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A blobfish café is coming to east London

Isabelle Aron

London's appetite for novelty cafés apparently knows no bounds, because a BLOBFISH café is setting up shop in an as yet unknown east London location in summer 2016. In case you're not familiar with this handsome specimen, the blobfish shot to fame in 2013 after it was voted the World's' Ugliest Animal and appointed as the mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. But the organisers behind the blobfish café say that there's more to the slimy blobfish than its big old frowning face and that's why they're planning to bring three of these fellas (Barry, Lorcan and Lady Swift, if you're wondering) over to London. To use their words, 'we want people to be able to look the blobfish in the eyes' (#creepy). The plan is currently short on any other details, but here's what else we know so far. 

It was originally meant to be in the glamorous location of North Acton, but there were a few technical hitches with the venue, so they've now set their sights on east London (obviously). The blobfish will be kept in a pressurised tank, so you won't be able to touch them, but would you want to, really?

There will be no charge to visit the café and no ballot for tickets, but the organisers say that all profits will come from food and drink, which will be 'most likely be slightly overpriced'. They're also planning weekly supper clubs where you can feast on an eight course deep-sea-themed tasting menu, which hopefully doesn't feature blobfish in any form.

If you're desperate to look a blobfish in the eyes, you'll sadly have to wait a while because the café won't be opening until summer 2016, but that gives you plenty of time to get hyped/move out of London in despair.

Keep up to date with the latest blobfish café news by following Lorcan The Blobfish on Twitter at @BlobFishCafe.

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