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A London scientist is creating hangover-free cocktails

Laura Richards

Bye bye, Berocca. You may be bidding adieu to your hangovers soon if Professor David Nutt has got anything to do with it. The Imperial College neuropsychopharmacologist (this is a thing) has revealed to The Times (paywall) that he’s in the final stages of developing a drink that will have the same effect as alcohol does on the brain but without doing any damage to the liver.   

According to the Prof, the positive effects of the drink last for a couple of hours, much like alcohol, but the effects are limited so you’ll never feel too ‘drunk’.

If tests are successful, and if he can get the right permissions from the Food Standards Agency, Nutt claims he’ll launch the drink, known as ‘alcosynth’ (sounds suspiciously like ‘synthehol’ off ‘Star Trek’ to us), by opening 100 hangover-free cocktail bars in the next decade. He also told The Independent that by 2050 he hopes alcosynth could replace regular alcohol, adding that it also tastes pretty good in a mojito.

For now, though, you’ll just have to do Sober October the conventional way. 

Stay hangover-free with our guide to London’s best mocktails.     

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