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23 beautiful to-do lists from people WAY more organised than you


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When you have a lot of things to do, make a to-do list. Don't want to actually do the things? Spend ages making that to-do list heartstoppingly beautiful!

This could be the cynic's take on Instagram's planner/journal/list-making community, particularly around the Bullet Journal system that involves trackers, lists, topics, signifiers, wheels, grids and other beautiful ways to procrastinate while still feeling productive.

But who am I – the man whose personal organisation system is 'PROCRASTINATE PANIC APOLOGISE SELF-LOATHE' – to criticise? Because imagine quite how together your shit would feel if your life looked more like these.

I have a system for everything. 


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I have colour-coding.


I have checkboxes.


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Yes, I have colour-coded checkboxes.


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Through organisation I become more powerful each day.


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Also I have a bunch of neat felt-tips.


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I plan my meals in advance.


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Life is simple and I am in control.


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Each day I fill the grid and I am safe.


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In meetings I take notes. They look like this.


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Each week is laid out before me. No surprises. 


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I take regular exercise. There are boxes for this also.


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There are many things to do, but I can accomplish them one at a time.


Tasks have subtasks. There is a hierarchy. And I stand atop it, master of all I survey.


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I record the weather. I take my vitamins.


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All is well, that is for sure.


What am I meant to be doing now? It's okay, I can just check.


So pretty. So soothing.


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I capture my memories with tiny pictures. These also go into boxes.


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When I am bored of boxes, I can use wheels. It's all good.


The line goes up. The line goes down. In this way, inner mastery is achieved.


My plans are literally infallible. 


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Also my handwriting just looks like this.


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This plan is too elegant for others to understand.


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New year, same me. I am already in perfect control. Thank you, and goodbye.


Admit it, you now urgently need a fine-tipped ballpoint pen and a graph-paper notebook. Hie thee to one of London's best stationery stores

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