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23 beautiful photos of London from Stewart Marsden

Guy Parsons

We're always on the search for fresh new angles on the city we love, and recently Stewart Marsden's fine shots of London have caught our eye. Whether from the streets of the West End or expansive vantage points way above, his photos illuminate the city in lustrous colour. He talks us through his work below...

The London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey:

 'The London skyline is as diverse as it is iconic, it’s full of history and memory. Her ever changing majesty is always a delight to explore and capture. I do wish city planners would speak to photographers before going ahead though; as sometimes certain buildings would improve the skyline if they were little further to the left...'

Barbican Underground:

'My weapon of choice at the minute is my Pentax K3 Mark 2, and a collection of prime lenses. I usually leave the house with some kind of three-lens kit and maybe a short zoom. A small bag of bits like filters, spare batteries and a remote. I have a small robust, slightly battered old Slik tripod. I also pack a compass, torch, multi tool, and my press card in case I get hassled by the rozzers.'

London from above: (view full size)

'When it comes to finding vantage points, you have to explore the city and find what works. Sometimes you need to weigh up the balance between asking nicely and asking for forgiveness when going for access to places.'

Great Windmill Street, Soho:

'I don’t live in London, I travel in whenever I can from the home counties, either with a well-oiled plan or just a jolly shoot to see what happens. The vibrancy of the streets is a real inspiration. There is a shot to be had at every turn.'

Canary Wharf:

'I’ve been creative since childhood – my grandmother taught me to draw and paint. She taught me to understand how light falls across a subject and how to recreate that on paper.'

Ed's Diner, Soho:

The view from South Bank Tower: (view full size)

'The one lens I never like to leave at home is my faithful 28mm shift lens. You never know when the opportunity for a cheeky panorama may pop up.'

St. Paul's Cathedral from One New Change:

The Shard from Lambeth North:

 Brewer Street, Soho:

Looking east: (view full size)

 Taxis off Leicester Square:

The choir at St. Paul's Cathedral:

Night at Trafalgar Square:

Sloane Square:


The rail bridges of Borough:

Looking down Shaftesbury Avenue:

 The London Eye:

Ganton Street, Soho:

 Admiralty Arch, Westminster: 

Sunset from St. Paul's

For more photos by Stewart, visit (where you can also purchase prints) or follow him on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Instagram.

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