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A rogue street artist is adding condoms to graffiti penises

Written by
Matt Breen

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Well, this brings a whole new meaning to spraying your load. 

Graffiti is practically as old as civilisation itself. Even in Ancient Rome, people were scribbling it across every available wall and alleyway. And yes, even in those days there was a popular iconographic leitmotif: the phallus. Throughout history, people have been merrily daubing dicks (usually along with two balls, sometimes with an inverted T-shaped foreskin, possibly with five to six additional scrotal hairs and maybe even, as Alan Partridge once described it, ‘a dotted line emanating from the crown’). 

But one anonymous Londoner, who has only identified himself as an art director, is bothered by something. Why are none of these scrawled schlongs wearing protection? After all, we live in an age where STIs are on the rise – with a leg-crossing quarter of reported cases in England happening in London. These rubberless rods are setting a bad example.

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So this nameless hero has done the decent thing. He’s taken up a spray can and stencil and started adding condoms to these barebacking bed-snakes, along with a link to the NHS-run website Shine, which offers advice about sexual health and contraception. He hopes that by besheathing these wall-based womb raiders, they might set a better example to the rest of us horndog city-shaggers.

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You heard it, folks. Next time you find yourself in a moment of amour but without the necessary safeguard, think of this cautionary graffiti. That’ll stop you from getting jiggy, won't it? Eh? WON’T IT? 

Want more street art (penile or otherwise)? Check out the best street art galleries in London. For more information on sexual health – and free johnnies, woop! – head to 

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