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14 of London's most notable neighbourhoods... revealed!

Written by
andy hill

What’s your area a hotspot for? In our City Index survey, 7,000 Londoners told us which neighbourhoods work hardest, are most loved by residents and have the most sex...

Good vibes: Around three-quarters of folk from Hampstead and Swiss Cottage say they love their neighbourhood. Who can blame them, with acres of rolling heath, markets, posh shops and ace transport links? 

Working hard: Those enterprisingly busy bees in Nine Elms and South Lambeth claim they work the hardest, clocking up an apparently back-breaking average of 43.86 hours a week at the coalface.

Hardly working: David Bowie's old stomping ground Bromley is the most work-shy in London, with respondents supposedly putting in a leisurely 37.14 hours per week at the office. 'Under Pressure?' Hardly.

Straight edge: Respondents in Wimbledon were the most straight-laced, with a mere 6 percent of them taking drugs this past month. Who needs controlled substances when youíve got tennis and Wombles?

© Amelia Seddon

High Street: Stoke Newington's inhabitants are London's druggiest, with 39 percent declaring they've taken illicit substances in the past month. Stokey also claims the highest proportion of people whoíve stayed up until sunrise recently. Coincidence, we're sure.

Morning afters: People in Balham and Clapham are seemingly the most drunk, with 87 percent admitting to having struggled through a hangover in the past month. Get some emergency bacon butties down there, stat.

Night befores: A striking 80 percent of Brixton dwellers who answered our survey have enjoyed a one-night stand in the past year. Single? Time to put on a clean pair of pants and rock down to Electric Avenue. 

Zone phwoar: Plumstead suburbanites are having more sex than anyone else in London, with 45 percent claiming to have got down to business in the past week and 18 percent getting jiggy 'most days.' It's always the quiet ones...

© Wright Archive

Rush hour rage: Croydon reportedly has the gloomiest commuters in London...

9am zen: ...while denizens of riverside enclave Southwark are the happiest commuters, thanks to a prime location, ace transport connections – and maybe all that freely flowing craft beer.

Monogamous sorts: In Walworth 88 percent of people claim theyíve never cheated on a partner, making it the most faithful neighbourhood. They're all too busy playing with their rods on Burgess Park fishing lake (that's totally a thing).

Tempted astray: A whopping 33 percent of folk in Borough confess to cheating on their partner - that's more than any other area we surveyed.

A pleasure doing business: Around a third of Muswell Hill locals confess they've had sex at work. So venture past the Broadway window displays of shiny knick-knacks and artisanal cured meats and you might get more than you bargained for.

Swiping right: a third of respondents in both Clapton and Elephant & Castle say they're single and looking. Obviously not very hard. Maybe they should arrange some kind of SE1-E5 wallflower exchange programme.

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