastic just ok. However if you have not done it then I do recommend doing it as it a laugh and an experience.

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Great cocktails amazing service. A real experience!


The ice bar experience was brought as a Christmas present for me and my partner along with his family, having been in icebars across Russia and randomly in Hong Kong i had pretty low expectations. We arrived and went to the restaurant downstairs for a 3 course meal which was included in the offer. To my surprise the food was very good and not just burgers and chips as expected. 

In the 45 minute experience of the icebar we had a great time, good music, the drinks were refreshing (expensive but refreshing) served in glasses made of ice. The sculpture were fabulous and all in all was a great experience. I would recommend but likely wouldn't go again as it is one of those things you only do once. The staff were friendly and service was good. The only down side were the jackets you put on are a little grotty, obviously they get a lot of wear and tear. 

Well worth a visit.

Such an amazing experience, so much hard work is put into making the ice bar and the cocktails taste amazing a***

Went here in August for the rock and roll theme, it was awesome! There was a heatwave in London that day, over 35 degrees, needless to say that we were looking forward to our visit and it didn't disappoint. The drinks were delicious, the music and atmosphere were just so unique, it was such an amazing experience!

Unusual and unique, exclusive and fun! Great cocktails and friendly staff. A great addition to London and a cool hang out!

Wonderful staff,skilled carvers create a magical place. Never gets old as changes every year! Cocktails are banging too

London's "coolest" venue! Great fun with friends ! Amazing drinks, food & staff this place really delivers an experience!!

Great food and cocktails...oh and there's room filled with ice! Great fun.


Ehhhh, I don't know why I wanted to come here to be honest. I got cheap tickets through Timeout that included 2 cocktails each. We arrived late (which we later found out was a god send otherwise we would have to stand in a large queue on their small cramped entrance) and were immediately donned with our capes and gloves. We walked through and bam; a small dingy room fulllll of people. Not even on a weekday before 5 was it empty :(. The skull sculptures were pretty impressive, as were the ice glasses and the cute fur rimmed hoods on the capes but other than that it was packed with no where to rest your drinks. The drinks themselves were super sweet - sugary with a hint of vodka.

Overall a truly underwhelming experience and tourist trap

As a Londoner, I dismissed the Icebar as a novelty aimed primarily at tourists. As a Canadian, I eschewed it because huddling for warmth in an icebox- and paying for the pleasure- was distinctly unappealing. However, I was recently given the opportunity to experience both the Icebar and restaurant. We’ve had anything but a conspicuous winter this year and my tolerance for sub-zero temperatures was high- so I took the icy plunge.

Upon arrival to the Icebar, visitors are provided with a thermal hooded cape to drape over their shoulders- it’s weighty and slightly restrictive, but provides an effective layer of warmth. Bulky mittens are attached to the cape by a cord, but it’s impossible to take the requisite photographs with your hands burried in these sheaths. 

The Icebar itself is a small room where all surfaces are- wait for it- carved from ice. There are some tables and seats, but you’ll be lured in by the overtly Instagrammable décor, with features such as imposing skull-shaped ice sculptures, for a plethora of photograph opportunities.

Visitors are granted a 40 minute timeslot to take in the frosty surroundings and select a cocktail from a decent menu. The atmosphere is vibrant and the room is dimly lit with plenty of backlighting to emphasise the ice fixtures. An energetic background soundtrack is also provided. It is all a bit of a laugh and something that you’ll likely not need to do more than once.

After the visit to the Icebar, we were guided downstairs to the restaurant. Staff were organised and we were immediately seated in a quiet corner in the back, giving us a prime vista to admire the surroundings. The setting is surprisingly informal and spacious, with hints of alpine-inspired touches and some private booths lined up against the walls. We were comfortable dressed in jeans and the staff were hospitable, chatty and attentive. We had a particularly charming server who was well-versed in the menu and delivered a complimentary bowl of moreish gordal olives to our table before our starters arrived.

The food is relatively uncomplicated and the menu focuses on seasonal ingredients- all at a reasonable price for a central London venue. Upon recommendation of our server, I was swayed by the cured salmon and my boyfriend needed no persuasion to order the slow roast pork ribs. My only grievance was the portion size of the salmon, a sparing cut of fish accompanied with a sprinkling of lime caviar and chopped hazelnuts. It melted in the mouth and I could’ve happily devoured two more servings. The ribs, conversely, arrived in a more generous abundance to much praise from my boyfriend.

Our mains didn’t disappoint: the slow cooked stone bass came with the most delicious crushed potatoes that I’ve ever had, rich and freckled with thyme. The fish was perfectly cooked and delicately served, left to be savoured without an overly dominant sauce. The pickled kohlrabi gave an acidic flavour that resulted in a beautifully harmonious plate. The rump steak, a special on the evening, arrived stacked with a grilled meaty mushroom, glazed shallots finished with a drizzling of a rich jus. 

We had no room for desert, but did share a bottle of wine from their drinks menu, which had a good range of fairly reasonably priced wines.

So, even if you do bypass the frivolous fun of the Icebar itself, the restaurant is a pleasant surprise. It offers a casual and relaxed atmosphere for a relatively reasonable price for central London where you won’t feel rushed or encroached upon other diners. You’ll also feel looked after by the waiting staff, who were exceptional during our visit. As a standalone, the restaurant is definitely a solid contender for a good quality meal out in the city. But why wouldn’t you want to make a night of it and stick your face through an ice sculpture?


I've been meaning to go the ice bar for a over a year now and I it's almost just how i've imagined. I didn't have a problem with the 15 pound entrance fee, but my session was extremely overbooked, which didn't really help the small size of the venue. Nevertheless I really enjoyed the innovating idea, a nice change from the everyday bar. It is fairly cold despite the gear they give you, but it's part of the experience and I would really recommend it. 


I decided to head to the Icebar to break the ice (literally) on a date. I am a sucker for any kind of novelty and the thought of a bar, COMPLETELY MADE OF ICE, seemed like the closest I was going to get to being Elsa from Frozen, so off we went. 

Overall, it is a fun experience and for £16 for entry, a 40min session in the bar, and a free cocktail, it is great value. In Mayfair, you would pay that much for a cocktail in most places, but here, your cocktail is in an ice tumbler and you are wearing cool fur lined capes. The cocktails did taste a bit watery;not very strong, very sugary and over sweet, but there is a wide selection so maybe there are better ones out there on the menu. 

The bar is a lot smaller than I imagined and once you have looked at all the ice sculptures, you do find yourself just standing, drinking in the cold. I am originally from the north, so this is my regular Saturday night out, but I can imagine the novelty might turn cold for others. That said, the Icebar is definitely worth a visit for trying something a bit different and great for a date venue, as if you run out of topics to talk about, you can always marvel at the large ice pineapple in the corner.... 

Visited last night.  It's not just the ice that's cold at the ice's the frosty service from the waiting and bar staff; it's the 'hot' meal that you ordered over an hour ago; it's the size of the cocktails which are frankly a joke. A really disappointing evening and we will not be visiting again.  AVOID. 


Loved it, friendly staff, reasonable prices and I'm a sucker for any sort of gimmick!

A cool place to start the night Small space with some seating areas. Great music and lighting effects, would be nice if they had a special sculpture of the month/ year giving all the tourists another paparazzi corner. For 14 pounds a 40 minutes session with a free cocktail served in a cup made out of ice isn't bad at all. Great place as an icebreaker for a first date or an event. Awesome bartenders. Helps you overcome the london weather - definitely doesn't seem so bad as you step outside with a frozen nose.