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3 out of 5 stars
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Time Out says

A well-known party spot on Dover Street, just off Piccadilly

This tiki bar-cum-club remains one of London's best known late-night venues, with a reputation forged, mostly, from a celebrity clientele and plenty of tabloid column inches – back in the late noughties it was a rare Thursday night when famous faces weren't spilling out deep into the small hours. It still attracts a glamorous crowd. 

It takes its name from the Polynesian path to the spirit underworld of Lua-o-Milu, and goes big on its tiki theme. The decor is a mix of Polynesian-themed carvings and trinkets and there's even a prominent Hawaiian greeting ('Aloha!') taking up most of one of the walls.

The drinks list follows suit, with rum playing a prominent role. The signature Mahiki cocktail combines Pampero Especial with vanilla, pear and strawberry purée, lemon sugar, creme de fraise and sparkling wine. Classic tiki alternatives include a pina colada, the Mahiki take on a classic mai tai and a zombie horde made to the same recipe used at Don the Beachcomber – the original tiki bar, in LA.  

Keep an eye out for special events, parties and cocktail-making classes, too.

Mahiki says
Mahiki is the ultimate party destination. With its Tiki décor, delicious fresh fruit cocktails and tropical flowers adorning every Honolulu Honey’s hair, a night out is set to be unique in every respect!

It first opened its doors in 2005 as the brainchild of Piers Adam, David Phelps and Nick House, and has grown to become one of the world’s most famous night spots as well as an institution, with an array of fabulous awards behind it.

With no VIP rooms and an open door policy, Mahiki prides itself on its fun atmosphere and the creative detail that goes into every drink, dance and dish that we serve.



Address: 1 Dover Street
Transport: Tube: Green Park tube
Price: Admission £10 after 9.30pm Mon-Wed; £15 after 9.30pm Thur-Sat.
Opening hours: Open 6pm-3am Mon-Sat; Food served 6-9pm Mon-Sat. Admission £10 after 9.30pm Mon-Wed; £15 after 9.30pm Thur-Sat
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Users say (42)

3 out of 5 stars

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We got in for our dinner reservation at 6pm on a Tuesday (not a party night). Taken downstairs to the table, was settling down when the waiter decided to come and ask me and my friend for ID. We had no intention of ordering alcohol as we do not drink and we expressed this to him. However he insisted that we couldn't be there because we couldn't supply ID. He was VERY rude about it, not letting us speak and rushing us out. Also being very sarcastic. We weren't asked for ID at the door so why were we asked at our table? It was ridiculous. There was zero mention when I made the reservation on the phone. The only thing I can think of is that he saw something he didn't like and wanted to make any excuse.


The dj... The barstaff.... The atmosphere within thr club is fun and lively but the bouncers outside of it ruin it 100000%...

They are rude! Aggressive and extremely unprofessional... They decide who comes in based on how they feel.. There's a lack of discipline in their role and they abuse their position. There are many wonderful clubs in London with professional bouncers and staff... This place doesn't have that so I would never return nor would I recommend it either. The worst part is that the management take nothing seriously... God what a joke of a place

Lovely night for our Christmas party. Fun place to be. The snacks were traditional English dishes like mash and sausages, a roast and fish and chips.A nice change from all the sushi which is served nowadays at party's.

Great night here for a Christmas Party, lots of fun and nice venue. Decent snacks came around although somewhat tricky to eat whilst holding a drink. Video booth in the back was nice novelty factor. Not so sure on the clientel following the party as all became a bit laddish....price for a bottle of beer...ouch!

Attended here for a private party, the venues back room was the highlight of the night, with karaoke, ski machine and photo booth! 

Staff Writer

As a venue for a private party, it did its job reasonably well. The drink selections weren't great and frankly the prices were nothing short of criminal but the staff did there best to accommodate us where they could. Such a shame the usual clientele that turned up later gave a negative impression of what it's like on a normal night


I'll be the first to say I've been solidly avoiding Mahiki for about 10 years... when Fulham-esque uni friends used to suggest a night out this would often be high on their agenda. I didn't like the sound of the crowd, and in general I don't like places where you go to "be seen." However, we held a private party at Mahiki a few weeks' ago and I was pleasantly surprised. It's quite a nice looking, fairly relaxed style tiki bar really. 

Staff were friendly and efficient. I had a good night with my colleagues (especially in the pop up karaoke room). The house wine and the beer were absolutely awful so I have to remove a couple of stars but in essence, it's a fun place with a nice vibe. 


Central London clubs are rarely my hangout, especially not the ones with Royals as the regulars. Having been invited for some drinks mid-week by a friend I decided to give it a try. And it was surprisingly nice! A perfect place to forget about the gloom outside and pretend, for 5 minutes, you are in Hawaii. The cocktails are delish, the staff super quick and trying to add a bit of theatre to your experience. The toilets are hard to find and super small, but I loved the sink made of a giant shell.


I always perceived Mahiki to be a bit of an exclusive hangout but having just been there, i see that isn't actually the case and it's not as snooty as I thought it might be. Just opposite the Ritz in Mayfair, it has a tiki theme with wood everywhere. God knows what would happen if the place caught fire - I'm glad smoking indoors isn't allowed any more! Get there after 11pm and they'll charge you up to £15 to get in, but the door staff are in fact rather friendly and so are the bar staff. Cocktails also aren't as pricey as I thought they might be, but the cloakroom does get full which is a bit of a bummer if you don't have a table and have to walk around with your coat over your arm in the winter, The main room played current hits and the downstairs room had more of an RnB vibe. Good fun.


I like this place but they send confusing messages, they sell cocktails with 5 different types of rhum or enough for 8 people to drink (how does that not becoming a downing challenge) and then throw you out when you get "too drunk". 

All joking aside, I find this place fun relaxed, the door staff are no more snooty than any Mayfair venue. I like the cocktail selection.


I absolutely love this place! However, I do understand why some people don’t like it…

Let’s start with the pros:

I think the place has an amazing atmosphere, yes you do get a few pretentious people there, but that’s almost everywhere the case, ignore them and have a good time. The place starts off as a lounge with quiet music and a relaxed atmosphere – a bit like a hotel bar. This changes at around 11am, when the music is turned up and the crowds arrive. Chairs and tables are moved and the lounge turns into a club. They also have a downstairs are which is even clubbier.

I think you get some of the best cocktails in London at this place – try a Mahiki or Pina Colada or ask one of the guys at the bar for a recommendation. You will not be disappointed. They do have a happy hour Mon – Fri 5:30pm – 9:30pm cocktails cost a reasonable £8 - £10. Outside happy hour you’ll be paying £13 - £15 a cocktail.

The guys at the bar are great, friendly and knowledgeable they seem to have just as much fun behind the bar as the guest in front of it. I would recommend spending some time at the bar, watching their ‘show’.

You often get really good DJs at Mahiki, they do amazing mashups and know what to play to get the party started… Sometimes though they can be really off and you feel like you’ve walked into an 80’s party, but that’s rare.

The biggest con is obviously the door girls, yes they can be a pain in the arse, yes they often do have an attitude. It’s best to ignore all of this, be patient, be friendly, don’t have an attitude yourself and (usually) all will be fine. I’ve been going there for many year and I still haven’t figured out on what basis they decide not to let people in…trainers is a no-no, but that’s all I know. I haven’t been let in a few times, there’s not point in kicking up a fuss; it won’t change a thing…just move on. There are enough nightclubs in London; if they don’t want my money, I go somewhere else.

PS: Don’t go there hoping to meet Prince Harry, he hasn’t been there for years! ;-)

The WORST club I have ever been to in London. The first time they wouldn't let the birthday girl or her friends in even though they were there with a promoter, and instead kept everyone waiting outside in the cold for 50+ minutes so they could charge everyone at 11. The second time the bartender kept harassing us to buy drinks or leave the club, insulted our home countries and even had someone remove our chairs so we could not sit at the bar any longer. Shocked at how rude everyone was, don't go here for Mahiki Mondays or any other day of the week! ANY club in Shoreditch is much more fun, or even touristy Leceister Square! 

I was thinking of going here next Saturday, but being an Asian female and having black friends to accompany me with, I don't think I will bother.

So Mahiki, trying to go with this Hawaiian theme and then having racial prejudices on who u let in. SORT YOUR SHIT OUT!


I had been liaising via email and telephone calls with two of the Mahiki team since 16th October in regards to my birthday booking. I made a reservation for a table of 10 at 23.00 on Saturday 8th of November. 
My group arrived at 22.45. At the door we were told that my table booking was made for 21.00 and I was two hours late thus my table had been given away. I produced my string of emails and booking form that clearly stated 23.00 to the man at the door, but was told (rudely) that nothing could be done. I then asked if any larger, thus more expensive tables were available as it was really important to me that I got in and celebrated my birthday. I was told no, and I was also told my group was too big to be accommodated (there were only eight of us) - we were not allowed to enter the club.
I would like to point out at this point that my group were all EXTREMELY well presented. The six females were in dresses and heels, and the two males wore shirts, trousers and shoes. We were a mixed group all with ID. We followed every recommendation you had made. I also had my large birthday cake with me as I had also previously discussed with you, a cake that had cost me £90.00 and had been made for the occasion with a Mahiki style theme.  
The man at the door was quite rude and did not sympathise with my situation. We were refused entry despite offering to pay double the original minimum spend for a table. Now here is where one of the biggest issues lies. We were asked to not stand outside the club and thus stood across the road as we discussed what to do and were approached by a local promoter. Behind us in the queue were a group of six females, one of whom I knew and had had a brief discussion with in the queue. I therefore know that her group did not have a table reserved and were already highly intoxicated. As I stood on the other side of the road I was absolutely furious to see that these girls were granted admission to the club. 
Let me tell you something about my group of eight. I myself am a white British female. There was a white male, a black male, a black female, an Asian female and three mixed race females. I believe my group were turned away on racial grounds. How can your organisation clearly have made a mistake and not offer any kind of agreement or compromise? Why were the group of six white, blonde females allowed in but we weren't? Why were we ushered to the other side of the road, as if to say we made the club look bad? 
I am absolutely outraged at the way I was treated and I honestly believe if my group had been all white, this would not have happened. It's disgusting that we were turned away after so many weeks of planning and liaising. 

You really really can't beat a bit of Mahiki. I just love it here. From as soon as you walk in the birds singing let you know you've reached paradise. I always try to arrive for around 10pm to beat the queues on the guestlist. It's worth chilling at the bar upstairs over a cocktail or two (get the Zombie, or the one in that is served in a coconut) until the club part downstairs gets going. Good drinks, polite and fun staff (hot bartenders fyi!), and the music was just good fun rather than chart hits on repeat. Well recommended. x

Shocking and worst experience last night. We purchased 2 entrance tickets for Valentine party, turned up at 9pm and were told the party is cancelled . Extremely rude doormen with idiotic faces didn't even let us to queue and shouted at my face to stand on the other side of the street like we were not humans. We were not given any explanation from the manager, when we asked to talk to one. Taking into consideration, it was the most windy and rainy night in long time, we had to stand outside waiting for someone to clear the picture. Obviously, management probably were to concerned to go outside and get their bodies into horrible weather -thats what they made us to do. In the end some guy with Irish accent said there was no way we would be let into the club tonight and its not their fault. I must admit i always loved Mahiki and had couple of great nights there. But after being treated like that last night on Valentines Day - it is not acceptable for a place like Mahiki to treat their customers on that level. Disgraceful and shocking. At least hire or train your stuff to some standards. Mahiki - many times disappiontment...

We booked a table at Mahiki for a hen night only to be told that members of our group couldn't enter because they “weren’t wearing heals”. The women who were refused entry were black, on entering the club there were several women who were wearing flat shoes but they happened to be white. Draw your own conclusions. It’s clear that the staff at Mahiki do not have principles that are in line with 21st century England. Their attitudes are misogynistic and racist, this is a club that I would urge all Londoners to boycott. I would give this place zero stars if possible.

Complete waist of time ...... The only good thing about this place is its decor, the rest ..... If you have the slightest clue about cockails you wouldnt want to try any cocktails at the Mahiki. I`d rather have a milkshake at MCDonalds (and I dont even like Milkshakes!) The staff are very rude. The biggest shame of it all is that neither the staff, the people who go there or even the owner himslef have a clue what a Tiki Bar is all about.... Why did they bother opening one? Surely not to attract people who are into Tiki Bars :o) Aloha!

I am obsessed with this club. I usually go every Monday and sometimes Friday and Saturday nights as well. My friends and I love sharing the drinks, look out for us (5 cute girls) on mondays! :) xx

Definitely will be returning to this tucked away hot spot. Fantastic drinks and ladies! Music and decor a little overwhelming but the treasure chest drinks and crowd made this my favorite club in Mayfair

This place rocked the music was great and my friends and I danced all night while drinking the fruitiest most flavorful drinks I've ever had in my life! We had a terrific time and didn't even have to queue that long!

One of the better clubs I've been to in London. Decor slightly overdone but the crowd is beautiful, the drinks are delicious and the music is upbeat and fun. I would recommend to young men and women looking to have a crazy good time

I absolutely loved my night at Mahiki. I went with 6 of my mates and we ordered the treasure chest and it was amazing. We will surely be back

I honestly don't know how the other reviews can say anything bad about this club without even stepping foot inside. Yes it is exclusive, but that's part of the excitement! The interior is fabulously decorated and the drinks are even crazier! If you go before 11pm you have a very good chance of getting in without paying an expensive cover and once you're inside you never want to leave!

I had an terrific night last Monday at Mahiki! The cocktails were absolutely delicious and the service and atmosphere were absolutely breathtaking. My friends and I will be back next week!

I simply LOVE this club! Not only are their drinks amazing, but their staff is as well. My mates and I went there the other night and got a table. The staff was so nice and helpful that they sent us a treasure chest on them! We honestly had the best night of our lives there and will so be going back.

For safe passage into this place I had to pay £40 for my girlfriend and myself, and she’s hot! WTF!!! Okay, it was midnight, but I don’t see the logic. I’ll never go here again, not only for the preservation of my bank balance but for the class of clientele. If you’re a fan of The Only Way Is Chelsea, then you might enjoy rubbing shoulders with the like-minded pretentious cretins that can be found here. However, for those of you with a trace of personality and humility, your time will be better spent elsewhere. You might think I’m being facetious, but I’m serious and truthful about this next point in particular; The entire bottom floor smelt like a toilet. Nothing more to it than that. I can only guess that the faecal odour was emanating from the copious amounts of bullsh*t that was being exchanged between William Winkytonkydonk and Jeffery Darchester III, and the like. Note to timeout: Please could you add the option to select 0 stars. This would have been my option for this venue. Thanks.

We had been invited to a friend's birthday party being held there, and were on the guest list. Arrived all smart and ready to spend and party; but were told by the narcisistic doorman that he had "already let in too many people for that party". So he refused us entry despite very polite protestations and explanations. Heads deeply up the rectal canal here. Only go if you like curt haughty door staff.

Avoid at all costs. Mahiki and it's frankly appalling door staff are not worth the time of day. Went there for my friend's hen party - before 9pm, with a table that had been reserved weeks before, a guaranteed minimum spend and emails / texts from that day confirming our reservation only to be told they did not have space for us. Nor we're we even allowed in the bar for a drink. Blatantly this is because we were a group of varying ages and sizes and did not fit their view of Mahiki clientele! Ridiculous behaviour as many of us were extremely able to pay their extortionate prices. It was really upsetting for the hen who was looking forward to her night. Reserved a table in the VIP area in Cafe de Paris instead who treated our group completely as They should and could not have been more helpful. Shame on you Mahiki!

I can handle pretentious people at clubs, but Mahiki's staff are more pretentious than the patrons at London's best clubs. And the place SERIOUSLY is not worth it. Don't waste your time.

My friends and I went to Mahiki last Friday, 15 June. The lady with very bad manners and attitude told us that all the tables were reserved and they were not letting anyone in??? We did not need the table, all we wanted was just to have few cocktails and to dance. I've been to the club before and I know that you have enough room to fit the four of us. I did mention that I corresponded with their customer service and that it was fine for us to come. She suggested to come back at 9 pm and to speak to the manager. We came back at 9 pm, and the manager with worse manners than the previous one, said the same thing. We had IDs, we were smartly dressed, we weren't arguing - all we wanted was to have good time. As I had two friends coming all the way from Russia - believe me, it was very hard to explain why we could not get into the club. So my question is - why didn't they let us know via emails that you were 'fully reserved' that night? Or why didn't you let me know that it's for imaginable 'VIPs' only? It's hard to explain how bitter and disappointed we felt on Friday. I would not recommend to any of my friends going into Mahiki as it's one big disappointment and waste of time. Lovely place but with stupid 'entry' rules. Or shall we say, there are no rules?

THIS PLACE IS APPAULING! Went there last night for my 25th birthday with 10 of my friends- both males and females, to only be told that we we're only allowed in if we buy a table .... And at £180 per table, this wasn't going to happen! Even after emailing the main "customer services" person HONEY.... Who by the way isnt actually a real person! Thank you for ruining my birthday Mahiki, do not go to this place if you wish to spent your good earnt money on staff that are rude and very obnoxious, also the girl on the door isn't very professional at all, she seems to have a liking of calling girls she doesn't know babe! not something you would expect from a Mayfair club.

The staff in this bar are really, really rude and obnoxious. They ruined what would otherwise have been a great night. There are much better places to spend your money.

Worst experience out. I went for a friend's birthday and showed up 10 minutes late. The door-lady would not let me in, but my friend came up to get me soon after. Then the door-lady asked where my other two friends were as she still wouldn't let me in. I came alone, but she insisted I came with two other girls (because all Chinese people are friends apparently). She let me in because I was by myself with white girls. Spot on horrible place. It was empty inside as well. Definitely never going here again.

This place completely ruined my birthday. They failed to tell me that all my guests had to all turn up at the same time as the table was booked. In the real world, not everyone can turn up at the same time. I never had anyone over the maximum amount on the table and their excuse for not letting my guests in was that they had the maximum capacity in the place. I never play the race card but there was definitely discrimination here as they wouldn't let my black friends in late but they would let my white friends in. I didn't think that kind of thing happened anymore. Totally wrong. Completely avoid going there.

Racist liars. They take your reservation so they can't be sued for discrimination, then lie about being double-booked b/c they don't want a group of brown people (Indians in our case) in. They nearly ruined my birthday. If you have any morals, don't spend your money in this backwards place with an 18th-century moral code. Boycott. **For the record, this is the first time I've ever felt discriminated against in the UK. I never pull the race card, this is an exception.

Do NOT go here, worst club in London, door staff assault customers , rip off drinks and poor service. STAY WELL AWAY!!

What an amazing place. Everyone i s so welcoming, catering ot all your needs. THE CROWD WAS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! would recommend it to everyone who wants a good ngiht without worrying about a pretentious crowd. The drinks are your standard london prices, and wherever you go id be willing to pay £10 for the most alcoholicly leathal cocktails ive drank for sure, and the fact that they're all prepared while being performed to by the flirty bar men is 100% a plus!! all in i'd say it would be one of the ebst nightclubs in town and everyone should check it out! xx