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A jewellery heist expert explains how to hide from your exes at a London festival

Written by
Sirin Kale

Heading to a London festival this summer? Here is an inevitability: you will bump into all of your exes, your sort-of exes and that honey you met at a bus stop and half-heartedly shagged at whichever festival you choose to attend (but especially Lovebox).

How to escape without them seeing you? Let’s have a jewellery heist expert explain that one, shall we? Scott Andrew Selby, co-author of ‘Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History’, says: 

‘The key is to look as ordinary as possible. Like you are busy, but not too busy. Blend into the crowd. That way you don't seem worth noticing. Most people make a big production out of looking away or trying to hide in ridiculous ways, which is – ironically – how they get caught.

If you are spotted and really want to get away in the crowd, switch shirts with a friend or otherwise change your appearance. You can always buy another Major Lazer sweatshirt, but being left alone is priceless.’

Now you've got your game plan sorted, you can focus on actually enjoying yourself. Off to Lovebox this weekend? Check out the set times here.

Read our full Summer Survival Guide in today's issue of Time Out London. 

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