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A 'Breaking Bad'-styled cocktail lab has popped up in Hackney Wick

Written by
Danielle Goldstein

Since the world’s favourite meth-peddling pair left our screens for good in 2013, there’s been a ‘Breaking Bad’ shaped hole in our lives. We’ve tried filling it with Ben & Jerry’s Cores and Cat Bounce, but nothing has sufficed. Until now. Bow down and thank the blue-powdered deities that be, because an RV has been shipped over from the US, plonked in Hackney Wick and decked out almost exactly like Walt and Jesse’s roving lab.

ABQ, the London collective behind this venture, is providing ‘BB’ fans with the chance to cook up cocktails, Heisenberg style. We went down before the three-month run kicks off tomorrow for a sneak peak of how much bang you'll be getting for your buck.

Around 20 of us are shuffled into the oversized caravan and seated on blue barrels at workstations that line the walls. All the chemicals we'll be needing for our concoctions are laid out before us (pre-measured) beside beakers, test tubes and other bits of equipment we haven't seen since our school days. Heisenberg's menacing glower looks over our shoulders from the back wall, while 'cooks' in yellow jumpsuits instruct us to get to work. 

Instructions pinned to the walls tell our half of the group how to make a rum punch named 'Blue Flynn' after Walter Jr, while the other half makes Saul's C2H6O Sorbet – a cheek-suckingly strong, slushy-styled daiquiri. At the end we'll all share our creations, but until then, we struggle to get the caps off the child-proof bottles.

Tickets for this brilliant bar are already sold out until September, so if you want one you'd better nab it quick-sharp. The whole shebang will set you back £30, but for that you get one hour to cook and another hour to hang out and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Two of the cocktails are free, while a third bramble-based one will be available to buy at the bar/driver's seat.

Our drinks, which were designed in part by the Worship Street Whistling Shop, are served up in a beaker with a couple of lines of strawberry sherbet, and a petri dish that contains the cobalt blue sorbet covered in popping candy and a foam of lapsang tea. The attention to detail is as mind-blowing as the taste, which definitely fills a hole, be it 'Breaking Bad'-shaped or other wise. 

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