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A fatberg has saved a man's wedding ring

Kate Lloyd

When Pascal Gunter's wedding ring fell off his finger and down the side of a manhole cover in Beckton, he thought he'd lost it forever. He was wrong. 

Instead of being carried downstream by sewage water, the band was rescued by one of London's famous fatbergs. The ring settled on top of the magnificent mass of fat and waste until Thames Water arrived and lifted it out with a drain grab.

Pascal told the Evening Standard: 'The ring flew from my finger and it all went into slow motion. We all watched as the ring rolled, and rolled, and rolled and then just disappeared. I really didn’t think Thames Water would be able to do anything, but they were very kind and unbelievably understanding. When I heard later in the afternoon that the ring had been found, I was so pleased. It happened almost on the first anniversary of our marriage and the ring has enormous sentimental value.'

Above is an authentic and unedited picture of the incident. Some readers may find it shocking. 

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