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A 'Breaking Bad'-styled cocktail lab has popped up in Hackney Wick

ABQ Breaking Bad pop-up

Since the world’s favourite meth-peddling pair left our screens for good in 2013, there’s been a ‘Breaking Bad’ shaped hole in our lives. We’ve tried filling it with Ben & Jerry’s Cores and Cat Bounce, but nothing has sufficed. Until now. Bow down and thank the blue-powdered deities that be, because an RV has been shipped over from the US, plonked in Hackney Wick and decked out almost exactly like Walt and Jesse’s roving lab.

ABQ, the London collective behind this venture, is providing ‘BB’ fans with the chance to cook up cocktails, Heisenberg style. We went down before the three-month run kicks off tomorrow for a sneak peak of how much bang you'll be getting for your buck.




Around 20 of us are shuffled into the oversized caravan and seated on blue barrels at workstations that line the walls. All the chemicals we'll be needing for our concoctions are laid out before us (pre-measured) beside beakers, test tubes and other bits of equipment we haven't seen since our school days. Heisenberg's menacing glower looks over our shoulders from the back wall, while 'cooks' in yellow jumpsuits instruct us to get to work. 





Instructions pinned to the walls tell our half of the group how to make a rum punch named 'Blue Flynn' after Walter Jr, while the other half makes Saul's C2H6O Sorbet – a cheek-suckingly strong, slushy-styled daiquiri. At the end we'll all share our creations, but until then, we struggle to get the caps off the child-proof bottles.


Tickets for this brilliant bar are already sold out until September, so if you want one you'd better nab it quick-sharp. The whole shebang will set you back £30, but for that you get one hour to cook and another hour to hang out and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Two of the cocktails are free, while a third bramble-based one will be available to buy at the bar/driver's seat.


Our drinks, which were designed in part by the Worship Street Whistling Shop, are served up in a beaker with a couple of lines of strawberry sherbet, and a petri dish that contains the cobalt blue sorbet covered in popping candy and a foam of lapsang tea. The attention to detail is as mind-blowing as the taste, which definitely fills a hole, be it 'Breaking Bad'-shaped or other wise. 

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Lauren H tastemaker

The trailer is spot on, just like in breaking bad and I love the idea of this. It's surprisingly big inside and we went in as a group of 5 and all had enough room to sit together. They ran out of yellow jump suits and they searched around for an apron that wasn't great to give to my friend, that was disappointing. The cocktails were ok and it was novel in the way you had to "cook" them but we were left to our own devices with an instruction card and weren't really sure what we were doing for all of them. We heard one of the guys saying "you're supposed to talk everyone through them" but that definitely didn't happen with us. It's a good night out for breaking bad fans but I think the staff could definitely put a bit more effort into the service they provide and perhaps get into character, I think that would make it much better.

Lizzie W Tastemaker

Yo bitches! You hear to cook? ... this is literally how we were greeted by a guy leaping out of an old RV on Hackney Road. From start to finish I honestly felt like I was Jessie Pinkman and my Walter was the ace bar staff that managed to make 100+ cocktails, explain to how to infuse and cook them ourselves all in the space of 2 hours. I have wanted to go for ages but had lowered my expectations thinking it would be gimicky and over priced at £30 each for 3 cocktails. But boy was I wrong and would recommend to anyone. On arrival you are led in to the RV which is exactly decorated and eacg given boiler suits (bewarned it gets very hot in them). Within minutes we were given our welcome cocktail in conical flasks and handed a menu. From there on out it was breakimg bad vibe the whole way from music, to cocktails, to bar staff. The cocktails were delicious (especially the Granite State) with a good variety of spirits and flavours to choose from. But plenty tonchoose from. Don't expect to be mixing the whole cocktail (which I think would make the whole experience too long and messy plus they probably wouldn't taste as good) but expect plenty of dry ice, nitrogen and 2 hours of breaking bad fun.

Lise M tastemaker

We had a great experience at the ABQ Experience for my friend's birthday. The concept is very simple, Bitches! During two hours you are totally immersed in Breaking Bad's univers. You enter a RV which is the same replica of Walter White's one  in which you can find a bar and stations to create not Blue Meth but experimental cocktails. All the ingredients are given to you to make crazy drinks with tubes, mixers-settlers, etc. The cocktails are not best ones but it's a lot of fun to make them wearing yellow suits and under the watch of a giant Walter White neon. I would definitely recommend it as big fan of the series. You'll love it! 

Katie F Tastemaker

Great experience for all Breaking Bad fans. Expect amazing details - the replica RV, Los Pollos-style chicken served outside, chemistry-themed drinking vessels (think beakers and conical flasks) - as well as LOADS of dry ice and a giant blue neon Heisenberg watched over you as you 'cook'. We felt like big kids going back to school and having a chemistry lesson. The two cocktails are both along the blue crystal theme - not the best cocktails ever but the fun which goes into making them makes them taste good anyway. It is quite pricey at £30 per person but it's a very fun evening and a unique pop-up experience. It's very popular so book in advance (if there are still tickets available...). It's a very fun 3 (maybe 4) star experience.


This was a great experience, and a wonderful idea for a new pop up bar in London. It's not surprising the tickets are sold out until October. The attention to detail was spot on, with the huge RV, decorated perfectly, the bar outside serving cocktails, chicken and chips, and the pretty much identical Heisenberg wandering around for the token photo. Staff are really friendly, and play a good part in making it an authentic evening. The workshop has changed slightly to the original line up and you now make one cocktail and drink it and then the second, which I think keeps everyone entertained as making them is definitely the highlight! The only downside I can point out is that the second cocktail, the blue daiquiri style drink, is a bit strange and there were a few complaints from around the van. All in all, if you're a Breaking Bad fan, you will really enjoy it.

Ali B

It needs some bullet holes!