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A Brixton Pound cash machine has opened in Market Row


A photo posted by Emad Rashed (@truelies_eg) on

It's now even easier to get your hands on a wad of Brixton's local currency thanks to a shiny new Brixton Pound cash machine that's opened in Market Row today. It's the world’s first local currency cash machine, and looks more like a money vending machine than your usual ATM. The Brixton Pound launched back in 2009 and there's now B£50,000 in circulation in paper and electronic form. Not only does using the currency help support local businesses, it also looks way more impressive than a boring old £20 note. Each note commemorates a local hero including Brixton's most famous son, David Bowie, who is obviously way cooler than the Queen. No offence, Liz.

Here are five reasons we should celebrate the Brixton Pound