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15 Instagram pictures you probably took this summer

Kate Lloyd

Big start to the bank holiday weekend. // Photo: @londondelinquent #stokenewington #sunset #london

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As we stumble towards the end of summer 2015, it's time to ask ourselves: what have we got to show for three months of park-drinking, pub-drinking and festival-drinking?

For me, the answer's several bruises, an increased alcohol tolerance and a whole load of Instagram pictures. Because one thing we've all done pretty well at this year is document the whole sunshine-in-the-city malarky on social media.

Amidst the holiday snaps and the #officialwedding bunting pictures there have been a few recurring photos that will define London in 2015. Here are the Instagrams we all took this summer. 

1. The 'I'm excited to slide!' Carsten Höller shot

Photos: @metamorphoshir, @clairesandrae, @george.kraniotis, @jessicagiles, @lburge91 and @davidsim


2. And the 'I refuse to take the obvious slide snap so here's the pile of pills' shot

Photos: @george.kraniotis, @pmul_, @8jayk, @21stcenturyalex, @benjimiller, @oliviagrace_92 

3. The 'I'M EATING STREET FOOD TONIGHT' Dinerama snap 

Photos: @donfred15, @jackedwardpass, @ninalundberg, @bastienclement, @nika.novozilova, @jade_cc_


4. The 'Bam! Bao! Bun!' photo

 Photos: @pinto_ldn, @wannee_ame, @diamondcanopy, @msjessicamw, @thenudgelondon, @emilyfcbrown

5. The 'I'm at a festival' flags picture 

Photo: @jeanna_lee, @prae_krisanee, @flosst5, @photoglory1, @shaunamcgregor, @stephaniesofokleous 

 6. The 'Arty festival chairoplane' picture

 Photos: @yanzhi_t, @carlosfandango123, @bec_smith6292, @aranyay, @moniquewray, @eatelierespaco

7. The 'It's sunny so I'm drinking Roofnic cocktails in jam jars' shot

 Photos: @hannahv7, @emmatwitchinxxx, @valeria_volo, @ugibbs1985, @asavage1979, @ayedar

8. The 'King's Cross Pond... from a distance' 

Photos: @livjns, @keldaknight, @mahin84, @rebecca_frankel, @alimossthomas, @parthakar, @laurafromthelakes 

9. The '#stunning view from Frank's'. At sunset, obvs

 Photos: @nnjckson, @benswailes, @sophieatye, @maddywhite5, @joey7rogers, @missoliviarose24

10. Ice-cream sandwiches! Like an ice cream! But prettier!

 Photos: @fauxfoodies, @catmiche, @jody_ge, @s0ph1e22, @amylazelly, @soniax

11. The Serpentine Pavilion from all angles

 Photos: @ruidasilvadaily, @pqchoi, @jenny_postle, @itsmrwaterfield, @nishalahiri, @enaregina

12. The 'look how popular London Fields is today' shot

 Photos: @davidnerr, @freddy_w8, @valethebrunette, @michaelcole.ldn, @Jazmaskell, @akikokurematsu

13. The wall of neon at Lights of Soho, because it looks great with XPro II

Photos: @fab.frs, @badgerthebarrister, @missameliec, @small_bud1, @thejamescousins, @unicorntales

14. The 'just hanging out at the National Theatre... Oh wait, what's that huge pointing finger?!'

 Photos: @sobuhandmade, @nikitaaliciachinaice, @peoplesliam, @pell_ensemble, @tattymia, @david21cummins

15. And a late contender – the balloons in Covent Garden looking magnificent

Photos: @crowdcloud, @katrinachen929, @cenelena, @msemmabiggs, @x2hannahindia, @george_kimm 

Here's a round-up of closing dates for all summer's best bits

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