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11 ways to stay green at Glastonbury Festival

By Time Out London Music

Heading to Glastonbury? Read these tips from the green team before you go... 

1. Borrow, don’t buy! 

Ask friends and family if you can use their camping gear instead of just buying lots of new stuff.

2. Take your tent 

Get your money’s worth out of the tent by taking it home and using it again and again. And again. Just don’t leave it for the landfill.

3. Bring a bottle

Use a reusable water bottle, it’s important to stay hydrated, with all the walking, dancing and anything else that makes a person thirsty.

4. Pack light  

Don’t bring more than you need. It’s only a few days, you don’t need to bring your whole wardrobe, the Xbox or stacks of deckchairs. Also, if you’re carrying less, that’s less back pain and more chance of getting a lift.

5. Share lifts

Check with the festival if they put on free transit lifts, search for handy public transport options and liftshare groups online.

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6. Reuse your cups

If the festival has reusable cups ñ use them! The Glasto cup also has a furry muff to keep cold hands warm.

7. Shower speedily 

Use less water by taking the three-minute shower challenge and doing a speedy splash and wash.

8. Use the right bin 

Use all the separate recycling bins that are dotted around most UK festival sites.

9. Ditch the wet wipes 

Bring biodegradable wet wipes because normal wipes clog up sewers and landfill sites. Though you’re actually better off with a bottle of water and tissues. 

10. Wash wisely 

The water from tap points can run straight on to the land, so make sure you’re using environmentally friendly washing products that won’t pollute the ground.

11. Lend a hand

Grab a bin liner and help tidy your campsite – it’s much nicer like that!

Check out our Glastonbury tube map.

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