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Clevershot/Electric Shuffle

The creators of Flight Club have opened a new shuffleboard bar

The Canary Wharf-based bar has high-tech tables that host interactive shuffleboard games, as well as pizzas, drinks and brunch.

Written by Time Out. Paid for by Electric Shuffle.

When the first Flight Club opened its doors it took London by storm. And anyone who has been to one of the four Flight Club bars will tell you what a bloody good laugh it is (if you haven’t been, you should go asap). So, when the team behind the social darts sensation announced they were bringing out a new concept, it was exciting news. Now that concept is here, in the form of Electric Shuffle.

Based in Canary Wharf, Electric Shuffle has gone full mad scientist on the traditional game of shuffleboard – and we’re all about it. The bar features a series of semi-private playing areas that have been fitted with cutting-edge shuffleboards and screens, simultaneously keeping score and guiding players through the various game modes. What’s more, it’s big enough for you to safely socially distance yourself from other groups while playing.

Wait, what actually is shuffleboard? An electrifying game of skill and chance, that’s what. Shuffleboard sees players compete for eternal glory by sliding weighted pucks down a wooden table in an attempt to land on scoring zones at the opposition’s end. It may sound easy, but there’s a lot more to it than simply hitting the targets. And, with Electric Shuffle’s supercharged tables, the excitement is ramped up even more.

As you’d expect from the creators of Flight Club, this bar is about more than just games. It also serves up delicious-looking pizzas, as well as offering a stellar selection of beers, wines and cocktails. It looks damn cool too: the place is kitted out with shiny copper decor, giving it a London-bar-meets-Nikola-Tesla’s-lab kinda vibe – the perfect spot to revel in your post-shuffleboard victory.

Ready to get your shuffle on? Electric Shuffle is open now and you can book your table here.

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