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16 weird questions people have asked the London tourist board

Written by
kyra hanson

Forget directions to landmarks and public loos – according to the City of London Information Centre, visitors to the city are more interested in ghost sightings, Sherlock Holmes’s grave and plastic surgery. 

It also seems that geography isn’t a strong point for tourists: St Paul’s Cathedral has been confused with Trafalgar Square, Shakespeare’s Globe and Tate Modern. And it’s not just the city’s landmarks provoking muffled laughter and knowing looks at the tourist board – some visitors reckon they should be tapping in with clams, not oysters.

Here are our favourite questions, from the brilliantly absurd to the downright bizarre.

1. On average, how many ghost sightings are there in London per year?

2. What is the circumference of the City?

3. Where is Harry Potter Street?

4. Can I use my clam?

5. At what time is evil song at St Paul’s Cathedral?

6. Can I have tea with the Queen?

7. Where is the University in Oxford St?

8. Where did the Beatles live in Liverpool Street?

9. Can you cross Tower Bridge when it is open?

10. On which side of the Thames is Tower Bridge?

11. At what time do the clowns perform at Piccadilly Circus?

12. Which shop in London has half-naked men?

13. Is St John’s station on the other side of St John’s?

14. Can you recommend a good plastic surgeon around here?

15. Where can I buy Mr Bean’s teddy?

16. Where can I find Sherlock Holmes’s grave?

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