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A T-Rex, a penguin and a rubber duck: meet your new Monopoly tokens

Alexandra Sims

Back in January we brought you news that everyone’s favourite real-estate boardgame was about to undergo a pretty big shake-up when its creators asked the public to choose which Monopoly tokens should pass ‘GO’ in new editions of the game.

The competition, which took place in January, received over 4.3 million votes from fans in more than 100 countries and asked players to vote for the next generation on symbols from a list of 64. Now, the public has spoken and the votes are in. Say hello to your new Monopoly characters:

Scottie dog

We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief now we all know the cute pooch will still be scampering around the board after topping the public vote. Better get ready for plenty more pre-game tussles over who gets to nab him. 


The dino came second in the public vote and is, unsurprisingly, the first prehistoric lizard to be featured in Monopoly.

Top hat

The classic top hat will also be back after receiving the third largest number of votes, meaning Royal Ascot, Christy’s and Stephen Jones Millinery can all rest easy after they rallied fans on social media to get behind the token. 


 The 1930s roadster will continue to zoom around the board, coming in fourth place in the overall vote.

Rubber duck

Er, yeah, so this one’s a little bit strange. Although it fits in with the definite animal theme going on and was a strong favourite, coming fifth in the vote.


This is the second time Hazel the cat has been voted for in a public Monopoly poll. In 2013, she replaced the traditional iron token based on player votes and now she’s clawed her way back into the game again, coming sixth overall.


If a dinosaur, rubber duck and cat weren’t enough there’s also a penguin to join in the cute animal token action.


Securing eighth place, the classic battleship has survived and will continue to circle your kitchen table for years to come. 

However, this means it's time to say so long and farewell to the Thimble, Boot and Wheelbarrow, some of which have been part of the game for 80 years. But hey, at least the winking emoji, hashtag, bunny slipper and flip-flop didn't make the cut. 

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