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23 things to do in London while the world is ending

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Time Out London editors

Phewf, we've only just made it past the blood moon and now we're facing another risk of the world ending. It's today. At some point over the next few hours the 'the world will pass away' according to eBible Fellowship leader Chris McCann. Who adds that it will be anhilated by fire.

Here are things to do while the world is ending around you. (Don't say we're not committed to bringing you the best things to do on all occasions.)

1. Go to Dishoom because there probably won't be a queue.

2. Go to London Zoo and help yourself to an exotic pet which may ultimately kill you but #YOLO you've only got hours to live anyway.

3. Flee the London Underground as it starts to fill with molten lava.

4. Start up a Vine channel in which you go into really formal restaurants REALLY underdressed but nobody can stop you because they’re all dead.

5. Turn the Circle line into your own private train set.

6. Head to Frank's at sunset to catch a glimpse of the fire balls falling from the sky. #greatview

7. Break into Buckingham Palace and sit on the Queen's throne.

8. Wear her crown.

9. Eat a whole massive Hawksmoor steak because there'll be no-one left to eat it with you and you'll be dead by the time you get heartburn.

10. Primrose Hill is a great place to watch the souls of the damned spiralling screaming into the sky-vortex.

11. Or, if you're feeling a little more active, why not do something disgustingly sinful and join the sky-vortex yourself.

12. Toast marshmallows over the burning remains of the Houses of Parliament.

13. Raid the V&A's archives, so you look glorious whilst toasting said marshmallows.

14. #apocalypseselfie.

15. Cycle from home to work to see how long it takes without all the buses and traffic lights. (We're genuinely curious about this.)

16. Repent for sins.

17. Repent for sins some more.

18. Scroll back through your Instagram feed and make a joke about your life flashing before your eyes. Then realise there's no one left to hear your pun. :(

19. Get forced to stop when God finally >>>> Internet.

20. Walk across America to find your son who's trapped in New York, before it's too late.

21. Realise your Milwaukee neighbourhood has been overrun by the walking dead. Shelter in the local shopping mall with a small group of allies, before joining up with the stores' security guards to fight the undead. 

22. Die and become a ghost.

23. Nothing because you're dead.

We've previously rounded up the best things to do in Peckham and Victoria Park Village before the world ends, and now the big day has finally come. If you never made it to Ginger Pig - too late, you're outta time.

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