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A 'Twin Peaks'-themed immersive pop-up theatre restaurant (!) is opening in London

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The world of David Lynch's groundbreaking TV series 'Twin Peaks' has already inspired a monthly burlesque night and an annual festival. Now London fans are to be treated to 'The Owls Are Not What They Seem', an evening of immersive 'Twin Peaks' theatre complete with a three-course meal designed by experimental foodies Blanch and Shock, special themed cocktails and interactive encounters. This could really go either way: done right, it'll be a haunting, one-of-a-kind experience, full of mystery and indulgence. Done badly, and it'll be low-rent vaudeville with added cherry pie and red curtains. Fingers, toes and cherry-stems crossed…

'The Owls Are Not What They Seem' will run from Aug 27 to Oct 17, and tickets are on sale from this Friday, July 17 here. And if you're a hardcore 'Twin Peaks' fan, we'd also urge you to snap up tickets for this year's Twin Peaks UK Festival in east London, where you can rub shoulders with actors from the show (including Laura Palmer herself, Sheryl Lee) and enjoy screenings, games, quizzes and performances by Lynchian burlesque artists the Double R Club. Get more info here.

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Jack F

Yeah this was super bad. Probably one of the worst entertainment experiences I've ever paid for. The food was as bad this week as the reviewer from September says. We stopped looking for hidden rooms because everything was boring. The poached eggs were the worst I've ever had. The cherry pie was atrocious. The whole meal was worse than mid-90s school dinners. The actors seemed to think shouting is how you impersonate people. The woman playing Lucy was actually really convincing but you can't build a show around Lucy. Waste of money. Wish I'd checked the reviews and got a refund in time. We left as soon as we could because we were bored out of our little minds.

Izzy K Tastemaker

I've been a fan of Twin Peaks since I was 10, so finally getting to one of the themed pop ups was a treat. And in times when Secret Cinema charges almost 80 pounds for an event, this one was a bargain! I only had the bar ticket, but we've had a great evening surrounded by eerie characters and enough to experience to be haunted for the feel 'possessed' for the rest of the night. I'm not sure if the people dining had the same access to all areas as the bar visitors (the bar visitors can go and see the diner), if not, then definitely it's much worth it to go for the cheaper option. I don't want to say to much to not to spoil it for potential goers, but my tip is: open every door, check every corner behind every curtain and go with the flow! Immerse yourself in the Lynchian theatre.

Arch W

Unfortunately it wasn't great. I don't know if the chef had the night off but the food was awful. Lots of noise from breaking plates coming from the kitchen and desperate need of an extractor fan. The fire alarm went off a number of times and the place stank of cooking oil.

The menu was simple so don't know how they got it so wrong. cold savoury doughnuts to be dipped in a mushroom and beetroot sauce, also cold, was inedible, the main course was bacon with a poached egg which amazingly managed a rubbery yolk with uncooked white, the best bit was a bit of boiled cabbage on the side. Dessert was a cherry pie, I only know it was cherry because it had ready made pie filling that had red round things in it, it tasted sweet and sour but no other flavour.

For £66 I wasn't expecting gourmet but edible would've sufficed.

The entertainment was OK, amateur dramatics which was fun at times, the log lady looked like Danny Devito in drag but she took it all very seriously. There didn't seem to be much of a narrative and no conclusion but maybe that's because I'd had enough by the time we were sent down to the bar.

The idea was great but poorly executed.