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A massive swarm of bees shut down a street in Greenwich

Rosie Percy

Imagine this: you’re walking along the street, minding your own business when suddenly a SWARM OF BEES SURROUNDS YOU. ARRGHHH GOD NO WHYYYY.

What sounds like a plot from a bad B-movie (or bee movie?) actually happened in real life earlier this week. The buzzing cloud of creepy-crawlies filled the sky over Greenwich Church Street during rush hour on Tuesday afternoon, causing commuter chaos and triggering a thousand phobias. 

Tweets from the scene will make you say ‘NOOOOOOPE’:



The swarm settled on traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, causing commuter chaos. 

Local beekeepers Phil and Tracy Clarkson from Brockley Bees soon arrived on the scene with a mobile hive that they perched on top of their car to temporarily gather the swarm.

Mr. Clarkson confirmed that despite the terrifying scene, bees are incredibly docile when swarming so the likelihood of getting stung is very low (unless you squash them, that is). 

But where did the clump of fuzzy insects come from? The beekeeping duo think they could have been travelling together from Greenwich Park, although they’re not sure. 

The scene was cleared within an hour, and normality restored. But it might take a little longer for the nightmares to stop.

In other news, this is what happened when someone left 15,000 2p coins on a canal towpath in London.

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