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25 photos that prove London is just a cute little village

Written by
Guy Parsons

It's a popular misconception that London is a bustling global metropolis with a population of over 8 million. But in fact, it's simply a twee-as-fuck village consisting purely of cobbled streets and charming attractions. These photos prove our point.

1) All the museums are tiny:


A photo posted by @anya_alaska on

2) The streets are all small:


A photo posted by Erica Siegel (@ericasiegel) on

3) The village garden is well turned out:

© Patrizia Ilaria Sechi

4) And the local pub is ridiculously pretty:

5) There are pretty little cottages:

© Patrizia Ilaria Sechi

6) Winding roads everywhere:


A photo posted by @jamesleach on

7) A sweet local greengrocer: 


A photo posted by @t3j1 on

8)  Wide open spaces are never far away:

© Mark, Flickr

 9) There are colourful facades:


A photo posted by JAMES HENRY / (@getjimbo) on

10) Street stalls:

11) The two main modes of transport are VINTAGE CAR:


A photo posted by K S E N I A (@kseniaskos) on

12) Your choice of colour, of course:


A photo posted by @monalogue on

13) Alternatively, travel by vintage bicycle:


A photo posted by Michael Sparrow (@sparrowflu) on

14) Or horse!1!!!


A photo posted by Bell & Bird (@bellandbird) on

15) The one phone box is also an itty-bitty library:

16) Old pianos become giant flowerpots:


A photo posted by Inga (@inga_vl) on



A photo posted by Carrie Harwood (@wishwishwish) on

18) Get a load of this #wisteria.

19) You might live here:


A photo posted by Praki (@praki78) on

20) Or here:


A photo posted by C Wilson (@wilson__13) on

21) Or down here:

22) Or over here: 


A photo posted by Savoteur (@savoteurco) on

23) This place:


A photo posted by deanwilliams (@deanwilliams) on

24) Here's the church:


A photo posted by #saintchear #londonlife (@mr.chear) on

25) And finally, here's the supposedly mighty river that runs through town:

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