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Zigfrid von Underbelly

There's certainly plenty of pedigree to this quirky Hoxton haunt - it's the former studio of Goldsmith graduates and YBAs, Gary Hume and Sarah Lucas, plus the owner's apparently a bit of a face on the art and music scenes. And then there's the roster of top-notch artists and bands who have played in the separate gig venue downstairs, 'The Underbelly'.

Upstairs, it's more of a diner, DJ bar and cocktail joint, with Paul Daly's design bringing together mismatched furniture, rocking horses, bicycles and surf boards hanging from up on high. There's a jukebox providing the tunes when the DJs take a break from the ones and twos, and with a capacity of 520 - plus space out on the terrace for a further 100 - there's plenty of room for those packing their dancing feet. 

It's also home to Hoxton Square Craft Beer, so the booze is a bit of a strong point, with house brews such as London Plane Ale served alongside pints pulled from fresh tanks of Budweiser Budvar and Brooklyn Lager. The food menu ranges from classic British dishes such as bangers and mash, fish and chips and shepherd's pie to those with US influence - think burgers, BBQ ribs, nachos and pancakes for breakfast. Pizzas also prove pretty popular.  

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Zigfrid von Underbelly says
For more than a decade, Zigfrid has been an independent and locally owned 'art rock von roll' food house and drinking spot that can be enjoyed for cosy lounging or big night out.

Zigfrid upstairs is a jukebox and DJ space with a restaurant area. Underbelly downstairs is a host to live gigs and basement clubbing. The two floors share an outside terrace for al fresco fun and smirting.

Our food menus are put together with options for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans alike, hoping to create an all-inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy together.

The beer list features tank fresh Budweiser Budvar delivered weekly straight from the brewery in the Czech Republic into our shiny copper tanks; wines are carefully selected and the cocktails comprise affordable favourites, our own concoctions or twists on classics.

Here at Zigfrid von Underbelly we do our best to bring you honest home cooked meals and a wide selection of drinks from near and far. We thank you for supporting our locally owned & truly independent business.
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Venue name: Zigfrid von Underbelly
Address: 11 Hoxton Square
N1 6NU
Transport: Tube: Old St
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A nightmare experience...

Imagine you plan your 50th birthday. You want a special place. You go to the internet and look for reviews. The reviews look good and the pictures ever greater. Then you feel happy that you find a nice place to celebrate with your friends... booked it... Next step, you confirm the booking and number... birthday cake ordered... It seems that everything is running smooth and perfect.

Then... your birthday celebration is a disaster... I feel extremely disappointed with my birthday celebration at the venue. I have booked a table 16-20 people for a dinner far in advance and I was expecting from the online reviews a better experience. I also had paid for a deposit of £50 to have the table booked. Trendy venue but a horrible service. 

The Morritos and Margaritas' cocktails jars didn't have much alcohol on it and we had to send it back. After they came back, the margarita didn't have enough sugar. At this point, I thought it would be a waste of time to complain and send them back. 

I had confirmed a table to 18 people 4 days before the booking. We ordered our food and 30 minutes later the waiter/manager came and told us that we had ordered too many steaks and they weren't preparing for that. We had to reorder the food and literally had a raffle to know who would have the 4 steaks left.   One person didn't have any choice of food on the menu what was shameful and they offered nachos to her without charge. I felt very bad for my guest. The kitchen should have ordered enough food to attend the needs of a big booking or they should have asked me to check with my guests what they want to order and pre-order the food for us. I saw a couple arriving before we ordered without a booking and having their meal close to us. The food took ages to arrive and I was the last one to be served. I thought that I was the host and birthday boy to have some priority. 

We were overcharged and had to review the bill which had been charged extra. 

The table and especially the end of the table piled with empty glasses and jars and I had to ask someone to clean it as more guests arrived. 

The waiter was very nice and friendly and did what was possible to do by himself to offer a great service but I think that he needed another person helping him to manage the service load.He also was split between serving the bar and attend our table orders.

Unreliable and I cannot recommend!

I think that I deserve a compensation and an apology for this horrendous service on birthday's celebration. 


Very fun venue. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable: we spoke with a Spanish lady, who discussed Spanish cider with us. 

The downstairs is designed like a US dive bar, we listened to live music and the venue was well designed for a band - with a dance floor, easy access to the bar and also booths for those not wanting to be as involved in the action.


Love love love this bar, it's like walking into some fantasy world, with random neon lights, beer-brewing tank, items stuck to the ceiling, carved wooden tables and trippy videos projected onto the walls - that's all before you've even had a drink! There's a great vibe, good mix of music on a Saturday night and the brilliant Underbelly where you can enjoy live music. Highly recommended!


This place is all sound and colour and sweat! But this is what makes shoreditch such a great place to be, and this is one of THE shoreditch venues. It is as shoreditch as it comes. The crowd is excellent and you can find anyone from the weird and wacky to the wonderful and womanly (i struggled for another w word.. oh wait there is wild too). The drinks are cheap by london standards and the bouncers are also friendly considering the amount of stick they get from drunk customers. Finally, it opens late on most nights so this is definitely a go to place. Lots of good food nearby for before you go partying as well!


This place is so weird. I love it. Firstly, free entry. In London? Yes! I'm already sold. Then the mix of people and decor make it a fun place to check out. The dance hall downstairs had some sick beats and come commercial jams for everyone to sing along and dance to. This really helps get the crowd going and you definitely end up bonding with strangers. And I'd rather that happen over a shared love for a Rihanna song than standing in the queue for fried chicken at 4am. 

Upstairs is a lot more laid back, the 80's aerobics videos giving you a little jump in your step while ordering a drink. For an oversaturated, mainstream Shoreditch this is a little patch of life that hasn't been completely destroyed quite yet. You might meet a few douchebags but its a more Dalston-y vibe than most other places in the vicinity. 

Try it out, it's one to remember for an unplanned night out. 


I like Zigfrid. Weirdly, I'd never really noticed it on Hoxton Sq, I guess normally I just waltz right into Hoxton Bar and Grill. But good news folks, there's another good place to party on the square.

I love the weird decor and lighting, complete with moose heads, old furniture and psychadelic items dotted around. They make a mean rum and coke, and that's important. I can't speak for other cocktails, drinks or food because I didn't sample any. Maybe I had a tequila. Or maybe not. I'm uncertain. It was late, what can I say?  Oh, and it's open until at least 2, maybe later. It's busy, with lots of fun people inside. I'll be back.

Went here for a New Year's and overall, was pretty happy with the general atmosphere and vibe. Drinks were VERY expensive, although this could have been owing to the fact it was New Year's. The decor of the place is quite unique - it holds a kitsch, eccentric, bohemian vibe. The music was a bit hit and miss - the night started with great tunes of the likes of Kate Bush but later songs were more electronic-sounding and minimalist, and I knew little of what was being played.

Overall, an interesting, unusually decorated place, but overpriced and the music left something to be desired, when I visited anyway.

Love this venue. So chilled, great vibes, and the staff are always a pleasure. They definitely mix things up, from the music playing in the Underbelly to the crazy decor that's going on (surfboards hanging about, mish mash of furniture that's really comfy to sit in...) Love the cocktails here too and completely recommend the food. Pizza is delicious. It's a real find and people should check it out. 

I really like Zigfrid - I think it has an authenticity that is lacking in other venues in the area. The proof is in its longevity and the quirky yet unpretentious vibe keeps attracting people back to it. It is a venue that continues to support new and independent music and I've seen loads of great bands here in the Underbelly. Music and art is a theme that runs throughout the venue and it is unapologetic in its out-there decor, which is truly expressive and a bit insane - in a good way.

I have eaten here a few times and can recommend the Big Ziggy burger. Most of the menu is completely homemade and really reasonably priced, taking into consideration its competitors in the area. Although the beers are good, I would really recommend the cocktails, which are made by a young, passionate bar team who definitely know their stuff. I was talked into having a Negroni (not on the menu) and have never looked back.

Great music, great staff, great place.