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A cube whose only purpose is ‘fidgeting with‘ just raised £4.2 million on Kickstarter

Guy Parsons

Pen clickers, knee jigglers, desk tappers: lend me your ears...

Matthew and Mark McLachlan are two everyday designer bros from Denver, Colorado.

And like all the best people, they are prone to fidgeting.

And so, one fine day, they had the idea to create a device custom-built for fiddling with.

A practically pointless little cube, yes, but one with little bits that click satisfyingly...

roll around soothingly...

flick addictively...

...and otherwise keep your hands occupied. A fidget widget, if you will.

They launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise an ambitious $15,000, which would let them manufacture around a thousand cubes for a small, dedicated community of the anxious.

Then it went just ever-so-slightly viral...

Just three weeks later, the lads have unexpectedly found themselves with over five million dollars in pledges, 130,000 customers, and are well on-track to become the fourth most-funded Kickstarter campaign to date. It turns out the world has been crying out – or at least, anxiously drumming its fingers – for this mighty cube all along.

Previously, the brothers planned on distributing their tactile toys with 'any family members who would accept payment in the form of pizza.' But they're now on the hook for manufacturing 250,000 of the little blighters.

'We have been working hard to put systems in place that will help us manage this burst of love for Fidget Cube,' say the McLachlans. 'The logistics of this project are immense but we are approaching it with the [original] deadline of December in mind." Just as well they've got a handy little device to ease the stress.

Get your own Fidget Cube on Kickstarter for a mere $19.

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