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A £1000 pound shop is opening in Mayfair

Matilda Egere-Cooper

In the event you happen to have a spare thousand quid just lying around, you're in luck big spenders: someone's decided to open a £1000 shop in London this August.

We kid you not: The Thousand Pound Shop will be opening in Mayfair - naturally - and will be the city's first luxury version of Poundland where everything is priced at no less than a quid and three zeros.

What exactly will you get for all those bucks? Well, instead of the usual batteries, baked beans and biccies by the bucket, stock will include discount designer jewellery, watches and fashion items (sadly, no canned caviar) because according to the founders, 'they want to make luxury affordable to everybody'. Presumably they mean rich people tightening their belts who couldn't possibly resort to a six-pack of Silk Soft. In any case, you'll need to be a member to get in on these thousand deals, but at least you'll get some sort of bargain - membership is free for the first thousand people who sign up via the website.

 Find out more about The Thousand Pound Shop.

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